Upload and Remix Videos Online With Stroome

Stroome may be simply (and correctly) dubbed as the world’s most inclusive online video editing community. It’s a place where anybody who owns a camera and has a viewpoint can buff up, distribute and endorse their content to a budding audience of millions. Every and anybody including students, journalists, bloggers, travelers, activists and sports enthusiasts who want to produce new content for the web or for themselves can use this tool.

Those who join the site can upload video recordings and merge these clips with pictures, audio tracks and other video footage offered online in a video editor which bears a similarity to  iMovie, albeit with fewer features (for example, there is no method available by which subtitles and other forms of texts can be incorporated). The ensuing video may then be saved as an assignment and shared with either a cluster of associates or the complete Stroome community. It can also be shared using diverse social networks like Facebook, so you can get frank feedback on the work you have done. However, there is no facility to republish content on YouTube or some other video sharing website yet.

Furthermore, an online editor is made available for you to upload a file and work on it from your browser.  This means that you can be working on a photo, and when you want to get a sincere opinion from others about what they think, you can just email them the relevant link. They will be able to view the photo you are working on, just like you are viewing it, and propose adjustments as if they were there with you.

Over all, Stroome is a very useful social tool to edit videos and instantly share them with the world.

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