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Fill Form, Share Site Logon, Generate Strong Passwords Free Online

In my previous post, I wrote about LassPass: a free online password backup, storage and synchronization software / service. Apart from this, LastPass offers a wide range of other services like Form Filling, Site sharing and logging and strong password generation, a lot of other features which makes LastPass a must have on your most useful internet resources.

LastPass Instructions

Form Filling

The second major service (after password synchronization) offered by the software is form filling. LastPass can save you from typing in of data and credit card numbers onto online forms provided it is given the correct data. You can set multiple profiles for automatic form filling by LastPass.

Site Sharing and Logging

LastPass saves you from the risk of theft and loss involved in sending logins and password details to friends via email when you want to share site information with them. It allows secure sharing of login details. It monitors the sites being logged into.

Password Generation

LastPass helps you generate strong hack proof passwords that you will not have to remember or type. This comes in handy when your imagination fails to give you a secure password.

Using LastPass to Generate Secure Passwords

Screen Keyboard

Use an on screen keyboard while you are keying in passwords. This on screen keyboard is something similar to

With so many incredible features in one software LastPass is a clear winner.

[ Visit LastPass ]

Synchronize And Store Passwords For Free Online

If you visit a lot of websites regularly, then remembering the login information to all the sites is quite a challenge. I know, the browsers these days are smart enough and with the help of add-ons, you don’t have to remember all the passwords, but what if you are travelling and not carrying your laptop with you ?

This is where LastPass comes in picture. LastPass is a free, online password manager software which has the coveted sync capability. It aims at making online website browsing a safer, faster and easier experience on Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.

Password Synchronization

Majority of the websites today require registration and login. Remembering loads of usernames and passwords can be quite a chore. So you use your computer’s inbuilt password remembering system. But what if you want to access a website through another computer? Retrieving lost passwords and making new ones can be a waste of time.

LastPass requires you to remember only one strong LastPass password. The software remembers all your other passwords allowing you to log into websites with a single mouse click, seamlessly, without typing in passwords. What is more, LastPass software synchronizes your data across browsers securely allowing you access to websites at anyplace anytime.


You don’t have to worry about your password security as your passwords are encrypted only on your PC using 256-bit AES encryption accepted by the US Government for protecting top secret data; they are made accessible online without you having to memorize them. Only your LastPass password can unlock these passwords and only you have access to them. Your LastPass password will act as the key to content in your database and hence no hackers will be able to hack and get hold of your sensitive data.

LastPass works across multiple browser and computers. Besides browsers, it can also import passwords from Roboform, KeePass, Sxipper, 1Password, MyPasswordSafe, Password Agent, Password Safe, Passpack and TurboPasswords.

LastPass stores your sites’ information and other sensitive data in a database available for view and editing. If a site is not on the database it will ask you to remember the password, quite similar to the functionality most browsers offer today.

Lastpass takes backups of your passwords so that they are never lost. You can also backup data to a USB key and use Firefox portable or Lastpass pocket to access data from it, though this is available if you choose to be a premium customer. You can export LastPass data without an Internet connection if you use the plug-ins.

As Premium users you can enjoy the AD free LastPass, which allows you to access passwords while travelling, because it is compatible with Windows Mobile and Blackberry phone. And soon they will be rolling out support for iPhone as well. Premium feature costs just about $12 / year.

LastPass is key logger safe. Which ensures all your other data is safe and intact !

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Find Wireless Networks Around Your MAC

One of the best features in Windows based laptop is that, it auto detects any wireless connections around your system. Very handy feature if you are on the move.

Though the beta is yet to be announced, it will be on most MACs once it will be released. This will be a powerful utility which will collect all the information about all the nearby 802.11b/g wireless networks and access points around you.


So the next time you are travelling you will be able to find all the networks or any network related problems.

Head to MacStumbler and sign up to their beta launch announcement newsletter, and you’ll be notified when they release beta.

[ Visit MacStumbler ]

Free Demographics Prediction Tool

If you are interested in knowing demographic information like a user’s gender, age and distribution across different age groups on a particular website, or for a particular search query, then you can use the free Demographics Prediction – Audience Intelligence tool from MSN.

This tool advertisers refine and fine tune their advertising campaigns, as they get access to fine details, which helps them come up with better and laser targeted keywords. It improves the advertisers demographic targeted campaigns.

The predicted numbers are based on search queries done on one month average of MSN’s search log.

The tool lets you search for information based on two metrics – query and URL.
Some query examples are : shopping (it’s obvious this niche is female oriented), formula one (male dominate here) and so on.

