ShopTalk: Dead Simple Web-Based Group Chats

Instant messengers are good for individual chats but they get messy if you try to invite more people to the same chat. ShopTalk is a much better alternative if group chat is what you want to do. ShopTalk allows you to create as many group chats as you want without downloading or installing any software.

You can participate in more than one chat at a time, and whenever you get a new message on a chat, its tab changes color to indicate activity. Invite friends to your chat and even share files with your chat partners. All chats are saved and can be revisited any time so no need to save notes. You can also send direct messages to chat participants with the easy-to-use auto-complete feature filling your participant’s name as you start typing it.

Shop Talk


  • Create and participate in group chats.
  • Share files and send direct messages.
  • Automatically saves every chat.

Visit ShopTalk @ [Via WebWorkerDaily]

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