Tumbl.in Wants To Be the StumbleUpon For Twitter Links

Browsing through different links on your Twitter timeline can be tricky, you miss a day and your timeline is flooded with links which you may not want to miss. Twitter lists are a good way to organize whom you follow but again it becomes very difficult to filter important links from your Twitter timeline.

Tumbl.in lets you browse through random links from your Twitter timeline, much the same way you use Stumbleupon to discover interesting webpages. To get it working, just go to the website and sign in with your Twitter account. Then grant the application all the required permissions and you are done.

Next, you will be asked to choose the lists which you want Tumbl.in to check for links. You can choose specific lists or Twitter favorites, as shown below:

To start tumbling through links shared on your Twitter timeline, all you have to do is sign into your Twitter account and hit the big “Tumbl” button on the left top of the screen. That’s it, the website will then open random links shared on your Twitter timeline, favorites or lists and you can read the webpage as shown below:

The links are not entirely random, the pages shown also depend upon the recency and frequency of the Tweet. There is a “Tweet This” button and a Facebook like button available on the right top, so you can use that to retweet the same link or “Like” it on Facebook.

Overall, Tumbl.in can be used to browse links on your Twitter timeline in a more streamlined way. Keep the application opened in a new browser tab and hit the magic button every now and then, you might discover something interesting.

It would be a great idea if you can create a dedicated list following the most important people you follow on Twitter and use that list with Tumbl.in

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