uTorrent Becomes Ad Supported, Millions To Be Made


uTorrent, a popular torrent client for OS X, Windows and Linux, will start displaying ads to fund its parent company, BitTorrent Inc. BitTorrent currently generates roughly $15-$20 million in revenue every year, however, these numbers should rise exponentially after the displaying of ads on uTorrent. As of now, all revenue for BitTorrent came from the popular BitTorrent toolbar which users can optionally install when installing uTorrent. The ads will appear as “sponsored torrents” within the uTorrent application. BitTorrent has said the following about the introduction of ads to their app:

“This new build will display a featured torrent at the top of your torrent list. This featured torrent space will be used to offer a variety of different types of content. We are working towards bringing you offers that are relevant to you.”

If you’re unaware, uTorrent started as a minimal BitTorrent client for the most savvy torrenters. However, this has greatly changed over time as uTorrent is now the most popular of all BitTorrent clients on the net. BitTorrent has said that there isn’t a way to remove the ads as of now, but I’m guessing that we may see a premium version of uTorrent in the future, however, that is just my speculation. These ads will start appearing within uTorrent when the next build is released.

Source: TorrentFreak

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