Bumps Free Storage to 5GB, Business to 500GB and Unlimited for Enterprise

Online File Storage and collaboration service has bumped their free storage space to 5GB from 1GB and business storage to 500GB from 15GB. This makes them one of the largest space provider right now.

Also Read: How To Mount Storage in Windows Explorer, one of the online file storage services has increased their free storage space from 1GB to 5GB which will now allow users to store a large amount of files online. They have also announced that they will be increasing their business storage from 15GB to 500GB whilst allowing enterprise users to store unlimited files in the cloud. Storage Space


Business and enterprise users who have been using services such as SharePoint, and Sales Force get an added advantage here. However, for personal users, services like Dropbox which offer 2GB space and additional space for recommendations along with Windows Live SkyDrive which offers 25GB storage space along with Windows Live Mesh which providers users with 5GB sync space are more lucrative offers. has built several data-centers to protect data along with also using Amazon’s S3 service promise better security for the files and documents stored with their service. I believe that this additional storage is definitely something which will cheer up users, both personal and business.

If you use, you might want to read up on how to use it as a local storage space in Windows. You can also access Windows Live SkyDrive from Windows Explorer.

(Source: CNET)

BridgeURL Lets You Create Slideshow of Websites

How often do you share links in or ? Wouldn’t it be easier and less irritating if you could just share a single link which contains a slideshow of all the website links you want to share with your friends or followers?


BridgeURL is a new service, which allows users to create a slideshow of web pages/links and then share them as a link with whoever they want to. The advantage of this service is that you just share one single link instead of 100s of links you come across on a day to day basis.

To check an example of how the slideshow will work head over This will allow you to browse 10 pages from Techie Buzz as a slideshow.

How Does BridgeURL Work?

BridgeURL works in a very simple manner. It allows you to create a slideshow by entering a bunch of links you want to share and then creates a slideshow which can be viewed through a unique URL. Once you have created the slideshow, you can simply share the link with your friends or followers and they will be able to browse all those websites as a slideshow.

What BridgeURL Lacks?

BridgeURL is definitely a nice concept. However, the process is manual. For example, to create a slideshow; I have to collect all those URLs and then store it in someplace before I can create a slideshow out of it.

I would love to see a more intuitive approach to this in the form of a bookmarklet or extension which will allow me to store links I want to share temporarily and then create a slideshow out of it. This will definitely be helpful as it is really a pain to store URLs just to create a slideshow out of it.

Overall the service is pretty interesting and provides an easier way to share a bunch of URLs without spamming your timeline or friends. Go give it a try at

Gmail Enhances iPhone Experience

I have a and use the Safari browser to read emails from my account at times. The experience has been far from what I would like so far, but that changed with new rollouts from the Gmail Mobile team for .

Gmail iPhone Fixed Toolbar

One of the most annoying things in Gmail for iPhone was the scrolling toolbar, which has now been replaced by a fixed toolbar at the top of the page. Another interesting change is the scrolling speed which is now faster than earlier and makes it easier to navigate through large emails.

Though these changes have been subtle, I definitely like the new experience and would prefer it over the earlier version any day. Have you visited Gmail on your iPhone or iPod Touch recently? Is the experience better than earlier. Do let me know through your comments.

Natter: Cross-Linking Facebook And Twitter

Natter IconNatter is a free web based application that links your Facebook and Twitter accounts. Setup your account in 3 easy steps and control both the account from Twitter itself.

1. Go to the Natter home page and get started by joining the service.

2. Connect your Twitter and Facebook accounts with the service.

Connect Accounts

3. Once done, you are good to go. You can change the settings by scrolling down to the bottom of your account settings page.

Natter Settings

What Happens When You Use Natter?

Linked Accounts

1. Whenever you update anything on Twitter it will be automatically posted to your Facebook account. On the other hand, if someone comments on the Facebook update, the app auto-posts a @ reply to Twitter with your name and the message.
NOTE: You can also control the tweets to be posted by using a custom hashtag (#) in your Tweet. You can add the custom tag in Natter settings.

2. It automatically converts your Twitter name to the real world counterpart.

3. Natter scans your tweets for links and if found, updates your Facebook account with a new post.

Techie Buzz Verdict:

Unlike other apps of its kind, Natter offers two-way linking of your accounts. So if you are a social media addict, it definitely eases the task of updating and replying. Although the cross updating is not real-time, it helps to monitor Facebook & Twitter updates from Twitter only. Go ahead and give it a try. If you are left unimpressed get rid of it.

Techie-Buzz Rating: 3.5/5 (Very Good)

Musgle Makes Search Music Downloads and File Downloads Dead Simple on Google

Hey we never told you that Google was only restricted to searching for information. With the wealth of information the beast has, it can be used to practically search anything.

