How to Create an RSS Feed From Your Twitter List Pages

Twitter Lists 2 RSS is an online tool that enables you to quickly create an RSS feed from your Twitter list pages. The RSS feed obtained can be used to read the list stream on any feed reader like Google Reader or FeedDemon.

To create an RSS feed, just enter the URL of a Twitter list on the field provided on site and click on the ‘Get an RSS feed’ button. For instance, I entered the URL for Techie Buzz Twitter list created by Kieth to get its RSS feed. You can convert your Twitter list pages to RSS in no time using this simple utility.

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Listhings: Store Sticky Notes Online

Listhings is a free online tool for storing your personal notes. It provides you with a canvas to make notes on a nice drag and drop interface. It can be used to store almost any text – to do’s, phone numbers, lists etc. You can create any number of note boxes and customize their background color.   The notes are automatically saved to Listhings database servers.

It enables you to resize the notes from the right and bottom edges. To create new notes, just double click anywhere on the screen or click the Add button from upper right corner of the page.

It’s a simple and effective way to create and edit your notes online.

Pagezipper: Merge and Display Multi page Content On One Single page

While browsing multi page content on websites, you might have come across lengthy articles spread across multiple pages. Typically, list posts with a large number of items are distributed among different pages and you have to hit the “Next” link at the end of every item to read the next page. With Pagezipper, you can merge all the “Next” links of a post into one and read the entire article in one single page.

How to Install Pagezipper

Installing Pagezipper is easy and pretty straightforward. You can use the Pagezipper Firefox extension or drag and drop the Pagezipper bookmarklet in the bookmarks toolbar. If you are using Internet Explorer, right click the bookmarklet and select “Add to favorites”.

How to use Pagezipper

To understand how Pagezipper works, let’s take an example of a page which is distributed among multiple pages and contains a “Next” link at the bottom of each list entry. We will use a Google search result page to illustrate the example.

I did a search for the term “Techie-buzz” and was shown 120,000 results spread across 10 consecutive pages.


Now comes the real fun. I want to see all the search results in one single page and without having to click the “Next page” links placed all the way bottom. While on the search result page, just click the Pagezipper bookmarklet and it will automatically merge all the pages into one single page. When you scroll to the bottom of the page, the next page is added and you are given two buttons on the right top of the page. These buttons show you the count of which page you are in and how many pages you have browsed in the “group of pages”. Subsequent pages are added automatically once you scroll down. You can navigate between pages using hot keys too(control+up and control+down).

To see another example visit this blog post. It contains a series of 50 list entries distributed among 50 pages.

How Pagezipper can be useful

Pagezipper can be particularly useful when

  • You want to see all the search results of a particular query in one single page without having to load the next page.
  • You are reading a lengthy list post containing a large number of entries spread across multiple pages.
  • You are browsing an image gallery and want to see all the images at one place. Pagezipper can resize the image thumbnails and you can navigate between the different pages using the control+down, control+up arrow keys.

Techie Buzz Verdict

Pagezipper is cool and does what it says. The important thing is that it’s browser independant. So you can use it as a bookmarklet in Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer as well as Firefox. The only downside is that it may not work in some webpages where the “Next” link is loaded using Javascripts.

Techie Buzz Rating: 3/5 (Good)

Watch Hundreds Of Documentaries Online For Free

If you like to watch documentary movies for free, you’ll love this site. National Film Board of Canada has made available hundreds of documentaries, short films and animations on their website for free viewing. Moreover. you can also watch trailers, upcoming releases and playlists created by other users.

No need to login or download anything, simply head over to and start watching. You can also embed the NFB widget on Netvibes, iGoogle or any other supported web page and watch documentaries right from your personal web page.

One of the greatest features, however, is the free iPhone app introduced by NFB that allows you to watch all these films on your iPhone or iPod touch without paying a single penny.

Techie-Buzz Verdict:

NFB has created a great resource for knowledge and entertainment. The hassle-free viewing without downloading any plugins or registering for an account sets this website apart from others.

TextSave: A Minimalist Text Editor To Save Your Text Online

A lot of people don’t like any sort of distractions when they are trying to write something. This is hard to accomplish with all the unnecessary features hovering inside a traditional word processor. For this you need a minimalist text editor that can help you focus on your writing instead of worrying about margins and formatting.

TextSave is one such web application that lets you put your thoughts on paper without getting distracted. No small buttons or crammed-up links to distract you. Simply head-on to TextSave and start typing, no registration or download. Once you are done, click on save and your text file would be saved online. You will also be provided with a short URL that you can use to access your file later.

Techie-Buzz Verdict:

Overall, TextSave is a neat application when you have to write something without getting distracted and you want the option of saving it on the cloud. A couple of features that would make it even more useful are a full screen mode and an option to download the file to your hard drive.

