Search The Web Real-Time With Collecta

When you do a search on Google, Bing or Yahoo!, they search through the millions of websites that have already been indexed. This is good enough if you want to know about something that has already happened, but doesn’t work if you are searching for something real-time.

Suppose you want to see what people are saying about President Obama right at this very moment. Google and Bing would not be able to provide these results but Collecta can. Collecta is a search engine that searches through social media for information that was published after you started your search. It means that all the search results are real-time and don’t include any stale information from previous days or even earlier from that day.   Collecta would continue searching the web and display information as it is published on the web. If, at a point, you think you have gotten too many results, just pause the search. You can always resume the search if you want more results.

Collecta searches through social media like blogs, forums, comments and Twitter updates. You can click on a particular result to see if it is a blog post, a comment or a twitter message and go to the actual web page containing the result.

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