SocialVents Is a Smart Visual Search Engine For Events

There are a number of sites like CraigsList that tell you whats going on in your city, but the all-text cluttered interface makes them a less than ideal tool. SocialVents changes that by providing you with a visual search engine focused solely around events. Start by  entering  your desired location and date. Click search and SocialVents would display your location on Google maps along with all the vents that are scheduled for that particular date.

Each event is displayed on the map as a bubble pointing to the exact location of its venue on the map. Moreover, clicking on any event shows you more details on the left side-bar including complete address, date and time of the event, any admission charge, notes and a link to the actual source of information. You can also restrict your search results by specifying a category such as music, food, fashion. You can also move around on the map to discover more vents near by or even zoom out to capture events for a larger area.

Even though the site is still in beta, it has a good potential to attract users because of its clean functionality and usefulness. However, there are some features that I think, if added, would make this site even better such as the ability to share events with friends, the option to embed results/map on a website and most  importantly  displaying some sort of result count.

Explore Actual Transcripts and Photos From Historical Space Missions

If you are a space enthusiast, Spacelog is a website you shouldn’t miss. It contains actual transcripts from historical space missions like Apollo 13 and Mercury 6 and shows conversations that took place between the crew and Houston. Details are broken down by different phases of the mission starting from the countdown and going all the way to the landing of the shuttle.

Each phase contains statements spoken by  astronauts  and staff at Houston accompanied by a picture of the speaker. You can click on any statement to see exactly when it was uttered and get a permanent link to share it on Twitter. During any phase, you can click on the View Map button to see the location of the shuttle in space at that time.

You can also browse the list of  astronauts  involved in these mission and read more about them. A glossary provides you more information about various abbreviations related to space missions and technology and their acronyms. Spacelog also lets you search the transcripts using keywords. Over all, it is a great site for any one who loves space missions and even though the information is limited right now, the website plans to add information for 3 more missions including Apollo 8, Apollo 11 and Gemini 7.

[Via RedFerret]

Create Embeddable Map For Your Website In Less Than a Minute

Among tens of map tools out there, Tixik probably focuses the most on simplicity and ease-of-use. It doesn’t have a whole lot of features but if all you are looking to do is generate a map for your website, it is worth a try. Simply enter the location that you want to pin point to in your map, then choose settings such as width and height of your map and the level of zoom you desire.

Click Create a map and Tixik would generate your map along with the HTML code that you can paste anywhere to embed your map. You can also add other graphics and effects such as borders, rounded corners, shadow, description bubble and even add a certain degree of rotation to your map. The map generated using Tixik can be used for free for any commercial or non-commercial purposes.

If you are looking for a Google Maps tool that can be more customized by adding drawings, texts and icons to it, do check out ScribbleMaps.

[Via GoogleMapsMania]

GE.TT: Share Files With Anyone With An Email

Gett LogoGE.TT is an online file sharing service that lets you share any file with anyone. Sharing or sending files has become a necessity these days and with the rising demand, more apps have been developed to serve the purpose.

GE.TT addresses the task with a very simple three-step solution. Upload, share and move on. No need to sign up for an account. Go to the site and upload your file and share it with anyone on Facebook and Twitter. You can also share the file with anyone by sending the sharing URL. Users can share multiple files with a single GE.TT URL.

Upload files to GE.TT

There is also an option to share the file by sending an email to the person by filling up the email form. All the files that you share using GE.TT expire after 30 days.

Share via Email

However, you can also sign up for the service. The only added advantage of having an account is that you can view the list and stats for the shared URLs. GE.TT has no restrictions on the size of the file you can share, but browsers can put an upload limit of 2GB.

Techie-Buzz Verdict:

Considering all the options it provide and that too in a simple way, the tool is highly recommended. One thing to note is that, the shared files being public, confidential information should not be shared using this service.

Techie Buzz Rating: 4/5 (Excellent) Automatically Bookmarks Your Tweets On Delicious, So You Can Find Them Later

Do you tweet a lot of links all day long ?

Ever wondered whether there is any service which can automatically bookmark your Tweets that contain links?

Enter – a brilliant web service which makes bookmarking tweets as easy as child’s play. Using, you can bookmark all of your Tweets that contain links, can convert Twitter hashtags to Delicious tags and label a unique Delicious tag to each tweet. Everything on Autopilot.

Wait…. isn’t Delicious Shutting down? No It isn’t, the service will continue to run as earlier.

How To Bookmark Tweets That Contain Links In Your Delicious Account ?

Following are the steps involved to get started with and connecting the service with your Delicious account:

1. Head over to the homepage, and sign in with your Twitter account. After you have granted permissions, you will be asked to enter an email address where the service can send you future notifications.

