How to Establish and Track Your Daily Habits With Rootein

With 2010 just round the corner, I’m sure you are all set with the list of new resolutions. But unlike the usual new year resolutions which we make and break, this one is going to be followed. Wonder why? Because of Rootein (sounds like routine) – a site that will keep you motivated as you work on your daily routines. The foremost idea of this site is to make the serious task of building good and healthy habits a fun activity so that you remain engaged in it without losing interest. It is a special service that will aid in creating new tasks and will track them.

Rootein’s concept works on the fact that it takes approximately 3 weeks for something to become a habit, which means that after using Rootein for 21 days, the task on your resolution list will become a habit, hopefully!

So once you sign up for a free account, you will find a calendar where you need to enter a task or what is called a Rootein. It maybe anything from going for a jog every morning to drinking 3 liters of water everyday. You can create as many Rooteinsas you want. Once you do a thing in the list mark the date on the calendar. Everyday as you perform a task just tick it in the calendar and then move on with your day.


Another feature of this site is the option to create reminders so that you don’t forget a particular task, for example checking the refrigerator for leftover food! With its mobile support you can receive reminders while you are on the go and also access the site from anywhere. Rootein’s slack detector which will “gently” buzz you if you miss too many tasks for many days in a row.

Its never too late to build a good habit. So spare a few moments and log in to this site. It wouldn’t be long before you feel proud as check marks appear on the calendar indicating every day you successfully marked the Rootein.

Techie Buzz Verdict:

Rootein is a free and simple option for those who want to keep track of their daily habits. The mobile reminders looks impressive but if they could add email notifications of tasks, it would have been even more useful.

Techie-Buzz rating: 3.5/5

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