File sharing comes to twitter with FileSocial

As it’s very clear, Twitter is a paradigm shaking platform surprising even its creators with its usage and popularity. We’ve seen it evolving from just a status updating platform to something much more bigger. During the evolution, it was photo sharing that happened first, then came songs and video. And now real file sharing comes to twitter with FileSocial.

Yes. You can now share files from your computer with your twitter followers. As easy as selecting a file and hitting the upload button.

Features of FileSocial

  • Easy interface (similar to Twitpic UI)
  • Uses oAuth to authorize your twitter account (This way, you don’t have to give out your login credentials)
  • A maximum allowed file size of 50 MB
  • Supports images, audio, video and documents
  • Supports free download of uploaded/shared files
  • Comments could be made to the uploaded items and will be sent as   @reply to you (Twitpic model)

I’ve tried it with a sample JPG image and it worked pretty nice. But, please note that all the uploaded files are PUBLIC and could be accessed by anyone. As it is with all sharing activities on web, please be sure about what you’re doing. That said, having a “make this private” option (like the “protect tweets” option on twitter) would make this even more nicer. Maybe they’ll add it soon.