Timelimes: Aggregate Your News, Mail and Social Updates

We have seen news aggregators like Google News and then we have seen social aggregators like ZooLoo. However, going to different aggregators for different needs kind of killing the purpose. Timelimes is a new web service that aggregates your news, mail as well as social networking updates all in one place.

Simply sign-up with an email address and provide your credentials for the service you want to include in your Timelimes. Currently, you can include your Gmail, Flickr, Digg, Facebook and Twitter updates into your Timelimes account. As per say, Timelimes is not bringing a unique concept the the market, there are many services with more features like NetVibes. However, Timelimes has a totally different and easy-to-use interface that doesn’t confuse you with RSS feeds, Widgets and all the other technical jargon.

When your updates are displayed on Timelimes, you can filter them by service or even search them. Overall, it is a great aggregating application thati would appeal to people who have limited technical knowledge about feeds and widgets. One big thing on my Timelimes wishlist would be to add support for more social networks and email clients.

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Tehseen Baweja

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