Send And Save Large Files Up To 2 GB Securely Online

Email services normally have a limitation on the size of file you can send via attachment. You can over come this limitation using the free services from DropSend. If you want to send large files, then this is the answer.

Using DropSend you can send files up to 2 GB, and the files can be of any format – jpegs, pdfs, media files: video and mp3’s. Since the files are sent over secure medium, you can use this service to send confidential files to your clients as well. They have a Desktop widget for Windows and Mac, once installed, you can directly send the file from your Desktop and there is no need to login to the webpage.


Using their free plan you can send files of Max size up to 2 GB, and store up to 250 MB of data online, which can be accessed from anywhere.

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DropSend provides you virtual hard drive, where in you can back up all your important files online. The files stored in your virtual hard drive can be accessed from anywhere where you have internet connectivity and you can share those files with others as well. However, the group-sharing facility is not available in the free package, you’ll have to upgrade your package to use this feature.

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