Create A Photo Gallery With Your Dropbox or Amazon Storage

Dropbox is great way to keep your files in sync or have a backup. Google Drive is out and perhaps you are planning to switch sides. Most surely you wouldn’t be willing to let go of your “hard earned” storage with Dropbox referrals. If you are looking for an alternative use for Dropbox, try using it as a private web gallery for your photos. Wondering how? Well you can always create a public(or selectively shared) folder and put some designed web pages in it and create a website to show off those images. Well if you find the task daunting, Openphoto will do all the hard work for you. All you need to do is use your Dropbox or Amazon S3 account to sign up.openphoto-intro

Sign up for Openphoto by entering your email, opting for a unique URL and granting permission to your Dropbox or Amazon S3 storage. Once you are into it, go to the upload page and upload some of your favorite snaps. You can just drag and drop files to upload them. The upload is powered by Plupload a file uploading service. As the files are listed hit the “Start uploading” to initiate uploading.

Use the Menu at top left corner to go to the gallery or manage photos. You can create groups to add people to share photos with, which is good for creating a private network for buddies. You can also edit uploaded photos to share them with group or add tags to them for better chances of finding them.

Sadly uploading via the Dropbox desktop client is not possible which means if you add an image to the OpenPhoto folder within the Apps folder in Dropbox will not add it to your gallery. Also you cannot use Dropbox and Amazon S3 storage at the same time. The app is somewhat similar to Lightbox only Lightbox can be handled with both mobile and web interface. An app for iOS and Android for Openphoto is wanting in and would have been better to get users more willing to join.

However the network being closed, lets you create a more private page for people you choose to share with. Also the core concept behind this app is to create a social experience without letting others control your data. Your data stays with you and you have sole ownership of the photos on Dropbox(or Amazon S3) and you can take them down anytime you choose. The idea deserves credit in an age where almost every other social network is more concerned about feeding off your data or information you generate. Photo sharing being the latest startup trend, and privacy a major concern, the idea might work for people who want a network for sharing their images without the notion of being chewed for the last bit of data. I just loved it for the second choice alone. Take a look at my album if you wanna get started with how it looks.

ConveyThis Helps You Offer Your Customers A Feedback Form in their Language

The internet has opened a window for everyone. From buyers to sellers, everybody from all over the world is into it. English is the language it speaks or is best at. However, there is no denying of the fact that any individual is more comfortable with his/her mother tongue. The all-encompassing WWW however faces a great challenge to bridge the language barrier between two users who speaks in two different languages. As the global market is growing more and more dependent on the web this specific problem needs to be addressed.

The feedback form any company uses to improve its services based on user notes is a key area that ConveyThis, a multi-lingual feedback form creator (and also a website translator), wishes to reform. As per the developers’ words,

ConveyThis can be used just for its Feedback Form in one language if wanted, but the real difference is how it helps solve the language gap online. Over 90% of people are more likely to buy products from websites that are localized into their own language. And more than 80% said they wouldn’t even consider a product which didn’t have localized marketing materials.  With more and more users of other languages logging onto the internet, it is becoming more and more necessary to cater to those users, and not just English-speaking ones. Our goal is to provide people with a free, all inclusive solution to localizing their websites for other language viewers.

As inferred, the form is targeted towards businesses who wishes to value feedback from its non-English speaking customers/users. Now the whole discussion boils down to the credibility, efficiency and ease of use offered by the product.


Sign up for a free account and you are good to go. Create a form and tune it to your preferences. You can show the form in 13 popular languages (Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish) depending on the language of majority among your site’s users. You have choice to tie a form to any domain and also let the translated feedbacks be sent to your email. Simple and straight.

ConveyThis comes from Translation Services USA, known for its innovation in translation services and popular services like Ackuna Cloud Translator, Translation Cloud etc. The efficiency commanded by Translation Services USA can hardly be denied once you take a look at the clientele that includes heavyweights like Merrill Lynch, McDonalds, Barclays, Walmart, Disney to name a few. Considering that and the ease at which the feedback form can be created (and embedded) anyone can hardly say no to ConveyThis. True, it’s not one of the feedback forms out there packed with features, but it does what it promises to.

Save Gmail Attachments to Google Drive

Google introduced the much awaited yesterday giving users 5GB of free cloud storage. However, with that introduction it looks like has removed the option to save Gmail attachments in and only provides options to view the document and download it. This is definitely a pain since I could easily save documents to Google Docs without problems in the past.

Save Gmail Attachments to Google Drive

If you are like me and want that feature back, you can do that with a  . The "Gmail Attachments to Drive" extension allows you to quickly save Gmail attachments straight to Google Drive by clicking a link. This saves you a lot of trouble because you no longer have to open the file before saving it to Google Docs. Secondly, this extension allows you to store any type of files in Google Drive.