Musgle: Google Music Search

Google has several special search operators which can be used to search for files, music files, video files and more which are hosted across the web. Now, remembering all those search operators is a tough thing to do for anyone including a geek. But it is useful yea. So how to you combine usefulness with easy?

Google Music Search

With Musgle, a search engine dedicated for music search, which can be also used for searching music or MP3 downloads on Google. Well, if you think that it is useless, take a look at this;

I wanted to search for "some kinda music" on Google, but only downloads. I went to Musgle and typed in the query and it converted it to this:

 some kinda music -inurl:(htm|html|php|pls|txt) intitle:index.of "last modified" (wma|mp3) -"index-of-mp3" -vmp3 -shexy -pickbrains -kaboodle -mp3gle -ihackr -indexofmp3 -blogspot -franceradio -insanbilimleri -"english-4-free" -audiozen -hyooge -"game-freaks"

Now as you can see, that is quite a complicated query which is even beyond me, so having a regular user type it would definitely be out of the question. This is why Musgle is a dead simple music search assistant for Google. Go ahead and give it a try.

You might also want to read Top Search Engines for Finding or Downloading MP3 Files

Techie Buzz Verdict


If you want to make your life easy while searching for MP3 downloads or music files, go use Musgle. There is nothing that will make your life more simpler.

Ratings: 4.5/5 (Excellent and Dead Simple)

P.S. I cannot vouch for the legality of downloading music files from Google this way. So catch up with your attorney or learn the copyright laws in your country before downloading anything to your computer.

(via Old School Chum Himen)

Find Large Emails In Gmail

is one of the best email providers, however, unlike Yahoo and Hotmail, Gmail does not provide users with unlimited disk quota. Though 7.5GB of email space will take quite a lot of time to fill up, you might definitely fill it up at some point of time.

I have had a problem with two of my backup accounts where database updates are sent thrice a day filling up in a few months. So do you go an buy more Gmail space then? Well, you might want to do that, but what if you could just delete some emails which are taking up space in your account and live with it for another few days.


But finding and deleting large images can be quite a pain. In comes Find Big Mail, a service which will help you find large messages in your Gmail Inbox and label them accordingly. You can then quickly browse through all those emails and delete them  if required to free up space.

How Does Find Big Mail Work?

Find Big Mail requires you to provide access to your Gmail account in order to work. Once you have provided access to it, it will scan your email account and label emails based on attachment sizes. The good part about the service is that you do not require to provide it with your username and password and it works on all the browsers.

Big Gmail Email Labels

Once the service has finished scanning your emails, you will start seeing new labels in your Inbox based on sizes, you will also receive an email with charts which graphically tell you about the amount of space your emails are taking up.

Big Gmail Messages Chart

The service is not instantaneous though and you will have to wait a while before it queues up your request and finishes analyzing your email. Again the analysis will depend on the number of emails you have and how large your account is.

Techie Buzz Verdict

Highly Recommended Service

Find Big Mail is a handy service if you want to quickly delete large emails from your Inbox but don’t have time to scan through them to find them. In addition to that, this service is definitely safe since it never has access to your password.

Quick the service a quick whirl and you won’t be disappointed. Another good thing about the service is that it will also work with your Google Apps account too.

Since this service is only for a one time use, you might want to disable it from accessing your data after it has finished the scan by visiting your Google Profile.

Ratings: 4/5 Excellent

Like Science, or Art, or Fiction? ‘Any New Books’ Will Email You When Books of Your Interests Release

1273665594_poll greenI’m a book lover. Period. I am always on the hunt for new books. I surf Amazon, a few local stores, my school library and find books that might interest me or put simply, increase my knowledge. Finding books that may interest me is not always an easy task. It can be boring, if not annoying at times. So if something makes this task easier for me, I’d totally use it.

If you’re a book lover and you use the internet, you’re going to love Any New Books

Any New Books is a web app or service or whatever you call it. It just makes your life easier. Here’s the gist. You go to Any New Books, enter your interests and email address and each week, you’ll get an email for each interest listing new book releases in that field. So if you like fiction, you’ll know each week what all new fiction books are in the market.

I like these kinds of websites the kind which decrease your effort in the truest sense. Any New Books not only brings notifications of new books to my inbox, but also makes it easier for me to buy them, using links to Amazon (UK and US stores, links to Kindle editions also included)

The website currently has 42 categories to choose from and you can choose as many or as few as you like. The list of books in each category is formulated manually, by humans. The selection process is not automated, because we believe a human editor is better able to pick books that will better appeal to a wide audience. says their about page.


The above is an example of an email that Any New Books will send you each week.

The service is currently free for everyone. Also the Amazon links in the emails are affiliate links, so it helps keep the service running if you make a purchase through those links, just so you know (not that it isn’t mentioned in the footer of each email).