2. Enter your email address and hit “Save and Continue”. Fall back to your email inbox and click the verification link to continue to the next step.

3. Now you will be asked to connect your Delicious accounts with There are two types of Delicious accounts – the independent Delicious account and the older Delicious, which works with a valid Yahoo ID.

Make sure you choose the correct type of Delicious account or else the service won’t be able to bookmark the tweets. As for me, I have a yahoo linked Delicioius account, hence I chose the first option.

4. On the next page, hit the “Authorize” button.

5. All done, now you will be redirected to the page where you can tweak certain options as shown underneath:

There are basically 5 options which you may configure:

  • Expand URLs: Selecting this checkbox will automatically expand all the shortened links embedded in your tweet and post it to your Delicious account.
  • Replace Bookmarks: Self explanatory, selecting this checkbox will automatically remove the duplicate bookmarks from your Delicious account.
  • Convert Hashtags: This setting takes care of whether you want to convert Twitter hash tags to Delicious tags or not.
  • Remove These Tags: If you use a lot of hash tagged tweets, you may define some of the hash tags to be ignored by the service.
  • Add A particular tag: You may define a particular tag in this text box to make sure each link that that is sent via Packarti is accessible through that particular bookmark tag.

All done, but don’t forget to hit that “Save” button once you are done with the settings.

Now you can continue using Twitter and Delicious as before. Any of your tweets which contain a link will be autosaved as a bookmark in your Delicious account.

For example: I posted this tweet on Easter Egg In Google CR-48 Netbook and it was immediately sent to my Delicious account.

Techie Buzz Verdict

Lifesaving !

Using, I can automatically bookmark and archive all the links which I tweet everyday. Later I can simply export the bookmarks from Delicious and import it in Google Bookmarks or to my preferred browser.

Techie Buzz rating: 5/5 (Perfect).

Top Delicious Alternatives To Hop Onto

Delicious is winding up, you can export your bookmarks so that you have a backup copy. You could also import your delicious bookmarks into Diigo, Xmarks, Chrome, Opera, Firefox and Internet Explorer, however, what now? Which bookmark service can you use to store your bookmarks in the cloud? Logo

Thanks to the internet you will at-least find a few options for something you want to do, some of them might be free, some not. Here is a list of alternatives you could use for bookmarking in the cloud.

Google Chrome Sync – If you use , it has a handy feature which allows you to sync your bookmarks in the cloud. You could make use of it and have your bookmarks available on any PC running Google Chrome. If you don’t have Google Chrome handy, you will find all those bookmarks in . Alternatively you could also use Google Bookmarks.

Firefox Sync – Just like Google Chrome, also has an option to sync your bookmarks to the cloud. Use this service if you are a heavy Firefox users.

Opera Link – Another browser based backup service, but this time for . I guess I wouldn’t even have to tell Opera users about this. Use this service to backup and sync your bookmarks across Opera.

DiigoDiigo is another good service which provides with an easy way to bookmark web pages on the web. It also has some cool apps which allow you to read those bookmarks on a device like and read the webpages while you are offline. Diigo also offers a called "Read Later Fast" which allows you to store webpages in Google Chrome and read them later.

Xmarks – Many of you might be aware of Xmarks which was recently acquired by LastPass. This service has been very popular and is used by thousands of people. Xmarks also provides users a way to discover new webpages using information stored by other users, something similar to what Delicious provided users with.

I find that these three alternatives should be able to get you over your Delicious hangover, however, if you are looking for more you can always try out one of other options available below.

What’s your favorite bookmarking service? Were you a core Delicious user and are shifting to a new one. If so which one do you prefer to shift to.

Backup And Save Your Favorite Tweets With Diigo

provides a way for users to favorite tweets they like. This provides users a good way to reference tweets they want to read later or also look back and read those tweets again.

Also Read: Find When Someone Favorites your Tweets on Twitter

Just like backing up your tweets and Twitter profile, you can also also choose to backup your Twitter favorites and store it someplace safe. The Twitter favorite backup service is provided by Diigo, one of the companies I am coming to love for their products which include a note taking and sticky notes for .


First off, you will require a new Diigo account to backup or save your Twitter favorites. Creating an account is simple, go ahead and register here. Once you have done that, log into Diigo and click on this link. On this page, you can now connect your Twitter account with Diigo and it will automatically save your twitter favorites to Diigo on a daily basis.

Once you have connected your accounts, you will be able to select whether you want to save all favorites or only favorites which contain links and whether those should be saved publicly or privately on Diigo. In addition to that Diigo will also convert those tweets into bookmarks or notes and can be organized using #hashtags.