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Once you install the you will see an additional link to save the file to Google Drive. Clicking on the link should open a new window and save the file to your Google Drive account. Currently the files are stored in the main folder of Google Drive. You can easily move it to custom folders by visiting your Google Drive account.

If you are a user, you can also save Gmail Attachments directly to your Dropbox account as well.

FriendCaller Launches Cross-Platform Skype Alternative; Offers SMS, Calls, Group Video Chat

friendcaller-logoHave you heard of FriendCaller? Well some have while most haven’t . Previously an iPhone only app, Friendcaller has relaunched as an alternative to Skype. FriendCaller is a service from C2Call(Click-to-Call) GmbH. It has funding from Michael Brehm (former executive director of StudiVZ , a European social networking site) and Tapesh Sinha (founder of Acctel Group of companies).


So what’s so unique about FriendCaller? Well, its cutting-edge cloud hosted Java based VoIP technology turns any web browser into a phone instantly. Calls can be made directly from any browser without the installation of proprietary software such as Adobe Flash, or other plug-ins. Isn’t that fantastic?


FriendCaller has been launched its new web and mobile apps which supports up to 7-way group video chats or 20 participants in voice only chat at once. The services are free for FriendCaller members, but one has to pay for calling external phones. Moreover, its new algorithms require significantly low resources on both the mobile client and cloud server side which makes it fast at the same time.

The new mobile chat app has features like text/SMS support(free for a limited time), caller ID, support for calling “real” phone numbers over Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G.

The new app appears as a completely separate download as compared to the previously available app. The web app is available here online. However, the Android version of the new caller app is freshly launched. Here again you can use Facebook to sign up for a new account. Notably the app also has a Facebook app for using Friendcaller from within it.

If one doesn’t want to pay for credits, FriendCaller offers “offer wall”, a pay-per-download scheme. This allows non paying members to watch videos or download apps to earn those credits. The app also runs a banner ad to assist in monetization efforts.

About two years ago, the company had about 1.4 million subscribers but today, that number has reached about 6.5 million. The application is available for desktop environments of Linux, Windows, Mac apart from most popular web browsers as well as iOS and Android-based devices.

Be it the feature set, the plethora of platform that the app supports or the monetization model, Skype has reasons to panic. And hopefully users are going to gain as the contest heats up. So why not give it a shot now? I’m sure you won’t regret.

[via TechCrunch]

Share Your Smartphone Screen on MyColorScreen

mycolorscreen_iconImage sharing is of essence. Pinterest and Instagram have proven that and the Instagram acquisition by Facebook has made the startup trend even more legit. MyColorScreen is a new startup that opens up a network of people who love sharing the screenshots of home screen on their smartphones.

Smartphones are something which are a strictly personalized device be it the apps or how it looks. Now if you are passionate enough to show off how your homescreen looks like, the new startup is a great place to start. The app has already housed more than 11000 homescreens from the Android and iOS. It’s a nice idea and is quite addictive as you keep on looking at those stunningly customized homescreens.


Once you choose to jump into the new app, sign up. After that, go to the upload screen and after a couple of selections (OS choice, phone template, homescreen screenshot) you will be able to share the screen. You can upload multiple screens at a time too. Once you have uploaded the screen you will also be able to tag apps and wallpapers in the screenshot to tell what apps you used or are visible on the screenshot.


As we have seen how Pinterest has grown into a referral site and publishers and developers are sincerely using it as a promotional tool even though it is nothing but an image sharing service. Considering that MyColorScreen can also be a great place to promote your Android and iOS apps by tagging them to the screenshots and showing off your app (multiple) screenshots too. The striking similarity to Pinterest grid layout also goes with the recent trend of grid based UI.

The frustrating fact about the app is that you do not have a native app for the smartphones to take/share screens directly from the phone. Otherwise the site is a visually pleasing gallery of homescreens worth a watch. All said, we still have to wait to see if this app turns into a successful marketing tool or just an image sharing app. Whatever be the fate of this app, the developers did employ a brilliant concept.

TwitPolls: Engage Your Twitter Community With Polls

twitpolls-mascotTwitpolls is the latest offering from WayIn, a startup from the Sun Microsystems co-founder Scott McNealy. The polling service recently got funded and extended its service to provide a polling system meant for Twitter. A startup trend unexploited for so long and with great chances to be another popular service that has grown around Twitter.


You have a question to ask to your followers, click the Create Poll button and you are taken to a page where you can type in the question and then the answers which will be added to the tweet as hashtags. Plain and simple, the tweet can then be replied to by any of your followers with the hashtag as an answer. Since your community does not need to leave the comfort of Twitter, it increases the chances of getting an answer to your question. This is also quite mobile-friendly which undoubtedly is the need of the day.

