Textbook Price Comparison: Helps You Find the Cheapest Textbooks

Which web site do you prefer for buying textbooks – Amazon, Half, Buy or others? Sometimes you might have noticed that, the same book is priced at different rates on various web sites. To help you with price comparison and in buying textbooks at a cheaper rate here is a simple, easy-to-use web service.

Textbook Price Comparison

Textbook Price Comparison, is a free web service which enables you to search online merchants across the web and find the best prices on new and used textbooks. It allows you to search for books by – title, ISBN, author and keywords. The search results are sorted into categories by – lowest overall prices, used book prices, new book prices, and rental prices.

Textbook Price Comparison makes it very easy for you to find the cheapest option for book buying. It’s a must bookmark web site for students to quickly compare prices of a book across multiple sites and choose the best option available. Don’t forget to check out this site the next time you buy textbooks.

Key Features:

  • Free textbook price comparison service
  • Search for books by ISBN, title, author and keywords
  • Sorts search results by lowest overall prices, used book prices, new book prices, and rental prices
  • No registration required for use

Textbook Price Comparison

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  • Erica Long

    This is a good site but I always use http://www.booklookr.com for my textbooks and finding cheap books. Comparison shopping sites are always a great way to save $$$

  • mike

    you could have at least given credit to lifehacker where you ripped this posting from.

    • @mike – I am sorry that you feel that we ripped this off from Lifehacker. However, I must clarify that it is "not". We have 25 authors whose sole job is finding good software and news and writing it on this blog. If you follow us closely you will see that we "always" credit whenever we have a source for our information.

      That aside this is a small world and products like these can be found by anyone, just because Lifehacker wrote about it do does not mean that we stole it from them. I hope you do follow us more often and you will find that we write good content which we work hard for.

    • Unfortunately, to your contrary, LifeHacker isn't the only source for latest web apps and services.

      As Keith mentioned, we are a huge team and we work hard to review the latest apps and software from a wide range of sources across the web.

  • You can also use a similar site called http://www.textbookly.com its a textbook price comparison engine with virtually all the same features all with a single search bar.

    Of-course I'm partial to it considering it's my company.

  • Well there is yet another website that compares textbook prices across 100+ bookstores.
    It helped students at Ohio State Univ save lots.

    • Jake Mehl

      I loved the site. Thanks