Vidly: Share High Definition Videos In Twitter from your Mobile and Video Sharing Sites

Earlier we have seen how to share pictures, videos and audio with Twitter friends with Tvider. Vidly is a similar service which lets you upload and share videos with your Twitter friends.. It supports uploading of high definition as well as high resolution video clips.

There are three ways to use Vidly:

1. Upload video from your computer: Just click the large button Uploadand you can upload any video clip from your computer. It supports all the major video formats such as mp4, avi, mpeg, 3gp, flv, mov etc. After you have chosen your video clip, allow Twitter to grant access to Vidly to post a tweet. Just sign in with your Twitter username and password and type your tweet. After the upload is complete, a shortened link will be shown as tweet containing your message.(also read: record a screencast online and share it on Twitter)


2. Upload video from your mobile phone: If you want to upload a video from your mobile phone or iphone, Vidly still supports it. Browse to the vidly homepage and select the mobile tab. iphone users can download the iphone app here.

You will be given a private email address at vidly. Just email the video to the private email address and your video will be uploaded.


3. Share a Video from other video sharing sites: Suppose you have spotted an interesting video at YouTube and want to share it with your Twitter followers. Just place the video link in the import tab and you are done. The same video will be shown in your Vidly profile and a tweet will be thrown in your twitter account.(See example)

Vidly currently supports YouTube,, TwitVid, and Direct URL

Techie-Buzz Verdict

Vidly is way more than just video sharing and they have a lot of options available. Currently, the maximum file size is 1GB and the maximum video length is 20 minutes, which i think would be more than sufficient for most of the users. Above all, it supports all the popular video sharing sites. Vidly works just perfect for tweeples who share videos often.

Techie-Buzz Rating: 4/5 (very good).

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