URL based, type in any URL and you’ll get the approximate numbers.
seems like Techie-Buzz has over 70% male crowd coming in :) :


[ Demographics Prediction Tool ]

Send And Save Large Files Up To 2 GB Securely Online

Email services normally have a limitation on the size of file you can send via attachment. You can over come this limitation using the free services from DropSend. If you want to send large files, then this is the answer.

Using DropSend you can send files up to 2 GB, and the files can be of any format – jpegs, pdfs, media files: video and mp3’s. Since the files are sent over secure medium, you can use this service to send confidential files to your clients as well. They have a Desktop widget for Windows and Mac, once installed, you can directly send the file from your Desktop and there is no need to login to the webpage.


Using their free plan you can send files of Max size up to 2 GB, and store up to 250 MB of data online, which can be accessed from anywhere.

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DropSend provides you virtual hard drive, where in you can back up all your important files online. The files stored in your virtual hard drive can be accessed from anywhere where you have internet connectivity and you can share those files with others as well. However, the group-sharing facility is not available in the free package, you’ll have to upgrade your package to use this feature.

[ Visit DropSend ]

Test Mobile Phones Online Before Buying

Mobiles have become such an integral part of our daily life that we often wonder how we survived all these years without these magical gadgets. Tiny, but powerful, and handy. But you all know they come in a wide variety that it becomes very essential to choose the right one.

How can you do this? Now, you can test wide variety of mobiles right from where you are, is a web 2.0 site, that gives you the pleasure of checking mobiles online!! On line….? Doubtful whether you read right? Surely this calls for celebration, go to and test drive for mobiles of companies like Apple, IPhone, Nokia N95, HTC Shadow, Palm Centro, Black Berry, Pearl8100, and many more, on this Mobile Test Platform, which is still in beta.


What’s more, the site provides online virtual handsets, to test the mobiles, without having to move from your place! also provides an overview and details specs for various mobiles. You also find reviews of mobiles by the actual end users.

You can test the mobile phones for its various functions,   like taking/saving pictures; sending picture messages; accessing voice mails; videos; downloading files; checking mails and lots more.   You can test the product features in and out and no feature would be left unnoticed.


All you impatient people out there, who do not have the time or the patience to go through the whole handbook, I think your prayers are answered, here on this very site! This is closest one can get to ‘try before you buy’ virtually.

This is definitely an all user-friendly test mode, for any mobiles. Try and see for yourself!!

[ Visit TryPhone ]

Check What Phrases, Words, Idioms And Acronyms Mean

MetaGlossary will help you find comprehensive information about phrases, words, idioms and acronyms from the Internet. The problem with traditional dictionaries is, that they are not updated and the content in them is outdated. But the smart technology employed in MetaGlossary constantly updates its database with harvested definitions from the entire web.

Since it keeps constantly updating it’s info-database, you are bound to get most most current information.


The end result is organized and pretty accurate, but honestly I think there is a lot of scope for improvement going further. It’s not a replacement for our traditional search engines but a good alternative for Google’s Dictionary.

We are all eyes and watching MetaGlossaries growth path.

[ Visit MetaGlossary ]

Musicians, artists, and dancers platform for self promotion

If you are a musician, artist or a dancer and if you are looking for an easy and a quick way to promote yourself, you should take a look at iOpera.

Still in their beta, they have three products to choose from –

  • iOpera Showroom – platform to showcase musicflim productions
  • iOpera House – exclusively for singers
  • iOpera Manager – platform for artists to create, powerful, rich websites within minutes.

While iOpera Showroom and iOpera House are yet to be released, let us take a peek at all the functionalities iOpera Manager has to offer.

With iOpera Manager you can create your own website with just a few clicks. Use any computer connected to the internet and you can add video, music, text files, pictures and all other forms of media files. It also comes with an inbuilt Search Engine, that helps you market yourself and also find media content you might be interested in.


Some of the other features are:

  • You can promote yourself, a festival, a concert tour,
  • You can share your schedule, performances, recordings and picture,
  • Now your friends, family and audience can be updated with latest updates about you.

iOpera is a paid monthly service, which costs $3.29 a month. Try the 7 days free trial and decide if iOpera is the solution you’ve been looking for.

[ Visit iOpera ]

Avoid Unauthorized Selling OF Email Address

A lot of websites collect your email address when you download reports, software or other digital products. If it is a credible website, then you can be sure that the website is not harvesting your email address, else there is a risk of your email address being sold to spammers who will bombard you with unsolicited, promotional e-mails which can be very annoying !

