SimpleText lets you Write and Save Short Notes Online

While working in front of your computer you may have the habit of taking notes for storing ideas, reminders and may be other random stuff. We have seen some useful software’s that lets you create and save notes in your desktop. But if you use multiple computers then you need an online tool which you can use to store ideas and notes and access them from anywhere.

This is where SimpleText comes in. It is an extremely simple and useful note keeping service which can be used to create and save texts online.

To get started, visit the homepage and sign in to the Simpletext dashboard. You can use an existing Google account to sign in to your SimpleText account.

Here is how the SimpleText text editor looks


Just write your notes and when you are done click on save. SimpleText will save the text in a new document which you can access later from the Openlink.

All the notes are saved in your SimpleText account and here is how the list of notes look:


Clicking a note opens it for editing. You can also compare the revisions of a particular note from the Revisionstab. Using Firefox ? Check out which lets you create and edit notes from Firefox.

Techie-Buzz Verdict

SimpleText does what it says. The interface is extremely simple and clutter free. Users need not register or sign up as they can sign in with an existing Google account.

Techie-Buzz rating: 3/5 (Average)

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