Share and Annotate PDF, Word Documents and Powerpoint Slides Online with CrocDoc

You can use Google docs to create, upload and add collaborative features on your documents, spreadsheets and powerpoint presentations but what if you want to collaborate with someone who doesn’t use Google Docs at all?

In such situations, online collaboration tools like CrocDoc might help. The site lets you upload documents, presentations, PDF’s; anyone can add notes, comments and collaboration mark up.

To get started with CrocDoc, visit the site and upload your document. There are no limitations on the size and number of documents you can upload.


After the upload is complete, you will be given a unique URL of the document. Send the link to anyone whom you wish to add collaborative features and the document can be viewed from their browser.

There are some basic markup options available with CrocDoc. You can add sticky notes and highlight or strike through words in the document. If you want to add additional text, click the “Write in the margin” button. This will allow you to add texts outside the document text area.


Anyone can download the original copy of the document, provided they know the URL. CrocDoc is a great tool for editors needing to manage writers who prefer to use MS Word or don’t have much knowledge of blogging platforms and editors. The Editor of a blog can just upload the document at Crocdoc, add corrections and send back the URL to the writers.

CrocDoc also allows you to embed the document on a webpage by providing an iframe source.


The pro version of CrocDoc has some more features like – keeping a list of documents for ready reference, managing document histories, password protecting documents and more.

Techie Buzz Verdict

Overall, CrocDoc looks good, but the feature set is very basic. You can add markups but you can’t add text or modify the original document in any way. This makes the collaboration incomplete, if John can collaborate on Harry’s document using CrocDoc, at least John should get the rights to add sentences, images and other stuff.

I would like to see a free sign up option being included so that users can see the history of documents from their account.

Techie Buzz rating: 3/5 (Good).

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