Quickly Share Text With Your Friends With JustPaste.it

Have you ever wanted to share a joke, but found it too long to share on ? Email is the next best alternative right? Well, most likely. However, there are several more alternatives to quickly share text and images with your friends.


One of them is JustPaste.it, which allows you to share text with your friends quickly and easily. Think of it as a much more advanced version of txtb.in. Just Paste provides users with a formatting menu and also allows you to upload and add images to your shared text.

Just Paste preserves all formatting when you want to copy data from a webpage or document and share it with someone. In addition to that, it automatically imports the images in your data and stores in on their servers and also allows you to upload your own images.

What more? Well you can also create a custom URL for your shared data.

Techie Buzz Verdict

Just Paste is definitely a good way to share text, webpage or documents online without having to share the entire thing. In addition to that the advanced editor helps you to customize your text to your heart’s content.

Another interesting feature is that you can also export the created note as a file.

Ratings: 3/5 (Very Good)

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