Search MP3, Videos, Images, FTP, Books, Rapidshare and Torrents with Njouba


Njouba is a latest search engine released by the founders of PDF Search Engine, the search engine provides users with a easy to use interface to find MP3 files, videos, images, FTP, Books, files on Rapidshare and torrents. The search engine does not host any files on their own and provides you web search results from the Internet.


Njouba can be termed as a search engine for files, since it links to downloadable content on the Internet. We gave the search engine a try and got good results while searching for files in Rapidshare.


We like the demarcation of search options, since it would allow users to focus on searching for content they require, rather than having to search for everything at once. So the next time you are looking to download files head to Njouba and give their search a try.

4 thoughts on “Search MP3, Videos, Images, FTP, Books, Rapidshare and Torrents with Njouba”

  1. Thanks, the article was very useful! I also use to search files on rapidshare, think that is rather good searcher. Like it most because it's design is very simple and there are no annoying spam banners on the site.

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