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You don’t have to be a photography expert to appreciate the beauties in panoramas. These wide angle photographs encompass the view so amazingly that it looks almost real. If you have an interest in panoramic images, ViewAt is a great website to check out.

ViewAt has a large collection of panoramic photos that can be views, shared and rated. The images with highest ratings are automatically displayed on the home page along with their creators. You can browse through the images using categories like nature,  technology, historical places e.t.c. or search for them by location. Once you click on a panorama to view, it does take a few seconds to load but the wait is worth it. You can click and move your mouse in any direction to see that side of the panorama. The image allows you to zoom in and zoom out to get a closer look.

Panoramic Images

You can view the image in regular or high resolution, post comments on it, share it with your friends or find other panoramas for nearby locations.  You can also sort the  collection  by ratings or add the ones you like to your favorites. Each listing also includes a brief description of the location/event and the type of equipment use to capture the image. You can click on the creator of the panorama to see more of their work. If you like something, share it with the world by email or by embedding it on your web page. Embedded below is an example of a panoramic photo from ViewAt:

It is a great site for photography inspiration and to share your amazing work with the world.

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