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Embed Documents and Web Pages Using EmbedItIn

There are a number of web apps that let you upload and embed documents, but nobody offers a more comprehensive solution than lets you embed almost any sort of documents. It supports a number of document types including .doc, .docx, .ppt, .pptx, .xls, .xlsx, .jpg, .gif, .png, .psd, .html, .css, .js, .csv, .txt, .sql and others. After you have uploaded a document, provides you with an embed code that you can paste on any website or blog to embed the document. You can also choose to display a thumbnail or a link, clicking which would open the document in an overlay.

Another great feature that offers is the ability to embed complete web pages as a flash object. Just specify the URL of the web page you are trying to embed and you will get an embed code. You can also adjust the background color, width and height of the embedded object. also provides you with analytics on how many people viewed, printed or downloaded your embedded objects. To test the service out, we embedded the Techie-Buzz web page using

Movavi: Download, Convert & Merge Videos Online

There are tons of tools that let you download, convert or merge videos online, but very few that allow you to do all of these from a single platform. That is why I like Movavi.

Movavi has three main features:

Download Videos:

Using Movavi you can download videos from sites like YouTube and Google Video by simply specifying the URL. You can enter the URLs of upto 5 videos and start downloading them simultaneously.

Convert Videos:

Movavi also lets you convert videos to and from various formats including flv, avi, mpeg, mov, mp4 and others. You can specify a URL of an online video or upload a video from your local drive to convert. You can also convert a video to mp3 in order to extract the audio.

Movavi also lets you adjust different presets so you can customize your output.

Merge Videos:

You can also merge all these videos into a single movie. No need to install any video editing software, simply do it online with Movavi.

Compare Domain Prices Before You Buy With Domparison

You just got a new idea for a mobile website and want to register a .mobi domain. How would you know where to start? Who offers the best price? What if there is a cheaper domain provider out there than GoDaddy? Fear not, Domparison is here to help.

Domparison is a much needed web service that compares registration, renewal and transfer prices of domains across a number of vendors. It supports many extensions including .com, .net, .mobi, .biz, .org, .me and others. Simply head over to and click on the domain extension (also called TLD) that you are interested in. Domparison will show you prices from a number of domain providers starting with the cheapest one.

It is interesting to see that each category has a different registrar offering the lowest price. If somebody is offering the cheapest .com registration, it might not necessarily be the cheapest one for renewal. This tool can be extremely useful for people who regularly buy/sell domain names as well for as newbies who have no idea about the domain pricing.

See Exactly How Long It Takes To Load A Website

Loading time for a website varies significantly depending upon a number of variables. It is easy to say that a website is loading slowly but exactly how slow is the real question? WebWait is a free application that lets you answer this question.

Simply head over to and type in any URL. WebWait would then tell you exactly how much time it took to load the web page. The loading time is measured up to the tenth of a second. Moreover, WebWait re-loads your website every 5 seconds and gives you the average loading time of all the previous attempts for up to 10 attempts.

It is a very useful tool if you want to compare the loading time of your website against your competitors or want to see how your website is doing compared to some popular websites. If you find a significant difference, you can then combine this knowledge with a Sitonomy analysis to try to figure out why your website might be slower.

Create Favicons Easily With Favicon-Generator

If you don’t know what a favicon is, it is the little icon for each website that you see in the address bar. For example, you might have noticed the little TB icon in the address bar for Techie-Buzz.

There are many tools available to create a favicon icon, with Favicon-Generator being one of the simplest and easiest ones. Using Favicon-Generator you can manually draw a Favicon or generate one by uploading an image. A number of standard drawing tools and a color palette is available if you decide to draw a favicon manually.

Once the favicon has been generated, you can download it to your computer.

Here’s a quick tip on how to use the favicon icon. Simply upload your favicon icon file to the root folder of your website and insert the following code between the <head> and </head> tags of your html file.

<link rel=iconhref= >
<link rel=shortcut iconhref= >

7 Online Calculators For Your Financial Needs

Gone are the days when you used your standard calculator to do all sorts of calculations, be it an estimation of your mortgage or converting units. Nowadays, there is a specialized calculator for everything you need. Just enter the numbers and off you go.

