TeenChatDecoder: A Guide To Chat/SMS Abbreviations

Adults may be experts when it comes to technology but nobody has mastered the art of chatting/texting like teenagers. Always short on time but having a lot to say, teenagers use a wide variety of abbreviations to get the message across. Some of these may be really straight forward like LOL or GTG, but many have developed into complex codes such as ROFLGO (Rolling On The Floor Laughing Guts Out) or PAL (Parents Are Listening).

If you have often come across terms like these but never knew what they mean, here is a tool that you’ll love. TeenChatDecoder is a huge collection of abbreviations commonly used by teens to chat or text with their friends. Just start typing an abbreviation and the auto-suggest will show you several matching terms along with their meanings. The site also offers several online safety tips for parents and links to many parental control software.

Teen Chat Decoder

Here are some of the more interesting abbreviations we found:

  • PABG – Pack a big gun
  • GJP – Good job partner
  • ROFFNAR – Rolling on the floor for no apparent reason
  • dfw – don\’t f*cking worry
  • SSDD – Same sh*t different day
  • VH – Virtual hug
  • TYCLO – Turn Your CAPS LOCK Off (You’re Shouting)
  • TYVL, YWEL – Thank you very little, you’re welcome even less

If you know some that are not listed on the site, you can contribute by adding them to the list.

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