Opens Up To Public the URL shortening service created by the folks behind the social networking and sharing site StumbleUpon has finally gone public after a long period of closed beta testing.

supr_schedule_tweets connects directly to your & account allowing you to tweet or update your Facebook status within their own interface, the good part about this is that it also allows you to schedule tweets or status messages to go out at a later time.


Once you have send out a tweet, will track and create detailed analytics for the post, in addition to promoting the link to SU users. You will also able to see the the number of views that you received from Stumble upon users, the number of retweets and so on.

In addition to that also allows you to create Short URLs on your own domain and provides users with a plugin to integrate into their blog and a handy bookmarklet to shorten URLs from anywhere. is definitely something you might want to use to get that extra traffic to your server, you don’t need to sign up to if you are already a StumbleUpon user.

[via TechCrunch]

4 thoughts on “ Opens Up To Public”

    1. @Michael StumbleUpon does not have a restriction on stumbling your own posts, however it does bans site for some time or until you submit xx stumbles if you do that very frequently

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