Consequently, a number of specialized financial calculators have popped up in the last few years that let you do everything from calculating monthly mortgage payments to complicated income tax calculations. Here are 7 such calculators that we found to be most useful and unique:

1. Mookal:

Calculating refinance and mortgage costs are without a doubt one of the biggest segments of personal finance. Mookal has the simplest and very effective calculators to do that for you. Just enter the basic information like rates, terms e,t,c, and Mookal will show you the complete picture. Mookal also shows you a comparison of how things would look if you re-finance.

2. IRS Withholding Calculator:

We all want to keep this one handy. It is provided by IRS and lets you calculate your income taxes and net pay. Don’t worry, all the information entered is anonymous and all the data is discarded once you exit. This one is applicable to US residents only.

3. CommutePrice:

With the ever-fluctuating price of gas, it is always good to know how much a trip would cost you. Simply enter the number of miles, price per gallon and MPG and calculate the cost of your one-time, weekly or monthly commute. Visit CommutePrice.

4. RePayment Calculator:

This calculator by Federal Reserve helps you estimate how much time and money it will take you to pay off your debt. Mainly geared towards credit cards.

5. PayPal Fee Calculator:

This neat tool helps you calculate the net amount you will receive and the fees you would pay to PayPal for any transaction. Supports multiple currencies. Also has a reverse calculator to see how much money you would have to receive to get a certain net amount.

6. eBay Fee Calculator:

This is an extensive calculator that lets you calculate your eBay fee based on the options, upgrades, discounts and listing details you specify. Also takes into consideration the PayPal fee you would have to pay if the item got sold.   You can use it for eBay auction sites of around 20 countries.

7. Amazon Fee Calculator:

Calculate your seller fee and net income when you list an item on Amazon. Also offers a reverse calculator.

Find Similar Websites With SimilarSites

Every now and then you come across a type of website that has excellent content but not that specific item you were looking for. You are pretty sure that a similar website might have that, but you have no way to see what are some of the similar websites. Gladly, there are ways to do so. This type of browsing is often referred to as “associative browsing” and one of the best tools for this is

SimilarSites is a neat web application that allows you to find sites with similar type of content. All you need to do is enter the URL of the website and click submit. The application will then display websites that have similar content. You can also use it through a Firefox-addon or install a SimilarSites tool bar that would help you discover content similar to what you are currently browsing. Once the results are displayed, you can vote each of the resulting website up or down based on what you think the similarity level is.

My search for websites similar to YouTube came up with results like Vimeo, DailyMotion e.t.c.

You can also use SimilarSites through Twitter by just sending a tweet with the site name and include the hastag #similarsites. You will receive a reply with direct link to similar websites.

10 Web OS You Can Load On the Browser

In the world of today, the internet has imbued every area of our work with complete interconnectedness without any boundaries. From emails to online office suites, more users are becoming increasingly dependant on the internet for their day to day work. Thus, it was only natural that a web-based operating system was imminent in Web 2.0’s age, and thus were formed these ten admirable services that give users the power of computing on the go. No more hard-drive backups and formatting just turn on your browser and get going with these Web OS services!

Screenshot of the EyeOS Cloud OS
Screenshot of the EyeOS Cloud OS


Formerly known as Xindesk, Cloudo is an open internet-based operating system that is written in PHP and runs the LAMP software bundle. It makes full use of the area of the browser and seamlessly integrates with the iPhone’s mobile browser. Written using open technologies, this browser based OS is high on features and usability. Currently in Public Beta, it opens to consumers next year.


One of the first implementations of the web-based OS that you can run on your own server, EyeOS offers a credible amount of customisation options as long as your web server runs PHP5 and Apache. EyeOS also offers GUI customisation options which means that you can set up an OS the way you and your users want it – highly recommended for those who need to set up their own Web OS.

Short for Global Hosted Operating SysTem, Ghost Inc.’s web-based operating system is built for all those consumers who need to set up an online cloud-computing base without any hassles. The working environment is very similar to most operating systems that users use, and users can add more applications in the near future.

Glide OS

TransMedia’s Glide OS is yet another entrant into the competitive world of cloud computing. However, with Intel’s plans of putting Glide into their ultra-mobile PCs, this is one online OS that is not to be trifled with. Packing a host of applications in its basic version, Glide does an admirable job of providing easy cloud computing for its users on both the PC and mobile platforms.

