Likester Is More Than The Digg For Facebook Likes

Do you hit the Likebutton on a website when you find something really interesting? It’s the easiest way to share content with your Facebook friends, hit that magic button once and a link is posted on your Facebook profile. But there are a couple of problems with Facebook Likes vs Twitter Retweets, both considered as a vote or Thumbs upfor content you have enjoyed reading.

First, Facebook likes can not be searched on the web. You can only find what your friends are liking and that too is not very convenient in the first place. Unlike Tweetmeme, there is no open directory for Facebook Likeswhere you can find the hottest links shared on Facebook or perform a simple keyword search.

The second disadvantage with Facebook likes is that there is no way to know current trends and rising likes. Twitter has a trending topicssection so you can quickly find out the trending topics that are receiving a lot of Twitter love at this moment. But trends for Facebook Likes is yet to be discovered.

Likester wants to solve both the problems, and some more.

The site lets you quickly find the topics or pages which gets the maximum number of Facebook likes. With Likester, you can find what your Facebook friends are liking, which pages they are reading, which fan pages they have liked earlier and so on. Then there is a global Facebook Like mapwhere you can filter Facebook likes within a particular geographic location.

After connecting the app with your Facebook account, you will be taken to the main interface of Likester with 5 main panels Your likes, friends, trending, like list and like idol.


The Like Listpage contains a list of webpages which have been recently liked by your Facebook friends. You can scroll through the list and check which of these pages have got the maximum likes, this is easier than scrolling through your Facebook timeline from top to bottom.

On the right side, there is another column where you can find out which Facebook fan pages are receiving the maximum votes from your Facebook circle. Note that Likester only works when you’re signed on to your Facebook account, unlike Tweetmeme which works universally.

Another neat thing regarding Likester is that you can filter topics by interest. Though the category list isn’t very elaborate, you can filter celebrities, actors, sportsman, places, businesses and applications from the Like feed.

However, what I liked best about Likester is the ability to search for specific topics and find out which webpages are getting the maximum Facebook Likes. As an example, I searched for WordPress and was shown the following result:


The first three results were Facebook fan pages, each receiving more than 20 K Likes!

All in all, Likester can be called a Digg for Facebook likes, where users can find out the currently trending pages getting maximum number of Facebook likes from all over the globe. A similar tool worth checking out is but Likester is probably better because they have the search box which lets you filter specific topics.

Extragram Brings A Great Web Interface to Instagram

Instagram, the current darling of the social media conscious photo sharing crowd has had a great run with their iPhone app, with over a million people using their service. If there’s one thing missing with Instagram, however is a decent web interface to it. Even with you logged into Instagram, there’s no way to go through your posted images.

Recently, Instagram had opened their API with hopes that third-party developers would make use of their API. Enter Extragram. Extragram aims to be the web front-end of Instagram, leveraging the Instagram API.

Extragram Homepage

Using Extragram doesn’t require you to have a separate account, clicking on sign in takes you to sign in to your Instagram account. Heck, even if you don’t have an Instagram account, you can take a sneak peek of Extragram. Once logged in, you can browse through the images using the standard grid view, or  using the excellent filmstrip view.

Extragram popular images view

Extragram Popular Images Filmstrip view

The default view is the popular images view, though you can also choose to browse through your friends’ pictures – or go on an ego trip and reminisce on your images.


The map view is nice touch – allowing you to search by area/city and then browse through some of the most popular images in the area.

Extragram Mapview

The great thing about Extragram is – you aren’t restricted to just browsing the images. Found a great image? Add it to your favorites or share it on twitter/facebook amongst other services. Discovered a particularly creative photographer? Follow the person!

Comment from Extragram

With a slick UI, some great design and intuitive navigation, Extragram fills in the void of a decent webclient that was sorely missing in Instagram. If you’re an Instagram user, Extragram will definitely make you spend more time going through Instagram images. Even you’re not an Instagram user, this site just might compel you to join Instagram. What’re your thoughts on Extragram? Do give it a spin and drop in a comment or two with your thoughts on it.


GetFlow Is a Superb Project Management App That Will Blow Your Mind

Let’s face it managing work load across different projects becomes impossible if you’re not using any task management or project management utility.

If you’re a full time web worker and work on a lot of different tasks e.g design, development, coding or stuff that involves team work you have to use a project management application which allows easy collaboration, structured output and an ad free uncluttered UI.

