Send Email, Text and Phone Messages To Groups Using SendGM

You can always use an email client like Gmail or Yahoo! to send messages to a group of people, however, if you have many groups and do it quite often, it becomes hard to manage. For example, what if you want to send a message to a group in your Gmail Contacts list but Gmail is down?

All these issues have been addressed by a new web service SendGM. SendGM focuses on a simple goal of helping you manage your groups and send email, text and phone messages to your groups for free. Once you create a group using SendGM, the group will receive its own email address such as [email protected]. As a result, you can send an email to the whole group by sending an email to [email protected] using any email client. No need to be dependent on any particular email service to manage your groups and group messages.

You can create groups by adding the details of each member or send them an invite so they can fill their own details. Each group also gets a separate web page that can be used to manage the group. A couple of other value-adding features are acknowledgment   of messages from the recipients and ability to conduct polls and surveys for groups.

Techie-Buzz Verdict:

SendGM seems like a very promising and useful service, however, they do need a bit more focus on their interface and navigation. Right now, its hard for a new user to fully grasp the features since they are scattered on different pages. Overall, if the service does not come up with any restrictions in terms of its usage, it would be a very useful service for people to use.

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