Queue Up For A Google Wave Invite

Queue Up For A Google Wave Invite

Google Wave is by far the most exciting product of the year, it has definitely created a lot of ripples over the internet.

Google wave is basically a new tool for communication and collaboration on the web, which will combines emails, web chat, wikis, social networking and project management and collaboration in a single communication client.

Watch the video to see what Google Wave is all about, we are keeping our fingers crossed to get a invite magically so that we can do a full review soon :-).

Google Wave Demo

If you are looking to get a early bird invite for Google Wave, head our and fill this form, you may get lucky and get a invite soon.

P.S. Leave a nice and funky message to the wave team, maybe they will send out a invite to you, just kidding.

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  • Hmm I am waiting for a Google Wave invite and the preview does seem interesting :)

  • Please, who can be so kind to send a Wave invite this way? i just want one, if you need to send it to more people let me know 8 email addresses and i will send them all. Thanks in advance. killersilver [at] gmail DOT com

  • cube1

    Please send me an invite to Google Wave, thanks.

  • Juan Manuel

    I could use a Google Wave invitation thnx in advance

  • cbrayko

    id love an invite if anyones handing them out
    cbrayko at gmail dot com

  • Sameh

    I can’t wait to ride the wave,to see how it’s gonna change the web and to see how google is going to answer the bing!

  • Sebastian

    Please I want an invite… thanks

  • wave-ing

    i need 1 plz because in a couple of weeks is my mummy`s birthday and i am so anxious to wave her with a gift.

  • John Almen

    I would love to receive a Google invite. I’ll be sure to share once I get my invite. My email address is “[email protected]”. This email address looks weird since its a way to prevent spam.

    Thanks !!!!!!

  • Juan Manuel

    I would like to receive an invitation i will share them too from source i gained it

    My email address http://scr.im/jmrl
    thanks in advance

    • Juan Manuel

      Already got my invite but no invitations to send yet as soon i get some i will reply again

      • Shantnu

        pls send me an invite if u have ot one! :)

        shanty05 (at the rate) gmail (dot) com

        thanks a ton ! :)

  • spencer

    Out of the kindness of your heart could you spare a invite please?

  • RPD

    Can I please have an invite, if anyone has an extra one?:)
    [email protected]
    thank you

  • MikkelB

    Is this the line for google wave invites? If so, could someone help me out? I’m leaving for my honeymoon on sunday, and it would be great to have that to play with.

    thanks! [email protected]

  • I would really like a Google Wave invite. I’ve been waiting so long for any of my friends to receive theirs, and nobody I know has one yet. I’ll gladly share invites with others on this site once I get one. If you have any to give, here is my email address:


  • Chu Tuấn Tài

    That’s very kind of you. Could you please send me an Google wave invite. Thanks

  • Raghav F

    send me an invite…m excited

  • elli

    Please, would loove to be the first (as the only woman in my IT-office) – go flaunt – yes flaunt a wave-account first of all. Crossing my fingers!

  • Skyfest

    Kindly send me the wave. I would like to be a rider too.

  • Diego Aguilera

    We are starting a new project in college. We are working with The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and the Federal Transit Administration here in Chattanooga. The idea is to help improve the electric cars that run around the city. It’s a team project and Google Wave would help out so much in collaborating with each other. Thanks. diegoa(at)imagiro-1(dot)com

  • Mike

    I really would like a google wave invite. Nothing I can really offer for it. but meh, I really want one.

    [email protected]

  • Falsum

    Could you please send me an Google wave invite.
    Thanks :-)

  • domnic

    kindly send me a wave invite at [email protected]

  • Matt

    I’d really love to get invite too! I heard it’s awesome. If any1 can send me an invite i can send to your other friends for that;D heres my email: matessso at gmail dot com

  • colette smith

    could someone send me a google wave invite??? [email protected]

    I would appreciate it!!! : ) thank you!!!

  • oliver

    pls send me an invitation

    olikoechli [at] gmail [dot] com