Referencing to and fro to different email inboxes, searching for information, attachments, client’s email address, sending the same messages to new members in the team it’s a very complicated cycle which you may want to bring in proper order.

Over the past few years I have seen a good number of web based project management apps but the one I am recently using is GetFlow (join the early beta here).

GetFlow, also known as Flow, is a task management app that’s going to help you organize your entire life. Whether you’re working collaboratively or all on your own, Flow is going to make getting things done a lot easier.

Creating Tasks or Projects Inside GetFlow

Flow lets you quickly create tasks by sending an email to [email protected]. The email subject will become the task title and the body of the email will be added as the description. By default, tasks you email will be added to your inbox but you can also use the web UI or iPhone App to create tasks, assign due dates, tag people and do other important things related to a project.


When you’re done creating the task, it’s added to your feed which consists of real time updates of your activity and involvement with the project. Any other member of the team can switch to your activity feed to know what you were doing, where you’re commenting, what files you have uploaded recently and so on.

Tasks are arranged in hierarchical order with a personview so you never mess up all the tasks in your timeline. Each member gets a new section under Tasksand any member can quickly find out what his colleagues were doing recently.


One of the best things regarding GetFlow is that you forget those long winded email threads. Flow’s real-time comment system eliminates back-and-forth emails, there is no need to clutter up your email inbox with the details and feedback of your project.

Flow’s real time threaded comments makes it just as easy to manage feedback on any activity, task or project your team is busy with.


As it turns out, you never have to search for any feedback or comment left by other team members in your email inbox, since all the information remains archived directly within your Flow account. Another neat feature which is lacking in other task management apps is the ability to Followa discussion.

Let’s say two of your team members are discussing over a design issue which you want to keep an eye on. Simply click the Followbutton next to the discussion thread and you will be notified when a new comment or message is posted or when the task is complete.

GetFlow is completely web based which means you never need to download any software or install any plugin on the client end,  immensely  useful for folks like me who use multiple computers at home or office. Both the web and iPhone apps have offline modes and sync enabled which helps when you’re doing something and the internet connection breaked in the middle.

Flow works great for teams of all sizes – whether you are a garage team of 4 members or a small company of 23, GetFlow works just as fine when it comes to easier project management and real time collaboration.

You can try a 14 day trial of Getflow by signing up here (no credit card required). A Professional Comment and Forum Widget For Your Website

pnyxe_logo[Sponsored] Comments are a basic element of any blog or website because they add a layer of "Interactivity" to your website. Blogging in itself should be "interactive" and not a monologue; you would want to know what your visitors feel about your blog post and should allow have them the ability to speak and share their thoughts on the subject.

Most blogging platforms have their own comment system to allow people to write their opinions. For example: Blogger blogs have inbuilt comment forms embedded in the theme, sites have the same while self hosted WordPress blogs have some more control on how the comments are displayed and controlled. But there are some situations when you may want to use an independent commenting script on your website, blog, forum etc. Some examples are as follows:

  1. You run a 5 page company website where you don’t want to use a complex comment moderation script. All you want is a simple plug and play code, without having to spend hours of time writing the code and setting it up.
  2. You have launched a contest on your micro blog which requires visitors to comment on a blog post. You don’t want to launch a new blog, just for the sake of aggregating comments. You are looking for a script which can let visitors temporarily comment on a webpage. After a few days, you would remove the entire script and the comments are removed permanently.
  3. You want to start a small 20 member forum but do not have enough experience with Forum building scripts e.g PHPbb, BBPress and so on.

If you are no geek and want a simple comment widget for your website or forum, try In their own words:

Pnyxe’s mission is to enable website visitors to speak, and provide website owners with the ability to hear. When you visit one of the tens of thousands of Pnyxe implementations, you’ll be able to interact and add comments in many different languages; check how many people view your comments; improve your author’s reputation, publish your posts to social networks and much more. We also provide ways to express yourself from anywhere on the web without the need to sign up or take any special actions.

Getting started with Pnyxe  is extremely easy, all you have to do is sign up for a free account, add your website URL and grab the JavaScript code. Then paste the code on all the pages where you want the comment box to appear. You can use Pnyxe with, self hosted WordPress blogs, Blogger, Typepad, Google Sites, Microsoft Office Live spaces and other web publishing platforms.

After you have slapped the comment box code to your site’s source code, here is how the comment form will look.

