Track Disease and Epidemics For Your City With Sick City

Google search is smart enough to quickly alert authorities and track flu trends, whenever there is bout of diseases going around a certain area based on the searches, however as a consumer, you too can track, if there are any major diseases or epidemics going around in your city, with the help of a new real-time disease detection service called Sick City.


The service basically bases its data on tweets about diseases and epidemics and ties them to locations across the world, Sick City will soon be incorporating information from .

However, there is not much information available on how the data is collected and tracked, the website does not even have FAQs and Help sections yet, however Twitter data has been used for several purposes in the past, and it has been the most reliable network to track real time incidents happening across the globe, Sick City may have gotten it right here, but unless we see more information, we can’t really say.

Sick City

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