Real-Time Twitter Updates In Google Search

has the reputation of providing real-time updates for several events and incidents alike, making it very important for getting the latest updates for any ongoing events or incidents, the Mumbai terrorist attacks and the recent Hudson river landing are some of the incidents that were picked up by twitter earlier than any other news agency or blogs, and it also had the most reliable up-to-date information.

If you are a Google Search user, you can get more real-time updates about events in the search results, all you need is to install a small script that will search twitter and show you updates for your searched keywords.


Once you install the Greasemonkey script, you will see results from twitter along with regular Google Search results.

Definitely useful when you are looking to track a big launch or event, and don’t want to miss any details.

Install Twitter Search Results on Google [Userscripts]

One thought on “Real-Time Twitter Updates In Google Search”

  1. I thought Google will be implementing Twitter updates to the search engine? I could have swore there was a hype going on about 2 weeks ago that Google will do that with or without a plugin.

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