Queue Up For A Google Wave Invite

Queue Up For A Google Wave Invite

Google Wave is by far the most exciting product of the year, it has definitely created a lot of ripples over the internet.

Google wave is basically a new tool for communication and collaboration on the web, which will combines emails, web chat, wikis, social networking and project management and collaboration in a single communication client.

Watch the video to see what Google Wave is all about, we are keeping our fingers crossed to get a invite magically so that we can do a full review soon :-).

Google Wave Demo

If you are looking to get a early bird invite for Google Wave, head our and fill this form, you may get lucky and get a invite soon.

P.S. Leave a nice and funky message to the wave team, maybe they will send out a invite to you, just kidding.

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  • Muhammad

    please send me an invite…a bunch of us are looking to do this for uni..as a main study group of 25 ppl..also have family and frends and all who are like really into this and wanna give it a try…so please send one…thanks in advance….i will share invites btww./… my email is muhammadewji (at) gmail (dot) com
    thanks again

  • jenu thomas

    i’m really excited about the wave. since its open sourced, i’m willing to contribute and help w/ the invites. appreciate it. thanks

  • Matt

    hey there peeps! Just looking for a google wave invite! Please shoot one over! [email protected]

    Thanks so much!!

  • Tyler

    please send me a invite i would realy appreciate it my email is.. [email protected]

  • please send me google wave invite, if it is possible for you :)


  • Kurtis Meilink

    I would love to use google wave to start my blog in style. Please send me an invite: admin.soccer [at] gmail.com

  • Ahuva

    Hi lovely people,

    I am absolutely dying to try out google wave, and would be eternally grateful if you could send your spare invite to:
    agoldstand at gmail dot com

    Thanks in advance!

  • Vinnie

    please send me invite i currently use google voice if anyone wants to trade invite voice for wave id be glad to do so [email protected] im so interested in this wave thing

  • Noah

    I would greatly appreciate an invite to Google Wave. My e-mail: [email protected]

    Thanks! :)

  • please invite me

  • Mina

    I would be soo happy for an invite. Thx so much!!
    [email protected]

  • dica

    hey! if anyone has an extra one invite, could someone send me a google wave invite?

  • Plz google wave invite me thx



  • Dat

    seem very interesting, haven’t seen a well-thought apps likes this for a long time. I can’t wait…Thanks

  • Lalit

    Hi lovely people,

    I am absolutely dying to try out google wave, and would be eternally grateful if you could send your spare invite to: [email protected]

  • Karan Rajpal

    can i hav 1 plzzzzzzzzzzz……..
    [email protected]

  • Please give me an invite. thx!

  • I could use a Google Wave invitation. thinks in advance!

  • Rob

    I’m looking for an invite if anyone has one to spare. I’ll share my invites also if I get one.


    [email protected]

  • pls send me a invite .. thanks in advance
    at kakashihatake [at] indiatimes [dot] com

  • Shantnu singh

    Pleae send me an invite too ….. tried a lot of places, but in vain! ….

    [email protected]

    thanks a ton !

  • yask

    please send me an invite!!..

  • yask

    PLease send me an invite ..thnx

  • send me an invite