Pnyxe is also a full fledged WYSIWYG editor which provides more options, other than commenting. Site visitors can attach photos from their computer, choose their own fonts and colors, align the comments and share their comment on social websites like Twitter, Facebook – directly from the comment box itself.

Pnyxe provides users with a comment box and also a Forum widget which a professional forum system that will allow you to create a forum within your website without having to install any additional software. Overall, the ease of use of the software will allow companies to just copy paste some script code and implement complicated systems in their websites.

The free version of Pnyxe is ad supported. However, you can upgrade your account to "Pro" ($4.99 a month, 2 weeks free trial) and enjoy no advertisements, Google indexing, permissions management, "recent posts" widget, instant email phone support and much more. Have a look at their pricing page here.

Disclaimer: The above post is a sponsored review and all the views in this post are unbiased.

Build Collaborative and Crowd Sourced Lists with List Gorilla

greenshot_2011-01-30_22-08-18Whether it be food, movies, music or travel, what people look for most are lists. List of top…, List of best…Data explained with the help of lists is easy to understand and analyze. List Gorilla is a new startup – founded by two fine folks from down under, Australia – which lets you create lists of anything you care about, and have people contribute to it.

greenshot_2011-01-30_22-30-24The website itself is in early stages of development, and was opened to public use only in November last year. Users can login using their IDs from either Google, Twitter or Facebook. Once in, you can create new lists, comment on those already created, and best of all, vote on list items. The voting determines what place an item gets in a list. Since lists are structured on the basis of votes, it makes sense to use a list even for feature request threads! This functionality, although similar to the one provided by, can come in handy while collecting suggestions and ideas on anything, in a crowd sourced manner.

Lists can be tagged with relevant keywords. Each item in a list includes a title, an optional description and an optional image. Whoever creates a list must add at least five items to it. Other users can later curate and sort the list by voting and adding more items.

List Gorilla can come in handy for people who are looking to curate a list of things made with the input of real people. I can see this being used a lot for creating localized lists, such as for restaurants and hotels. Even though almost anyone with a Facebook, Twitter or Google account can add to a list, the chance of spam entering the list is low because only the best voted items make it to the top of the list. So even if spam finds its way, it will get voted down.

Check out List Gorilla and let them know what you think. Appreciation doesn’t hurt when a passion project does good ;)

FlashSeed: Easily Create Torrents Upto 1GB And Have Them Seeded For 5 Days

greenshot_2011-01-30_13-02-49Have you ever wanted to share a large file via Bittorrent and then realized that creating a well functioning torrent file isn’t exactly your forte? This is the question that a new file sharing service on the block, FlashSeed, wants to ask the people.

FlashSeed calls itself a One Click Torrent Hostingsite, but if you ask me, this title can be a little bit misleading. What FlashSeed actually does is that it takes the file that you want to share and stores it onto its servers. Then it creates a torrent for that file and seeds the torrent for five days (using the web seed technique). This five day grace period allows enough time for the torrent swarm to become self sufficient.

Unregistered users can upload files upto 500MB and upon free registration, the limit is raised to 1GB. Since your uploaded file is kept on FlashSeed’s server, you can also directly download the file. So if you just need to dump a gigabyte of data somewhere but do not want to use the Bittorrent protocol, FlashSeed can be of some help. Now since FlashSeed does keep files on its own servers for some time, it is susceptible to violating copyright law. However, FlashSeed takes the safer side here and already mentions on its FAQ page, We will take down any materials that obviously violate copyright law.

A service like FlashSeed can come in handy when a user not proficient with Bittorrent would want to share a large file with a group of people. Even though Bittorrent is possibly the best way to share massive files, the learning curve often creates hurdles in the way of the average netizen.

Play GIF Images In Slow And Reverse Motion With PlayGif

greenshot_2011-01-29_23-21-29Have you ever wondered if you could have some control over GIF animations? Like, did you ever want to pause, rewind, or run the images in slow or fast motion. Well, you can now easily do it using a simple online tool, adds functionality to animated GIFs, that includes controls for pause, reverse and speed adjustment. The website splits the image into separate frames, which can be played and controlled by the user.  This is a brilliant tool, for it provides the user better control of how the animation is played and how fast. Also, in certain situations, like this population chart, having the ability to pause or slow down the image can help immensely with analyzing the data.