SpamBox is a service you HAVE to use if you do not wish to give out your actual email id, but still want to download any digital product or report. SpamBox is a free service, where they create a temporary e-mail address that will be active for a specified amount of time. You can control how long you want the temporary email address to be active for :


After you have created the temporary email address, you will set where the temporary email has to forward the mails to (your regular, real email address). Any emails sent to the temporary e-mail address, before the temporary e-mail address expires, will be forwarded to your real email address !

No real e-mail address – no spammers !

[ Visit SpamBox ]

Update: Another similar service: GuerrillaMail.


Google Calendar Gets Tasks Integration

Google Calendar has been one of our favorite services to manage events, appointments and reminders, along with getting free SMS reminders for them. Google Tasks on the other hand is a fairly new product and has definitely grown in usage by Google users who would prefer to have all things in one place.

Google has now finally integrated Google Tasks into Calendar making it more than easier to manage your tasks from a single interface.

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Anonymous Web Browsing With JAP

We all know the importance of privacy on internet.Being anonymous and protecting your privacy is not a crime ! What you do behind the privacy is what that matters.

If you’ve been following the news off late, a lot has been happening around the P2P networks, P2P is just one aspect of privacy. The other aspect is history, cache, temporary files data that you may leave behind on your system, which can be misused by some smart folks around you for their benefit.

I’ve always been pro-anonymous web browsing. I’ve always supported the motion to browse the web anonymously. There are a lot of freely available tools that help your surf anonymously and one JAP is one such tool !

JAP or JonDo is a new commercial service launched by the same guys who launched the much popular AN.ON. JAP is a research project aimed at providing an average user like you and me, to gain complete anonymity on the internet while browsing our favorite websites without the fear of being tracked.


Here is a lowdown of how JAP works. All you have to do is download the JAP client for your version of the OS. Install the JAP client and then all your web traffic is redirected through the JAP servers and makes it anonymous. Here’s a pictorial representation of how JAP works:


The Orange computer in the middle represents the JAP server. So your client sends the request to the JAP server and then the server replies to the JAP server. This response is redirected to your computer by the JAP client. The end server will never know about your existence.

Let’s take a look at one of my favorite offering from the guys at JAP.


JAP provides specially designed web browser named JonDoFox which is a custom designed Firefox web browser, which is optimized for anonymous web browsing. This is just a reinforced Firefox.

[ Get JonDoFox ]

Enjoy anonymity and as JAP puts it Anonymity is Not a Crime.

Find Older Version Of Popular Programs/Applications

Most of us like to keep all the software on our system up to date. New versions are always exiting – new features, old bugs ironed out; we will be so kicked to try them. But not always, all the updated versions are guaranteed to work. There have been cases when the previous versions of the software would have worked/suited better, while the newer ones simply crash. Also there have been times when some features that we were hooked to will be obsolete in the newer versions.

I had once such experience when I upgraded my iTunes. Some of my favorite feature were missing in the latest version. With iPod and iPhone coming out with new features, the size of the iTunes had increased drastically.

Addition of many unwanted application/software related to managing the iPods and iPhones was the reason for this. Personally, for me these things did not mean anything. All I wanted was simple software that played my MP3 files. I so wished I could get the older version back and that’s when I found OldVersion.   I managed to find all the iTunes software released till date on this website. The best part is that this entire download is FREE OF COST!!


Oldversion has all versions of the most commonly used software that has been released so far. Some popular ones are MSN Messenger 7.5, Bearshare Lite, Yahoo Messsenger 7.0, MSN Messener 8.0, Winamp, Paint.Net.

There is also a facility for users to contribute a particular version of any software that you have on your system and not available at OldVersion.

Note: Some programs have to be completely uninstalled before installing the older version. If you face problem reverting back to older version of any software, do let us know through comments and we’ll try to help you with a possible solution.

[ Visit Oldversion ]

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Cleanup Temporary IE Files and Settings With IEClean

[Internet Explorer only] IEClean is a small software that will allow you to clean IE history, cookies, temporary files, typed URLs and form history with a single click.

It is the fastest way to cleanup after yourself when you have used Internet Explorer on a computer, but do not want people to know where you surfed to. Or you can use this software to quickly reclaim some diskspace.

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Bookmarklet To Toggle All Checkboxes

Have you come across a situation where you have to check several text boxes, but the website in question does not provide you with a Check All/Uncheck All option?

Users now have a workaround to this situation in the form of a helpful browser bookmarklet, that will allow users to toggle between all checked and unchecked checkboxes.

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