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Portable Document Format (PDF) is one of the best way to read huge documents online or offline and many publishers of books create PDF versions of it which can be found on the Internet. You can definitely use Google to find many such PDF files but the fact is that having something more granular would be much more efficient.

PDF Search Engine is a speciality search engine to find and download PDF files. You can search for PDF files just like you search in your regular search engines, but the difference is that the results will only show you links to PDF files which you can download and read at your own leisure.


What We Liked About PDF Search Engine

We put the search engine to a little test and were happy with the results we got. The search term we used was Composite design pattern, we got quite a few results many of which matched our search keywords.

We were also impressed by the fact that they directly link to the PDF files rather than us having to visit any website and then download it.

What We Didn’t Like About PDF Search Engine

The titles of the search results are bound to cause confusions and PDF Search Engine needs to definitely improve on those. For example we searched for ORiellyone of the biggest publishers of technology books and came across several results. But there were some misleading titles such as Apacheand Web2.0which are deceptive with regards to what the actual content might hold. It could be a book Apache Web Server or it could be Apache’s Tomcat or it could be Apache’s Axis. The only way to know what the book holds is after you download it.

PDF Search Engine also needs to add in support for human queries rather relying on known terms, for instance the keywords Composite design patterndid return satisfactory results but a search for the keywords Composite design pattern in javadid not fetch any results at all. Though design patterns are not isolated to Java itself there are many authors who write design pattern books specific to languages.

Can We See Legal Issues With PDF Search Engine?

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