Get Personalized Movie Recommendations Using Criticker

If you like you are probably going to love Criticker. Criticker is a Movie Recommendation Engine which recommends movies based upon your taste. Like Criticker bases its recommendation on movies you have liked in the past. However, unlike the process isn’t automated. After you sign up you would be asked to rate movies on a scale of 0-100. Once you have rated at least 10 movies Criticker will generate movie recommendations for you.

Criticker Movie Recommendation Engine

Criticker utilizes something called Taste Compatibility Index (TCI) to identify your taste. It works by pairing you with other people who have compatible TCI. Criticker is not just a movie recommendation engine. It also has a messaging system and a forum for movie related discussions. Criticker makes getting in touch with movie-buffs who share you taste really simple.

Criticker is an impressive service. Its database is extremely vast. We were pleasantly surprised to find results for obscure movies like Schatten der Zeit. The recommendations provided by Criticker fairly accurate and useful. If you are a movie-buff then go ahead and give Criticker a spin.

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