The new tool opens up an opportunity for brands to gauge real user insights about their brand, products or happenings. This in turn will help them get into their customers’ shoes and get a view of what they adore and what they detest. The seamless integration with Twitter makes it better to respond for any Twitter user.

There are other tools that serves a similar purpose but they aren’t as end-to-end tied with Twitter. The service developers are working with the Twitter hashtags to track the answers and so far the polls are working just fine. However the service has the even bigger task of making it useful for big brands before it can make the term a regular in daily Twitter buzz. So are you going to use the new Twitpolls next time you wish to ask a question to your Twitter community.

Squadmail Syncs Your Email Folders With Collaborators, Allows Frictionless Forwarding Of Email

email-forwarding-messEmail is a big problem but the bigger problem is keeping track of all those conversations where multiple people are participating. Two way conversations are fine, I send my message, archive it and immediately remove the conversation from my inbox. But the situation becomes alarmic when you have to frequently share old emails with a group of people.

This starts a never ending chain of email forwards and sometimes, I find myself losing track of the message which started the thread in the first place.

You’ve moved a long way into the conversation and suddenly, one member says –“Hello, I can’t find that old message in my inbox, I think I have lost it. Could you please check your sent mail folder and forward me the entire conversation?”. Facebook has a group messaging email combo but it isn’t as good as a regular email inbox, crippled and surrounded by distractions.

Unlike Gmail, Google Docs is far better as far as sharing is concerned. You create folders, choose collaborators, set access privileges, drop those documents and its done. But there is no easy way to share an entire email label with someone else (or a group of people), you will have to do it manually and this gets really irritating after some time.

Squadmail changes all this.

It’s like a Dropbox for your ever expanding email inbox, you just have to drag and drop messages to your Squadmail folder and it will be instantly shared with your chosen collaborators. No forwarding, no cc’s, no more searching for old email and forwarding a bunch of them to people who won’t ever learn to use the “CC” or “Bcc” in a message thread.


Here is how it works.

First, you have to tie your email account with Squadmail through IMAP settings. If that sounds geeky, just hit the “Sign up with Gmail button” on the homepage and grant Squadmail access to your Gmail account. When you create a shared folder within your Squadmail account, the folder gets a unique email address [email protected]. This email address can be set to receive messages only from selected email addresses, all you have to do is select the checkbox “Only members of this folder can send mails to this address”.

Next, add the collaborators whom you want to have access to all the shared emails and its done.


Now any member can send email to the common email address and it will automatically be forwarded to all the other members of the group. You can even drag and drop a pile of messages into your shared label and all those messages will be shared with the respective collaborators. This is a permanent solution for the Fwd: Fwd: Fwd loop and the best thing is that all the shared messages remains archived in your Squadmail inbox.

This is a really useful tool for enterprises and organizations who need a simple, yet hassle free way to share selected conversations with a team. Here at Techie Buzz, we have an email address [tips at] for receiving tips, suggestions and product pitches from startups and developers. This inbox has to be constantly monitored and it is really impossible for a single person to do this round the clock. Moreover, Keith has to manually forward the received press release to one of the authors, and then the author has to notify other authors that he is working on this particular story. We have switched from Google Groups to Yammer long back but Squadmail’s common inbox is a best fit, when multiple people must have access to a common inbox.

Squadmail can also act as an intermediary between your main inbox and newsletters. You can create separate folders for newsletter subscriptions and use the disposable email address to your advantage. When things go out of control, simply delete that folder and start over with a new Squadmail address. That way, your real email address is never shared with other sites; this helps keep your main inbox clean and free from junk.

The following video explains Squadmail in full detail:

Build An Infographic About You That Also Acts As A Résumé

If you are a professional, the value of a well formatted resume is immense to you. So far, you were left with choices to forward text based CVs to employers. A modern trend however requires us to have a LinkedIn profile or a webpage documenting your work and skill sets. Services like Chimp, Follr or About Me served great for creating a web based portfolio. Revu is a newer choice and alternative you can try if you are willing to have an infographic based portfolio webpage created curating the data on your LinkedIn profile and a lot of images.


Signing up is straight and simple. On the homepage, type in your email, password and a desired username (which will also be your résumé URL). Next you will be asked to connect your LinkedIn account with the tool. Afterwards here are some key elements you can add to your résumé using Revu.

Personal Data

Fill up some basic information about yourself. You can also add an old-style(PDF, DOCX, DOC, ODT) résumé to your profile in case any visitor to your  profile wishes to take a look at a regular text based CV. You can add custom links to your websites and your social network profiles too.