Lucid Desktop

Lucid Desktop (formerly known as the Psych Desktop) is built on a base of PHP5 and is a prosumer-oriented web desktop service. This desktop can be installed on to a web server like EyeOS, and is remarkably simple to use and write code for. With its proximity to Linux’s code, Lucid Desktop will be a sure hit with the Linux-loving masses.

Online OS

A welcome departure from the masses, Online OS is written in Javascript and uses AJAX for its fast and user-friendly work. The demo desktop looks like the Windows XP desktop (the registered version can be made to look like KDE or Mac OSX) and loads very fast (although there are a few glitches here and there when components fail to load quickly). It has file-management and other abilities, but most of its applications are not part of the OS itself rather, they launch outside of it, making Online OS a sort of a portal to these apps.


This is one of those few online operating systems that make use of the EXT-JS library for its functioning. Coupled with cutting-edge GUI, qWikiOffice is indistinguishable from an ordinary OS when it works. However, it is still under development and there are no releases as yet.


Windows4All - The Silverlight based Web OS
Windows4All - The Silverlight based Web OS

Using Microsoft’s Silverlight technology, Windows4all is an online virtual operating system. With a Vista-like GUI and desk bar, this is for all those Windows fanatics who need to use their favourite OS on computers that do not have Windows installed.


Labelled a Webtop, this cloud OS is one of the premier services offered online, developed by Sapotek. The goal of the developers is to convert the internet into a full fledged platform for working instead of relying on hard-drive based applications. It is a playground for developers as they have released their code under AGPL license.

Google Chrome OS

Google’s highly anticipated (slated for release in 2010) cloud computing OS is still largely open to speculation as Google has not released much information since its blog post on the Chrome OS and we have reason to believe that it will be as groundbreaking as its Browser!

4 Unique Tools To Generate Strong Passwords

Sometime ago, we talked about how to create a strong password. However, if you find it to be a confusing or time-consuming task, you can go to one of the many web applications that generate strong passwords for you. We compared a number of them and found that 4 of them specially stood out due to their unique features:


SimplePassword lets you create a master password, and then uses that master password to generate strong and unique passwords for each website you use. If you loose any of your generated passwords, you can always come back to SimplePassword, enter your master password and you would be able to generate the exact same passwords again.

2. SafePasswd:

SafePasswd also generates strong random passwords for you but it also allows you to specify the type of password you want. You can specify if you want letters only, numbers only, both letters and numbers or use all available characters. You can also decide if you want your password to be of mixed case. Another great feature that SafePasswd offers is the option to specify the desired length of your password

3. PasswordSuggest:

If you want your password to be a bit more relevant and easy to remember, head over to PasswordSuggest. All you need to do then is enter a memorable word and PasswordSuggest would generate strong yet easy to remember passwords based on that word. You can also use the service to generate usernames.

4. PasswordBird:

If you think all the generated passwords are too hard to remember, you will like PasswordBird. You can enter a name, a word and a special date so PasswordBird can generate a password that would make sense to you and would be easy to remember. In other words, PasswordBird offers strong passwords but with a little bit less randomness.

Find Your Missing Cellphone By Dialing It Online

[US/Canada only] Have you ever come across a situation where you have kept your cellphone somewhere but cannot find it no matter how high and dry you search for it?

Well you are not the only one who has been in such a situation and your truly too has been through it, however finding a cellphone is easy when you can ring it using another phone, but what if you don’t have any other phone handy, will you waste more time searching for it?

We came across a really handy service called Where’s my Cell Phone that will let you dial your phone from the internet and make it ring.


I tested the service out and it works as advertised, it dialed my phone after a mere two seconds of entering in the website, however it also left a voicemail which was a funny Goodbye, Goodbye.

Definitely useful and worthwhile to use, saves you a lot of time and efforts in locating a misplaced cellphone.

Note: This service will help you find your cellphone if it is nearby, stolen cell phones cannot be recovered using this service. Thanks Manav.

Save Yourself From Infected Torrents

Any person who actively download torrents will tell you that infected and/or fake torrents are pretty common. You will download a 200 MB file thinking it is a movie, but it would turn out to be an empty file, or worse, contain a virus. There are very few effective ways to screen a torrent completely before downloading it. However, what if somebody can screen every torrent for you and only allow you to download torrents that are genuine and safe?

