Share Cheat Sheets and Programming Stuff With QuicklyCode

With the titanic amount of information on the web, it gets harder and harder to organize content so it is easily available without complex searching. Well, if you are a web developer or programmer, you don’t need to worry about that as QuicklyCode is a great resource to find all you need.

It is a community of programmers and developers to share cheat sheets, code snippets, widgets, tutorials, info graphics and even apps. Everything is categorized and can be browsed through using the tag cloud or searched using a keyword. The categories include programming languages like Fortran, C++, Python, design tools like GIMP, Photoshop, Illustrator and even simple platforms like WordPress, Facebook and Firefox.

You can download the information, rate it to provide feedback as well as read and post comments. Each cheat sheet includes information like author’s name, date of upload and a link to author’s website. If you think you have worked some info that can help other people, feel free to upload it to QuicklyCode. The collection is not huge right now but the more people start using it, the more beneficial it would get. Think about how much time it can save you if you can borrow code for something specific instead of spending hours writing ¬†and debugging it.

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