A Real Time File Sharing Service

There are quite a good number of free file sharing websites available on the web, most of them do not require users to create an account . You can simply open the homepage of the file sharing website, upload a file, grab the link and share it with anyone.

The problem with majority of file sharing services is that you have to wait for the uploads to finish. You are not given the shareable download link, until the file has finished uploading. There are two main disadvantages of this approach.

The first annoyance is when your browser crashes suddenly, while you are uploading a file. Imagine this – you are uploading a 50 MB file on a free file sharing website and the uploads crash at 80 %. You have to start the upload procedure all over again.

The second disadvantage is time dependency, you can’t share the download link of the file while it’s uploading and have to wait for the uploads to finish.

That’s when saves the day ! takes a different approach, the site provides the download link immediately after you have selected the file(s) to be uploaded. Head over to the homepage, select the files to upload and grab the shareable download link. No sign-ups or registrations are required.

There are three handy options available on the upload page – share on Twitter, share on Facebook or share via email. Just click the corresponding link and the download link is shared on your social profile. Handy !

All files that are shared using expire in 30 days, by default. By creating a free account, you get some added features e.g real-time statistics telling exactly how many users have downloaded your file, more expiry days and so on. works directly from your browser – no Flash, JavaScript applets, absolutely nothing to install. Do give a try and let us know your ideas in the comments section. [ via ]

Browse/Search Twitter Photos By Hashtag With Hashalbum

Hashtags provide an easy way to group similar content together on . Most of the Twitter trends usually contain #hashtags too. However, Twitter does not provide an easy way to differentiate between tweets, links or photos when you browse the #hashtag.

Browse Twitter Photos Based on Hashtags

If you are interested in seeing the only photos from a particular hashtag, a handy service called Hashalbum will come in handy. Hashalbum provides users with real-time discovery of images and topics. Photos are stored into albums by the #hashtag used when uploading through twitter.

For example, if you want to see all the pictures tagged as #thanksgiving, you can view it by visiting this link on Hashalbum or this for #turkey pictures. You can also search for different hashtags you want to view pictures for. Hashalbums definitely makes it easier to only find photos that interest you or photos from a particular event. Go ahead and give it a try at

(Source: Life Hacker)

FriendSnaps Creates Posters Out Of Your Facebook Friends Pictures

allows you to connect to your friends, sometimes long lost ones you haven’t met since you left school. However, what if you want to take all the profile pictures of your friends and create a poster with it so that you can hang it on your wall as keep it as a memento?

FriendSnaps Facebook Friends Profile Picutre Poster

FriendSnaps is a new service which will allow you to take the profile pictures of all your friends and create a poster out of it which will then be professionally printed out onto quality glossy paper. All the posters will be printed on A1 size papers.

Using FriendSnaps is pretty easy, just head over to and click on the "start making your Facebook poster" link. Once you have done that, choose among the different options available to create a poster and connect FriendSnaps with your Facebook account. FriendSnaps will now automatically fetch the profile pictures of all your friends and then give you options to create a poster out of it.

Pretty simple right, however, the service is not free and you will have to pay £19.99 for creating the poster. I am not sure if this is based on the number of friends you have. Nevertheless a price you have to pay for memory. It would have been good if this service allowed users to chose which friends they want in the poster rather than adding each and everyone too.

FriendSnaps will be launching a similar service for users soon.

London80GigaPixels: The Largest 360 Panorama In The World

A picture is worth a thousand words. How about a picture that is 80 Giga Pixels and is claimed to be the largest 360 panorama image ever created? This gigantic panorama has been created by Jeffrey Martin and captures a very large part of the city of London.

The panorama is hosted at 360Cities and provides a great opportunity to tour the city of London without leaving your couch. The best way to enjoy the image is to click on the start tour button which will then take you through different parts of the city allowing you to enjoy several landmarks and monuments. On the other hand, if landmarks are what interest you, you can also click on the landmarks button which will display a thumbnail list of around 15 different landmarks in the city of London. Clicking on any of the thumbnails will then take the image to that exact location.

You can also use the mouse arrows to move around and zoom-in and zoom-out to a great degree. The quality and clarity of the image is pretty decent even at the most detailed level. 360Cities also has panraomas from other major cities of the world giving you a 360 degree tour right from your desktop.

mSpot: Dropbox For Music Syncing & Streaming

mSpot is a cloud based music streaming service that lets users play their favorite songs across multiple devices like PC, Android phones and Mac.

1. Download the mSpot client for your device and install it.

2. Once the installation is finished, you will be asked to sign up. Go through the steps to sign up for a free account.

Sign Up

3. After registration is complete, you will have to choose the sync settings. You can choose to sync Windows Media Player or iTunes library or just select some specific folders. Since I am using the free plan that allows only 2GB cloud storage, I will be selecting a single folder.

Sync Foledr

4. Whenever you choose to upload a song to mSpot cloud, just copy it to the synced folder. You will notice an animated icon as the uploading starts.

Mspot Sync

If you wish to play the songs, just open your browser and point it to and sign in to your account. You will now see the list of songs in your account. Double click to play them.

mSpot Player

The browser based media player is equipped with basic controls. You can create playlists, unload items from the playlist. You can also download the mSpot app for Android from the Android marketplace.