To use their functionality, you’ll need to enter in the url of the gif image (as of now, you can’t upload the image on Use an image hosting site like to first upload the image on the Internet). Or if you plan on using the service regularly, they also have a javascript bookmarklet that can make your task much easier. Helps To Calculate The Best Time To Sleep And To Wake Up

Has it ever occurred to you that waking up on certain days, you feel fresh and energetic, while waking up other days makes you feel tired and lazy? It happens with all of us; sometimes you just didn’t wake up right. The cause is not TV, not alcohol and not your noisy neighbor. It’s the science of sleep cycles.

The theory is that once you go to sleep, there are several stages that your unconscious self goes through. The first is light sleep where you can be awakened easily. On stage two, rapid eye movements (called REM) stops and brain waves become slower. In stage three and four, the brain produces very slow waves called delta waves. In these two stages, the person will be in deep sleep. (Trivia: This is the time when people or children experience bedwetting and sleep walking). After this, you go back to stage two and then two REM. This whole cycle loops various times throughout the night. 

greenshot_2011-01-28_19-54-58If you give it some thought now, you would realize that when you woke up all groggy and confused, you probably woke up in the middle of one such cycle. So therefore, waking up in between such cycles makes a lot of sense! makes planning out your sleep a lot easier.‘s bedtime calculator can help you in two ways. Either you tell it when you are going to wake up (so that it tells you when to sleep), or when you are going to sleep (so that it tells you for when you should set you alarm clock).

Whichever option you select, you will get multiple options to choose. For example, I chose that I have to wake up at 6:30AM. The result: I should try to fall asleep at either 9:30PM or 11:00PM or 12:30AM or 2:00AM. If I sleep at one of these times, my sleep cycle will be exactly in between two cycles at 6:30AM. As per the website, sleep cycles usually last 90 minutes, so it just counts back sets of 90 minutes from the time you specified and outputs the result as per the calculation.

Practical application of science. Awesome.

Don’t Understand Rap? The Internet Can Help


If you have trouble understanding Rap lyrics and can’t easily catch the references to culture, people and events in the songs, the website might be the forum you need. The website works in a way similar to that of UrbanDictionary, where people submit explanations to a reference that they understand. The explanations can then be revised and voted on by other people. Users can also add complete song lyrics; explanations to which can be added side-by-side.

The website explains its initiative as follows: With a greater understanding of lyrics, the genre as a whole can grow and be appreciated and accepted by people all over the world who like the music they hear but are confused or curious because they just don’t understand rap.

On a side note, my favorite rap lyrics happen to be from Tech N9ne‘s Sickology 101[YouTube Link, Explicit lyrics]

If you want your verses to cost higher
Then your similes gotta be hot as a live wire
You need some better metaphors
For example,
This song is a war zone and you listeners in the cross fire

CloudShopper Let’s You Gather Shopping Advices And Gift Ideas From Facebook Friends

Planning to buy some gifts this new year? How about searching for gift items at Amazon, preparing an online wish list of gifts and asking your Facebook friends for their ideas and suggestions ?

Meet CloudShopper

CloudShopper is a fairly new website which attempts to fill the gap between building wish lists of online gift items and gathering suggestions from your social circle. Works quite simple – go the website, connect your Facebook account, search for a product and post the link on your Facebook wall.

Your friends and followers can immediately see your wall post and comment on it as they usually do. CloudShopper aggregates all these comments to your CloudShopper dashboard, so that you can read the suggestions posted by your Facebook friends and archive the recommendations for future use.

Think CloudShopper as a personal review page where you can aggregate the suggestions, comments and reviews   made by your Facebook friends, without having to search for older wall posts that attracted 42 comments a month ago.

Another neat thing regarding CloudShopper is that you can find new as well as used products from and compare their prices directly from your CloudShopper account. The site also allows you to share updates with selected Facebook contacts, so if you want to buy a gift for parents – you can include only your family member’s Facebook profiles.

The “Friends” tab shows a series of wall posts and links posted by your Facebook friends on their profiles, so you always know who is buying what and offer your geekiest suggestions. Want to buy a group gift for a common Facebook friend ? Create a CloudShopper list, invite all the group members, post your product links and comments on the list page and let the conversation begin !

Overall, Cloudshopper is a nice way to plan and gather feedback about a specific product from your social circle. The site is only a month old, so friend recommendations, likes, and other Facebook goodness is expected to be rolled out soon. Give this a try !