Queue Up For A Google Wave Invite

Queue Up For A Google Wave Invite

Google Wave is by far the most exciting product of the year, it has definitely created a lot of ripples over the internet.

Google wave is basically a new tool for communication and collaboration on the web, which will combines emails, web chat, wikis, social networking and project management and collaboration in a single communication client.

Watch the video to see what Google Wave is all about, we are keeping our fingers crossed to get a invite magically so that we can do a full review soon :-).

Google Wave Demo

If you are looking to get a early bird invite for Google Wave, head our and fill this form, you may get lucky and get a invite soon.

P.S. Leave a nice and funky message to the wave team, maybe they will send out a invite to you, just kidding.

51 thoughts on “Queue Up For A Google Wave Invite”

  1. please send me an invite…a bunch of us are looking to do this for uni..as a main study group of 25 ppl..also have family and frends and all who are like really into this and wanna give it a try…so please send one…thanks in advance….i will share invites btww./… my email is muhammadewji (at) gmail (dot) com
    thanks again

  2. i’m really excited about the wave. since its open sourced, i’m willing to contribute and help w/ the invites. appreciate it. thanks

  3. Hi lovely people,

    I am absolutely dying to try out google wave, and would be eternally grateful if you could send your spare invite to:
    agoldstand at gmail dot com

    Thanks in advance!

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