Techie Buzz Verdict:

mSpot is a perfect tool to stay tuned to your favorite tracks anywhere. With 2GB free storage you can carry almost 1500 songs, which is a good score for me. If you are still not satisfied, go for the 40GB plan for just $3.99/month. I wish the service brings support other popular mobile platforms. The tool is a must for every music lover.

Techie-Buzz Rating: 4/5 (Excellent)

Burnbit Creates A Torrent For Any File On The Internet

Using the web seeding technology that I wrote about earlier, Burnbit is a new service that allows anyone to create a torrent of a file already hosted someplace on the internet, without first downloading the file to their computer. This can be done in two way: Either the user goes to their website and submit the file’s link or if the user has a website and needs to create torrents of certain files on the fly, Burnbit provides buttons, that can be enabled with a small javascript snippet.

conceptSo how can Burnbit be useful to the common folk? I can think of one case. Imaging there’s a huge file that you, and a bunch of your friends need to download off a website, let’s say a video game. But the download servers are really slow. So you take the game setup’s link, give that link to Burnbit and it creates a torrent out of it. Now you share that torrent with all your friends. Initially, everyone will be downloading from the server itself (using web seeding), but slowly, the client-server traffic will be converted to peer-to-peer traffic. All your friends will share the download burden and since data pieces will travel faster, everyone will get the file faster.

That was about the common user. A media producer on the other hand, can use Burnbit’s automatic button creation feature to instantly create torrents of their media, and thus create an addition download option for their users, which is much more stable than conventional http downloading, and will help decreases the load on the producer’s servers.


SugarSync Now Provides Free 5GB Storage Space

The   battle seems to be heating up. After increased their free storage space to 5GB, another sync service, SugarSync, has increased their   space to 5GB.

SugarSync Sync Service

SugarSync syncs your files across multiple platforms like ,  Mac OS X, , and . The service provides users with a desktop client which can then be used to sync files to the SugarSync servers.

The new 5GB free accounts will be available to both old and new users. SugarSync also provides a business account which provides users with 30GB space for $4.99 a month. If you do not have a SugarSync account, you can sign up for a free account to get 5GB storage space.

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Screen sharing lets you show someone your computer screen across the internet. Usually, you can even let a viewer take over the mouse and keyboard. I use screen sharing at work to help my co-workers with computer problems, and sometimes, even I get help. Often, people use screen sharing applications to give business presentations online.

Previously, my favorite screen sharing service was TeamViewer. It’s a free service, and it even includes voice and video chat. Now I am starting to use a different service, called is probably the simplest screen presentation service I’ve used. All of the these services require an installation of software on your machine. Usually, both the broadcaster (host) and the viewer (client) need to install something. breaks out of the crowd by not requiring the viewers to install any software. All they need is a modern web browser with Adobe Flash.

Here’s how it works …

1. Go to

2. If you wish to share your computer screen, click on the sharearrow.


3. This will start a download of the server software. (Windows and Mac)

Once you have it installed and running, you’ll see the floating toolbar at the top of your screen.


4. Click once in the address bar and you’ll be able to copy or send the sharing address.


5. The person you wish to share with, can either click the link you’ve sent them, or type the 9 digit number in the Joinbox at the website.


6. As soon as they join, you are sharing your screen. That’s when you can start using your floating toolbar to control the session. As far as I know you can invite any number of people to your screen sharing session.

The phone icon actually lets you call them on a conference line. I haven’t tried that feature because I usually call the person on my phone or use Google Voice to chat with them.

This service and it’s operation is best explained by watching this video. quick preview and tutorial from Andy Traub on Vimeo.


Techie Buzz Verdict: is a great service, it’s easy to use and it’s free. What more do you want? Actually, I would like to have video chat, but this service is still a winner for the viewers. They don’t need to install any software to see your presentations.

When It Drops: Helps You Keep a Track of New Releases [Books, Music, Movies & Games]

If you use the internet to find what’s new out there, there’s a high chance you visit a lot of sites, click a bunch of links and skim through various lists. It must take you while, no? There are books, movies, music and a whole lot of things that come out in the market each week and you’ve got to spend your money on something after all!


When it Drops makes the task at hand super easy. Right on its front page, you can go through everything that will be releasing that week, which includes music, movies, dvds, games and books.

Not only can you view the list for the present week, but also check out the past week’s releases, of the next week and the week after that. Want a movie night next week? Do check what movies are coming out then.

The website is nifty and minimalistic, but well made indeed. A mouse-over of a movie posters brings up a link to its trailer and its Amazon page, along with its rating from Rotten Tomatoes. For music, you have iTunes links ready for a quick purchase. DVD entries come with Netflix links, games with IGN links and books have their own links from Barnes and Noble.

When it Drops is just that site which you can check every Monday and stay set for the rest of the week doing some real work Winking smile

Google Chrome Extension To Check Stats

If you are a user or have a self hosted installation, you might have heard about the WordPress stats plugin which tracks page views and hits to your website. If not then you might want to try it out here.

WordPress Stats in Google Chrome Extension

If you use the WordPress stats plugin and use , here is a quick way to check your stats without having to visit the site itself. The WordPress stats is definitely useful when you want to check your stats including top posts for the day, referrers, search terms and external clicks.

Interested? Go ahead and download the extension from here. You will need to enter your website URL and WordPress API key in the options page to start viewing your website stats.