TravelJournal: An Online Platform For Travel Writing

Travelling to different places is great fun, even great are the memories which you bring back. This includes photos, videos and may be notes which you have written on the way to your trip.

Documenting the notes and memories in paper is old school, you have to carry the pen and the diary everywhere just to write down something. However, you can use your mobile, iPod or a laptop to document your travel experiences using

Yes, we have social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter where you can quickly update your status and let your friends know about your trip. But there is a serious disadvantage – when you come back and want to read the entries, you are lost. Previous updates gets mixed up and your wonderful travel tidbits are lost in the clutter of ever expanding social media.

Traveljournal provides a very easy to use platform for documenting your travel experiences. After signing up, you can create a journal, add a duration and enter a small description about your trip.


After the journal is created, you can start adding entries using the “Add new Entry” link. These entries will be archived in the journal and you can enter a custom map location which is related to the current entry. This is useful, when you come back from the trip and want to know which locations you have been staying.


Every journal created in Traveljournal has a visibility level – you can create a private or public journal or share the journal with selected email address(s). The most interesting part of using Traveljournal is the active community, you will be able to know new places, real life experiences and what other tourists are saying about a particular place, city or country.

Knowing the local customs is very important if you are travelling to another country and Traveljournal is the right platform to start documenting your travel experiences.

This is a sponsored review of the website, all views in the post are unbiased and true.

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