TrendsBuzz: Compare The Hottest Trends On the Web in Real Time

There are so many tools to help you learn about the topics which are currently popular among web users. Some of the very popular services include Google Trends, Twitter search etc. Using different websites can be problematic and if you want a simpler option, check out TrendsBuzz.

TrendsBuzz aims to accumulate the top searches that are popular among the search engines, microblogging sites and News sources. If you are a blogger, you can use this tool to learn which topics are currently popular, do your research, blog about them and win traffic.

The home page contains different sections that list the popular keywords and searches on the different search engines.


Sources include: Google search, Yahoo Buzz, Twitter search, New York Times,, Alexa hot topics, Wordtracker keywords and Bing search. Do you need anything more?

The best part of TrendsBuzz is that the results are updated in real time. A good idea would be to load TrendsBuzz in the bookmarks sidebar and keep an eye on the rising searches. The site also lets you refine your searches to specific sites. For example: if you want to know the popular search terms at, just click “All Google Hot trends” and you can see the most popular searches at Google.


You can also use the search box to check whether a search term is popular in the search engines or not. The site also contains an impressive archive page, which you can use to see the searches that were popular on a past date.

Techie Buzz Verdict

TrendsBuzz requires no signups, is simple to navigate and there aren’t any advertisements. One addition would have been perfect – the ability to add custom sites in the source list. I would love to see Techmeme, Google News and a couple of other sources to be included in the source list. Overall, a nice tool which should be bookmarked and used whenever necessary.

Techie Buzz Verdict: 4/5 (Excellent).

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Amit Banerjee

Amit has been writing for Techie Buzz since early 2009 and keeps a close eye on web apps, Google and all things Tech. He also writes at his own tech blog, Ampercent. Follow him on Twitter @ amit_banerjee