Upload and Mirror Files on Multiple Sites Using RapidSpread

File sharing sites are quite a rage to quickly upload and share content, but many a times your files may cross the bandwidth on one site and may no longer be downloadable. To stay safer it is always good to upload the file to multiple file sharing sites so that there is always a alternative available for downloading the file.

rapidspread-logo Uploading the file on multiple sites can be quite a pain though. RapidSpread on the other hand is quite a handy service, it automatically allows you to mirror your files to 10 different file sharing websites free of cost.

RapidSpread provides support to the most popular file sharing sites such as, Rapidshare, Mediafire, Sendspace, FileFactory, EasyShare, DepositFiles, ImageShack and more.


Once you have selected the file and sites, RapidSpread will automatically upload the files to the mirrors you selected and give you a single link which contains the download info for all the different mirrors you selected. You can choose to either share the link provided by RapidSpread or choose to share individual mirrors separately.


RapidSpread automatically chooses the correct mirrors based on the type of files you are uploading, though you can easily change the mirrors. RapidSpread is completely free and provides you the ability to upload unlimited sized files but the upper limit will be the file size supported by the sites you choose to upload to, they do not personally store any of the files on their servers.

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