Save Yourself From Infected Torrents

Any person who actively download torrents will tell you that infected and/or fake torrents are pretty common. You will download a 200 MB file thinking it is a movie, but it would turn out to be an empty file, or worse, contain a virus. There are very few effective ways to screen a torrent completely before downloading it. However, what if somebody can screen every torrent for you and only allow you to download torrents that are genuine and safe?

Sounds too be good true? It is not. Vertor (VerifiedTorrents) is a service that screens all the torrents before listing them in their database. They download each torrent and check it for download errors. Vertor also takes screenshots of video files and make small clips of audio files so you can check the quality of the content before downloading it. If there is a description within the torrent file, it is saved as a text file and displayed publicly.

Besides being a heaven for safe and genuine torrents, Vertor is a regular torrent search engine that allows you to search for games, movies, music and all the other good stuff.

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