TextSave: A Minimalist Text Editor To Save Your Text Online

A lot of people don’t like any sort of distractions when they are trying to write something. This is hard to accomplish with all the unnecessary features hovering inside a traditional word processor. For this you need a minimalist text editor that can help you focus on your writing instead of worrying about margins and formatting.

TextSave is one such web application that lets you put your thoughts on paper without getting distracted. No small buttons or crammed-up links to distract you. Simply head-on to TextSave and start typing, no registration or download. Once you are done, click on save and your text file would be saved online. You will also be provided with a short URL that you can use to access your file later.

Techie-Buzz Verdict:

Overall, TextSave is a neat application when you have to write something without getting distracted and you want the option of saving it on the cloud. A couple of features that would make it even more useful are a full screen mode and an option to download the file to your hard drive.

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Tehseen Baweja

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