Remindr Alerts You About Things You Have To Do

Quite sometime back we had told you, how you could use Google Calendar to get SMS reminders for your tasks and appointments, however we came across a really keep it simple stupid service that will allow you to setup reminders for tasks you may forget.

Remindr is a new service which offers just what its name suggests, a handy way to tell our forgetful minds that we have forgotten to do something.


With Remindr, you do not have to sing up or go through a long process, simply enter the task you wanted to be reminded about, set the date and time and choose one of the 4 options to get reminded, which include a tweet, email, IM through a Jabber account or a SMS to your mobile phone.

So the next time you want to get a alert about something you are supposed to do, give Remindr a try.

Remindr Get Alerts for Your Tasks

2 thoughts on “Remindr Alerts You About Things You Have To Do”

  1. That looks like a great service and I hadn’t heard about it before, so thank you… I currently use Google’s Calendar and have it connected to my wife’s, so we don’t overlap our plans and aren’t taken by surprise. You can be alerted, but I don’t think it offers as many alert options as Remindr…

  2. that does sound like a cool device, especially if you dont have to go through the hassle of signing up. its also nice because you can remind things to other people, such as my wife, for example, who isnt very computer savvy, or you could toy with her via SMS :D

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