Send Email, Text and Phone Messages To Groups Using SendGM

You can always use an email client like Gmail or Yahoo! to send messages to a group of people, however, if you have many groups and do it quite often, it becomes hard to manage. For example, what if you want to send a message to a group in your Gmail Contacts list but Gmail is down?

All these issues have been addressed by a new web service SendGM. SendGM focuses on a simple goal of helping you manage your groups and send email, text and phone messages to your groups for free. Once you create a group using SendGM, the group will receive its own email address such as [email protected]. As a result, you can send an email to the whole group by sending an email to [email protected] using any email client. No need to be dependent on any particular email service to manage your groups and group messages.

You can create groups by adding the details of each member or send them an invite so they can fill their own details. Each group also gets a separate web page that can be used to manage the group. A couple of other value-adding features are acknowledgment   of messages from the recipients and ability to conduct polls and surveys for groups.

Techie-Buzz Verdict:

SendGM seems like a very promising and useful service, however, they do need a bit more focus on their interface and navigation. Right now, its hard for a new user to fully grasp the features since they are scattered on different pages. Overall, if the service does not come up with any restrictions in terms of its usage, it would be a very useful service for people to use.

ServicesEditor Makes Tweaking and Restoring Windows Services Easy

It is common knowledge that Windows has many built-in services that a common user doesn’t require. Disabling these services can reduce boot times and enhance system performance. In the past, we have covered utilities like Vista Services Optimizer which optimize Windows services for better performance.

Services-EditorMost users tweak services using the Windows Services Editor (services.msc). The trouble with this approach is that every time you reinstall Windows, you will have to edit the properties of every service one by one. ServicesEditor is an online Service Manager which supports Windows XP, Vista and 7. Once you have selected an operating system you will be presented with the list of services for that system including their default startup type. You can change the startup type for any services. Once you are done, will generate a registry file which can be merged with the registry to apply the changes.

Techie Buzz Verdict

ServicesEditor is a robust service which is excellent for tweaking as well as restoring the original configuration of Windows services. The best thing about ServicesEditor is that it saves your configuration as a compact registry file. Not only does this allow you to save your configuration for future use, it also enables you to share your tweaked configuration with friends and family. My only complaint with ServicesEditor is that it doesn’t provide any information what so ever about individual services. Hence, you would need to refer to Black Viper’s services list (or other similar resources).

Techie Buzz Rating: 4/5 (Very Good)

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Create And Share Short Links For Google Maps

Google Maps are amazing, nobody can deny that. In addition to the whole world map, you also get to see satellite and terrain images and the ability to zoom into any point. However, it does not provide any functionality to share a specific location on the map with somebody else.

To fill this gap, a new URL Shortening service has come up that creates shortened links of specific locations in Google map. Simply head over to, and browse the map to select the location you want to share. Once you are done, click on save map and you will be provided with a shortened URL for example that you can share with anybody.

You can also share your selected location on Twitter, Facebook or Delicious with a single click. If you just want to share your exact location with somebody, just click on   detect my location and the service would create a short URL for your location that would even include your longitude and latitude.

For example, would take you to the specific location of Detroit Opera House on Google Maps.

DarkCopy: A Simple/Minimalist Online Text Editor

When it comes to online word processors, people usually don’t go beyond Google Docs or Zoho. However, there are times when all those extra features and formatting just prove to be a distraction and nothing else.

For times like that, when all you want is a distraction-free, no-nonsense text editor, try DarkCopy. DarkCopy is a simple online text writer that doesn’t have a lot of features. All you can do is type clearly and see what you are typing. No sharing, saving, font or formatting options.
It does, however, has a built-in spell checker and a full screen mode.

The dark background helps in keeping the noise and distractions to the minimum. Once you are done typing, you can copy-paste the text or save it as a text file on your local drive. It is a really good tool for GTD fans and people who don’t want clutter when they are trying to write something.

If you like the dark background idea but want more features with it, you might want to check out a similar yet feature-rich text editor from Big Huge labs.

Convert Your Images To Text Online Using Free OCR

Free OCR is a tool that helps you to convert scanned images to text online. You can convert printed text to editable text online with this utility.

How is this useful?

These types of tools are useful in many ways:

  • Free OCR comes in handy when you have pages of text that you’ve scanned or captured with a camera.
  • You will need one less program on your computer since OCR can be done online without any installation.

So, after knowing the importance of the tool, let’s proceed to explore its features.


  • Free OCR accepts almost all common image formats such as JPG, GIF, TIFF and BMP.
  • It also accepts PDF documents. So, it can also act as PDF to Word Converter.
  • There is no hassle of registering. Just upload your image and convert it to text.
  • No Email-ID required. So, no fear of SPAMS.

But, there are some limitations that you should know in this utility.

  • You cannot upload files larger than 2MB.
  • You cannot upload images bigger than 5000 pixels.

However, keeping in mind its good features, those limitations doesn’t matter much. Go ahead and convert your images into text here.