Redbox And Verizon Launch Redbox Instant

Redbox and Verizon have joined together to officially launch Redbox Instant. This service is set to take-on Netflix and Amazon Instant Video as it allows subscribers to instantly stream video content such as TV shows and movies. The service already has thousands of titles available for instant streaming. When subscribing to the service, you’ll also get four free DVD rentals per month. These DVD rentals can be used at any Redbox kiosk and can be checked-out for one day at a time.

Redbox Instant content can be streamed to any Mac or PC using an up-to-date web-browser. However, the service also has apps available for both iOS and Android tablets and phones as well as the Xbox 360. Some Samsung TVs and Blu-Ray players also support the service.

Redbox Instant is currently $8 per month, the same price as a Netflix Streaming plan. In my opinion, Redbox Instant is a much better deal than Netflix due to the fact that Redbox offers four free DVD rentals per month with a paid subscription. However, I won’t be switching to Redbox Instant any time soon due to the fact that it is still incompatible with my Apple TV and Roku devices. If you’d like to try Redbox Instant for yourself, a free one-month trial is available via Redbox’s website.

Source: GadgetBeats

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