Sounds too be good true? It is not. Vertor (VerifiedTorrents) is a service that screens all the torrents before listing them in their database. They download each torrent and check it for download errors. Vertor also takes screenshots of video files and make small clips of audio files so you can check the quality of the content before downloading it. If there is a description within the torrent file, it is saved as a text file and displayed publicly.

Besides being a heaven for safe and genuine torrents, Vertor is a regular torrent search engine that allows you to search for games, movies, music and all the other good stuff.

Find Out Your IP Address In Seconds

If you ever want to know your IP address, WhatIsMyIPAddress is the quickest tool to find it out. In addition to displaying your computer’s IP address it also pinpoints your physical location on Google Maps.

Additional details include the name of your ISP, the type of internet connection, the city and country information. You can also enter a different IP address and find out its location. The website also provides details instructions on how to change your IP address, hide your IP address and check if your IP address has been blacklisted by anti-spam services.

You can also use it to trace IP address of an email by just copying the header of the email into a text box. Other IP tools available on the website allow you to check DNSbl check, IP to Hostname lookup, Hostname to IP lookup, Advances proxy check and IP traceroute.

Piwik: Free & OpenSource Alternative to Google Analytics

greenshot_2009-08-01_00-14-44 Piwik is free and opensource website analytics tool that you can install on a server (just like you would install WordPress or any script). Piwik is based on php and mysql and gives out real time reports.

Although a lot of people use Google Analytics, it depends on what your needs are. Google Analytics is easy to setup, Piwik gives real time data and a whole lot of flexibility.

Once Piwik has been installed, you will be given a JavaScript tag. Simply copy and paste this tag on websites you wish to track and then you can keep a tab on Analytics from your Piwik control panel. The Piwik control panel is fully customizable and you can drag and drop widgets wherever you want them to be. By default Piwik comes with 20+ plugins which are officially maintained. Other community supported plugins can be found here.


If you know Php, you can also edit the files to enhance and modify the interface or reporting in any way you want. And since Piwik is installed on your own server (we recommend you install it on a subdomain, like, there are no requests for external files. This also makes Piwik a lightweight alternative to Google Analytics.

Analytical widgets can be added and removed easily. Outcomes can be presented as bar graphs, pie charts, or plain text. And another great feature that is included in Piwik is embeddable charts. Take some code, put it on your website and there you have a live web analytical chart embedded on your website.

Piwik also has an interesting API that lets users build applications on this platform. The API makes possible a Desktop application that reports analytics data straight to your desktop.


Piwik is a product by OpenX and was previously known as phpMyVisites.

Check out an Online Demo of Piwik | Download Piwik | Installation Instructions

Upload Files Using A Web Based FTP Client

If you find yourself stuck in a situation where you cannot or don’t want to install an FTP client on the computer, a web based FTP client is the best solution for you. Web based FTP clients offer almost all the features that a standard FTP client does, in addition to being light-weight and hassle-free.

One of the most popular and feature-rich web based FTP clients available online is Net2FTP. It provides you with a simple interface to connect to your FTP server and upload/download files. You can also upload/download files in a zip format, and unzip files on the server. Some other great features that Net2FTP offers are:

  • Install software on your server (requires PHP).
  • Copy, move or delete files and directories.
  • Plain text editors and HTML editors to edit files online.
  • Filter files using filename, size and modification time.
  • Copy files from one FTP server to another FTP server.
  • Renaming, Chmod and tons of administrative features.

Convert Images to Text Online With Free OCR

OCR stands for optical character recognition and is the process of converting images of text (generally scanned pictures) to plain text. While a large fraction of the OCR software are commercial products there are quite a few web based free OCR solutions which can instantly convert images to text. is one such service. It’s completely free and doesn’t require any registration. However, you are limited to a maximum of 10 uploads per hour. JPG, GIF, TIFF and BMP files up to 2MB in size are supported (for PDF files only the first page is converted).

This service has a few other limitations including:

  • No batch processing mode
  • Images must have a resolution of 150 dpi or more. This means screenshots or photographs won’t probably work.
  • Formatting of the document isn’t retained. The output is simple text.

Optical Character Recognition is a rather complicated process and is a subject of ongoing research. The results were quite good when I used a high quality scanned document, but was utter garbage when I used a photograph snapped using Sony Ericsson k810i (Document Mode). can’t compete with commercial software like ABBYY FineReader OCR or OmniPage. However, it is a handy resource that many professionals on the go would find useful.