P.S. You can also import your Delicious bookmarks to Diigo.

Create a One Time Disposable Link Of Your Phone Number, Let Anyone Call You Privately

Imagine this – some online friend or client wants to call you over phone but you are not very comfortable sharing your phone number with strangers or online contacts. Skype is a neat option for web users but unfortunately, the person on the other side is not as tech savvy as you are – he repeatedly pings you to send him your phone number. is a simple web service which allows users to share phone numbers privately with anyone.

Once you have created an account with, you can enter as many phone numbers as you want and generate a unique URL for each phone number, as shown below:

When you enter your mobile number in the text box and hit the “Create Link” button, you will be asked to verify the number. The verification process is fairly simple – have your phone in hand, press the “Verify” button and enter the verification code when prompted.

Once the verification is complete, the service will generate a unique URL of your phone number which you may share with anyone via email, IM, Facebook, Twitter and so on. When somebody visits your URL, users will be asked to enter their own phone numbers and the service will call both the phones at the same time. When both the caller and the receiver are connected via the service – the call will be bridged together, allowing the caller and the receiver to talk up to a duration of 10 minutes.

The interesting   thing is that neither the caller or the receiver gets to know the other person’s phone number. When the call is finished, you can destroy your private link and create a new one from your account preferences.

Unfortunately, I was unable to test the service on my mobile phone (might be because of country wide restrictions, I live in India). However, our Techie Buzz’s fellow writer Sathya Bhat (who lives in U.S) was able to verify his phone number with After he verified his number, he was shown the following short link, with a QR code to the right.

(URL’s and numbers blurred for privacy)

Now all I needed was to enter my phone number in the text box and hit the “Call” button. Voila !

Techie Buzz Verdict

Sounds great, not a Google Voice alternative but might save the day when a novice client or user wants to call you over phone and you don’t want to share your phone number at all. On a personal ground – I could not verify my phone number, maybe because of country restrictions.

Techie Buzz rating: 4/5 (Excellent).

Add Useful Features To YouTube’s Video Player With EmbedPlus

Most of the video sharing websites provide a very basic video embed code to users, so that they can easily embed the video in their blog or websites. Embed Plus is a brilliant video embed tool which offers more flexible video embedding options for popular video sharing websites (e.g YouTube,Vimeo), so that you may add more features, controls, annotations and scene markers to the video you are embedding.

Embed plus’s video player is no different that other flash based video players, but it’s enriched with more controls and features. Some of the main features include movable zoom, slow motion or faster playbacks etc. You can also create custom annotations, add a suitable title or description or bookmark a particular video scene.

When the user is watching the video on your blog, he can jump to the specific “Scene marker” by clicking the forward or backward button in Embed Plus’s video player.

To get the customized video player for YouTube videos using Embed Plus, follow the simple steps mentioned below:

1. Copy the URL of the YouTube video which you want to embed on your website and paste it in the EmbedPlus Enter YouTube video URLtext field.

2. Next, select the height and width of the video player and start adding scene markers at specific times of the video. As an example, I have added 3 scene markers at 1minute 30 seconds, 3 minute and 4 minute respectively. You can also define a custom “Start time” for the video, this is useful when you want to skip the boring introduction part of a video and want the users to skip to a particular portion when they hit the “Play” button.

3. The next step involves adding custom text annotations to the video, it works the same way as YouTube’s annotation system – pick a time, add some text and hit the “Add” button to finish.

4. When you are done adding scene markers and annotations, hit the “Get Code” button to get the customized video player code for the YouTube video. Here is how   the YouTube video will look, once   embedded using EmbedPlus’s video player:

EmbedPlus also offers a short URL of the enhanced video player (see example), so you can simply share the link with anyone without having to embed the video in your website. [ via ]

Example: Following is an example video embedded using the EmbedPlus service, you can jump to the scene markers by clicking the “Previous” and “Next” buttons.

An Interactive Map Of Worldwide Internet Growth

Getting a speedy 15 MBPS connection for just a few dollars a month can easily make us forget the state of internet just a few years ago. All those sluggish dial up connections and that too something only a handful were able to enjoy. We have come a long way since then and a very good tool to depict that is an interactive map put together by BBC.

The map shows the expansion of cable networks and internet from 1998 to 2010. Browsing the late 1990s show the percentage of people online from most of the world was below 5% but has grown to double digits now even for some countries in the remote regions of Africa and Asia. Hovering your mouse over any country also displays the total number of internet users for that particular year. The yellow lines between continents represent the submarine cable system and it is remarkable to see how they have multiplied within last 10 years.

The best way to witness the growth is to click the play button on the slider and see the network change year to year.