Notesforlater: Email Links and Content To Your Inbox For Later Reading

Bloggers have this tendency of bookmarking webpages and saving Draftsfor later reading or writing. With time, these bookmarks grow and your entire bookmarks toolbar becomes unmanageable with too many links, you may have no idea about a bookmark which was saved two weeks ago.

If you are a die hard email person and want a simple way to manage content, links, to do lists and bookmarks from your email, here is a neat browser bookmarklet which might help.

Notesforlater is a brilliant web service which allows you to create a special bookmarklet for emailing links, content and anything else to your inbox. When you save a note using the bookmarklet, an email will be sent to your inbox containing the link to the webpage and the highlighted words. This is quite similar to Memonic – a web clipping tool which had reviewed earlier.

You can then use a special filter in your email inbox to sort and organize these notes, to do lists or links. Let’s take a look on how to setup Notesforlater.

How to Setup Notesforlater

1. First, go to the website and enter the email address where you want to receive your notes and links.

2. You will immediately receive an email from Notesforlater containing the link to your bookmarklet

3. Almost done now drag and drop the bookmarklet in your bookmarks toolbar.

Using Notesforlater to Email Links and Content to your inbox

When you are browsing a webpage and want to save it for later reading, just hit your customized Notesforlater bookmarklet. If you want to save only a few paragraphs and not the entire blog post, highlight the words and then click the bookmarklet.

This will immediately send an email to your inbox containing the link to the webpage and the highlighted paragraphs.

Now create a filter and assign a label to all incoming email from Notesforlater. This will sort your notes and keep them organized. At the end of the day, simply open the label and you can read the bookmarks or links saved earlier. Handy!

The advantage of using Notesforlater over browser bookmarks is that the later is browser dependent while the former isn’t. You may be using Google Chrome or Firefox it doesn’t matter because the bookmarks are saved directly in your email account.

Thanks Erez zukerman for the tip

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