Transfer Large Files up to 2GB in Size with WeTransfer

Sharing large files on the internet may be difficult at times, especially when you cannot email the large files because most of the email providers have a limitation on the size of attachments. The second option is using file sharing services, but most of them aren’t free or have limitations.  WeTransfer is quite different as it lets you send and share large files (up to 2GB in size) to anyone without requiring any signups or registrations.

To get started with WeTransfer, simple visit the homepage and you can start uploading your file.


You can upload and send multiple files using WeTransfer. To send the file, just enter your email address along with the recipients email address and type a custom message. After that, hit the Transferbutton and the file is uploaded to their servers. The recipient will receive a download link of the file in his/her email inbox. The file is kept for two weeks in their servers. A quite similar service is Dropsend.

Techie-Buzz Verdict

WeTransfer looks promising and the site is very easy to use. The fact that it requires no software installation and registrations, sets it apart from other file sharing services.

Techie-Buzz rating: 4/5 (good).

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