Any New Books? Wants To Be the StumbleUpon For Twitter Links

Browsing through different links on your Twitter timeline can be tricky, you miss a day and your timeline is flooded with links which you may not want to miss. Twitter lists are a good way to organize whom you follow but again it becomes very difficult to filter important links from your Twitter timeline. lets you browse through random links from your Twitter timeline, much the same way you use Stumbleupon to discover interesting webpages. To get it working, just go to the website and sign in with your Twitter account. Then grant the application all the required permissions and you are done.

Next, you will be asked to choose the lists which you want to check for links. You can choose specific lists or Twitter favorites, as shown below:

To start tumbling through links shared on your Twitter timeline, all you have to do is sign into your Twitter account and hit the big “Tumbl” button on the left top of the screen. That’s it, the website will then open random links shared on your Twitter timeline, favorites or lists and you can read the webpage as shown below:

The links are not entirely random, the pages shown also depend upon the recency and frequency of the Tweet. There is a “Tweet This” button and a Facebook like button available on the right top, so you can use that to retweet the same link or “Like” it on Facebook.

Overall, can be used to browse links on your Twitter timeline in a more streamlined way. Keep the application opened in a new browser tab and hit the magic button every now and then, you might discover something interesting.

It would be a great idea if you can create a dedicated list following the most important people you follow on Twitter and use that list with

Web Hosting Hub Provides Easy Way To Create Websites Online

Web Hosting Hub[Sponsored] Online diaries or Weblogs have grown exponentially since I started blogging around 5 years ago, and it has continues to grow at a very healthy pace. In addition to that, there are also several small businesses who are putting themselves online and being discovered by more people.

Is it easy to create a website or blog? Yes, and there are several free blogging and website platforms like Blogger and WordPress which let you setup a blog or website in 5 minutes or less. However, what if you are looking for a professionally created website on your own domain? Asking this question to people always evoke mixed reactions because they are often worried about hosting their own site and creating their own pages along with bandwidth and web space which are required to run a website.

Many people would not want to create or run their own personal or business website because of the cost involved in setting it up and maintaining it. However, the world has moved forward and there are services which provide users with affordable hosting services and domains.

Web Hosting Hub is once such web hosting provider provides users with unlimited web hosting for only $4.95 a month. Unlimited web hosting involves both disk space and bandwidth which is critical for any website to run. In addition to that, you can also host unlimited domains and get a free domain name when you sign up with them.

WH Hub provides users with a cPanel interface to manage their websites, along with email hosting and website statistics. They also provide users with a 5 minute blog setup through an automated tool called Fantastico. You can use this tool to setup a WordPress blog in 5 minutes or less without having to go through the manual steps of creating a database, etc.

Web Hosting Hub supports several platforms like WordPress, b2evolution, Nucleus, Joomla, Drupal, Mambo and PHPBB among others. In addition to this, Hub hosting also provides users with a Free Website builder which has over 500 templates which are customizable.

Web Hosting Hub also provide 24/7 support and 90 day money back guarantee. So if you are not satisfied you could take your money and go to another web hosting company.


One of the first things I do before signing up with any webhost is searching the internet for reviews of the hosting provider. I did the same with Web Hosting Hub and read a lot of positive reviews of the company. Though I have not personally used their hosting, the user reviews make me comfortable enough to use them if I ever need to. Along with that, the low cost and 90 days money back guarantee makes it a no-brainer.

In addition to that, I also put their 24/7 support to test and used their online chat to find a solution for a fake problem which didn’t exist. I was able to quickly speak to a associate who tried to find a solution for my problem, alas it never existed.  Overall, I was happy with their claim about providing 24/7 technical support, which is a real must for any web hosting company. It is also definitely better than sending emails to your web hosting support guy and waiting for a reply when your website it down.

You can take a look at all the web hosting features that are part of Web Hosting Hub or review a chart of web hosting comparison between WH Hub and other hosting providers like Bluehost.

This is a sponsored review of web hosting hub. All the views in the post are unbiased and true.

Freepdfcard: Make Business Cards Online

If you are planning to get a business card for yourself, and you have no idea how to design it, here is a quick and easy way. Free PDF Card is an online service that can create a free business card for you.

free pdf card website

Go to the Free PDF Card website and you will see a form. Each of the form fields represents a line in the preview business card (to the left) in a vertical order. Beside every text field of the form there are basic formatting options like bold, italics and font size. If you wish to show your company logo, upload it using the “Upload Logo” button. You can also show your image if it’s for a personal purpose.

Start filling the form with the info you wish to show on your business card. Do the necessary formatting until you are satisfied with its look. Every time you wish to preview the changes you have made, press the Preview button below. Following is a demo PDF card that I created for myself using Free PDF Card.

free pdf card example

Once you have completed editing your free business card, press the Download button just below the card preview section. The card will be downloaded as a PDF file which you can print.