Stream Music, Images and Video according to your Mood with Moodstream

Given the number of hours most of us spend at the computer, it isn’t hard to assume that we go through a range of moods and emotions during that time. Also, we often have music playing in the background while we multitask at the computer. Usually, it is nothing short of a pain to come up with a music playlist that perfectly complements your mood.

Moodstream by Getty Images is a simple but great interface that effortlessly provides you with a blend of music, images and video based on your mood. All you need to do is select your present mood from the given presets of Inspire, Excite, Refresh, Intensify, Stabilize, and Simplify and be treated to a beautiful and satisfying audio-visual amalgamation!

Moreover, you can further customize your stream by altering the mood spectrum present on the Moodstream mixer. After you have changed the mood spectrum settings of happy/sad, calm/lively, nostalgic/contemporary etc. to your liking, just refresh the stream for the changes to take effect. You can even play around with the image transition type, duration of images and video or even the presence of more or less vocals in your music selection.

The best part about Moodstream is that it adds another dimension to your stream by incorporating the visual aspect. However, unlike some other mood-based services available, Moodstream does not play the entire song. Instead, it plays short 30 second segments which blend or cross-fade into each other, depending on your settings. Nevertheless, if you come across a particular image or sound spippet that you really enjoy, you can always save it to your Moodboard for future use!

Do you know of other great mood-based music services? Come forward and share!

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