[Rant] Picsquare.com Needs To Learn Email Etiquette

Picsquare.com is one of the earliest photo-printing sites in India, and was acquired by Infibeam, an ecommerce major in India some time ago. I explored the site around the time it launched, and ordered a few photo prints. Yesterday, I received an email from Picsquare.com which had, to use the pop-culture term, FAIL written all over it.


Email header

An email from root’ and with Notification’ in the subject line could easily be identified as spam by most email services. Even I was about to miss this critical message assuming it to be some random email.


Several web services delete user data or close accounts if they are not used/accessed for a specified long period of time. Fair enough. The mail however mentions that I’ve not used the printing service in the last one year. Well, that is incorrect. I have not been using the service for even longer, and if this was some programmatically implemented policy my account should have been flagged a long time back.


Most emails announcing deletion of user data are sensitive and polite. It’s not a pleasant action even if it makes business sense. The announcement usually inform of the policy in a considerate and soft tone, and then suggest ways to prevent the deletion. As a protocol, the first email mentions a particular date when the drastic step would be taken and till which the user has the option to act upon in some manner like logging in or backing up his data from the site.

The email from Picsquare.com intends to bring to my notice the deletion in a matter-of-fact rhetoric. There is no mention if this action is immediate or at a certain date. Neither does the email suggest ways in which I can prevent the deletion of my data, and perhaps continue to use the photo printing service.


So yes, so long, Picsquare.com. You’ve lost me as a customer with this poorly executed communication. Is it just me, or do you find this lame as well?

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Abhishek Baxi

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