This is the visual representation of your work experience. Feature the job descriptions you think adds weight to your resume and hopefully impresses an employer from the area of your expertise.


This is the best part of your Revu profile. An image always tells things in a better way. You can add a wide range of information that you wish to share about you. It can be things like the vital stats or job duties you have performed (or are capable of doing), or trivial data about how you spent your pastimes or how your interests have changed over the years.


If you want to showcase your creations here is where you can post images and details about any project you’ve worked on. For instance, if you are a photographer, go ahead and show off some of your amazing clicks.


This section deals with your academic career. Any degrees, certificates or diplomas that you’ve obtained can be displayed here. The added advantage is that you can even display images as logos of the institutions you’ve been a part of.

Work Examples

This is an extension of the portfolio section as you are able to let visitors download documents you have created as a part of your work.

One way that Revu stands out from the lot is the image based layout it creates. It no more a secret that images are visually more engaging and illustrative than texts are. Another thing is that the entire biodata is shared in a single page which provides a better browsing experience unless you are really stressed while scrolling. One important thing that Revu misses out compared to Follr is the auto-updation from RSS and other sources as new information is generated. Although, Revu provides a unique way and its mode of presenting a CV suits better for anyone whose skill sets are better shown in graphic. For others, well, it still remains a good choice.

Schedule Email in Gmail With Right Inbox

A few months back I had written about an interesting web app which allowed users to schedule emails in Gmail. The add-on for browsers like and worked very well and did its job. However, there is another entrant called "Right Inbox" which provides a similar service but is simpler to use.

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While Boomerang for provides much more than just scheduling emails in Gmail, Right Inbox’s only focus lies on scheduling emails in Gmail. Once you install the Right Inbox extension refresh you Gmail page and you will be guided through grant permissions to the app to your Gmail Inbox.

Send Emails Later Gmail

Once you have granted permissions to the Right Inbox app, you will be able to schedule emails in Gmail with the click of a button. Right Inbox will add an additional button to the compose email workflow (as seen above) allowing you to send the email at a later time.

Schedule Emails in Gmail

Clicking on the "Send Later" button will give you several options to schedule the email. You can either click on the options provided or choose to send the email at a specific time. Once you have scheduled your email, the email will be stored in your drafts folder and will be delivered at the time you chose. The best part is that you don’t have to be near your computer once you have scheduled your email and Right Inbox will do the work for you.

Right Inbox is currently available as a and and can be downloaded from here.

Cyfe – All-In-One Monitoring Tool

It is often a time consuming job for bloggers to monitor their blogs with respect to visitors count, uptime, rankings, and so on. Most bloggers rely on free services provided by different companies to monitor thier blogs, which is not only time consuming, but also a tedious job.

Welcome Cyfe, a cloud based service that enables bloggers to monitor their blogs in one single dashboard. Cyfe offers an integration of a series of third-party services under one roof and prepares a report, while you can sit back and monitor every service all at once!

Cyfe - All-In-One Business Dashboard

According to Deven Patel, a serial entrepreneur and the man behind this app, “Businesses spend up to 80% of their time collecting data and creating reports. Cyfe helps them solve this problem by allowing them to easily monitor and share all of their vital business data from one single location in real-time”.

Cyfe offers several pre-built widgets available, including Google Analytics, Facebook, Twitter, Salesforce, YouTube, GoToWebinar, Pingdom, and several others, so that blog owners can avoid spending time by individually accessing these services to learn how their blogs are performing.

Cyfe - All-In-One Business Dashboard

To use these widgets, all you need to do is select the service (or the widget), configure it and you’re done. Cyfe will fetch all the required information and instantly display a colorful graphic report within the dashboard. If you have multiple blogs, then Cyfe allows you to create different dashboards for them. This way, you can individually monitor each blog in an individual dashboard.

Apart from these pre-built widgets, you can also create customized widgets which will securely fetch data from your blog’s internal database. You can as well share all of this data and reports with your team members, customers and “virtually” anyone else.

When I first tried the service, I installed the Alexa widget and found a difference in the ranking shown by Cyfe and Alexa itself. However, I was then made clear that Cyfe displays a real-time rank, unlike Alexa which shows you a three months aggregate rank.

Cyfe is not just about monitoring your blog’s visitors counts and uptime, but also provides you to integrate your Google AdSense account, Emails, Zendesk support tickets, and so on. It also supports both smartphones and tablets. There are four plans for you to choose from – Free, Basic, Standard, and Pro. The free version, however, has a limit over the number of widgets you can add, but can be increased with the paid plans.

Cyfe Pricing

Overall, it’s a great tool and every blog owner must consider trying it once. I’m sure, Cyfe will leave you impressed.