TinePayMe: The Easiest Way To Sell Stuff Online

Traditionally, if you want to sell something online you would either setup a store or put it up on eBay. Even though both these options are great, they don’t work for each and every situation. For example, if you want to sell only a couple of items and want to target them to a certain group of people, none of these would work. In such situations, a better solution is to use a service like TinyPayMe.

It takes less than 2 minutes to setup a sale on TinyPayMe; you can include as little or as much information possible including price, quantity, pictures, description, tags, location and any personal info that you want to publish. You can sell physical items as well as digital content using TinyPayMe. Once you have created your listing, simply share the link with desired audience or embed it on your website or blog. A user will be able to purchase the item through PayPal instantly.

The service however is not free, they do charge 5% of the selling price as their service fee. You can also donate a portion of every sale to a specific charity if you want. There is also an option to display pageviews, include listing in search results and require a shipment address from the buyer. Over all, TinyPayMe is not a world-changing solution but can work really well if you are trying to do a very targeted sale and think the convenience is worth the 5% fees.

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  • Corey

    Interesting little idea. :) For those looking for an ebay-ish service without the fees (totally free online selling), I recommend The Exclaim (http://www.theexclaim.com). Listings are fixed-price only, with an “or best offer” option.

  • I’m a big fan of online selling, I do personally sell gadgets and I started selling my own until my friends and relatives decided that I help them sell their stuff online too. I happen to be working with Garage Fairy, an online consignment company that is a little bit different with Tinepayme, because a team takes care of the marketing and selling of your products so theres nothing else that you need to do but pack your products on the box for free pickup. As a buyer, I like purchasing online especially when the product is rare and its offered with free shipping, it makes me feel so lucky.