See Exactly How Long It Takes To Load A Website

Loading time for a website varies significantly depending upon a number of variables. It is easy to say that a website is loading slowly but exactly how slow is the real question? WebWait is a free application that lets you answer this question.

Simply head over to and type in any URL. WebWait would then tell you exactly how much time it took to load the web page. The loading time is measured up to the tenth of a second. Moreover, WebWait re-loads your website every 5 seconds and gives you the average loading time of all the previous attempts for up to 10 attempts.

It is a very useful tool if you want to compare the loading time of your website against your competitors or want to see how your website is doing compared to some popular websites. If you find a significant difference, you can then combine this knowledge with a Sitonomy analysis to try to figure out why your website might be slower.

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