10 Word Wiki Describes Everything in 10 Words

Have you ever told anyone, "Get to the point", when they go round the bush blabbering about things which could have been said in simple words or a mere sentence? Well, there are several people like you.


One boring thing about learning definitions of new words is the numerous sentences you have to go through to understand the meaning of a word, but if you want it out straight to the point, then the 10 Word Wiki will definitely come in handy.

10 Word Wiki, as the name suggests, puts out word definitions which are only 10 words long, no more than that. Here are some definitions of words that are stacked up on the 10 Word Wiki:

American Idol – Overly emotional singing show, coins it in for Simon Cowell.

Angelina Joile – Heavily tattooed kinky actress. Wants one child in every colour.

Baby Powder – Not made from ground, dessicated babies. Despite how it sounds.

Bacteria – Monocellular lifeforms. Some cause death, some cause lager or cheese.

Bee – A yellow and black striped buzzy insect that stings you.

Beauty – Describes a look. Definitely in the eye of the beholder.

Bicycle – A human powered two wheeled vehicle, normally with pedals.

Book – Bundles of wood pulp and pictures/words; doesn’t need batteries.

As you can see from the above samples, the definitions can go from being to the point and funny, sarcastic and sometimes nasty, however, it is fun nevertheless. So if you have some time to waste and want to learn words in a new way, head over to the 10 Word Wiki index and have your fill.

Note: Please do not use 10 Word Wiki as a actual dictionary, it is just a funny way of learning things.

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Create a Display Board of Your Social Accounts with Flavours.Me

If you are an active social media user and want to display all your social profiles and online identities on a single page, Flavours.me might help. It’s a free web tool which can be used to create a portral for all your social networking accounts. (see example)

I know Friendfeed and Facebook can be used to display all your social profiles, but here are a few reasons why you might like to stick with Flavours.me:

  • You can not tweak the design of the page in Friendfeed and Facebook.
  • You can not show the page to someone who does not have an account on Friendfeed or Facebook.

So it’s clear that Friendfeed and Facebook are not the best options to create a simple display board for all your online profiles, blogs and so forth. Let’s see what Flavours.me has to offer.

Once you have signed up with Flavours.me, click the design link and you can choose the pattern of the page which you are going to create. There are three templates available – basic, widescreen and accordion.


Once you have selected the template, navigate to the backgrounds, colors and fonts tab to select the design of your Flavours.me page. You can upload an image or choose a custom color as the page background. The font colors and other design attributes can be completely customized and that gives the service an upper hand.

Next, click the “Services” link to add all the social accounts you own. This includes Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, Tumblr, WordPress, Linkedin, Last.fm, Blogger, Posterous, Netflix, Etsy, GoodReads and RSS.


Note: Clicking a social network icon will take you to the respective social site and you will have to grant access to the application.

The premium feature lets you see the stats from the Flavours.me dashboard and use a custom domain for the profile page.

Techie Buzz Verdict

Flavours.me is a simple tool to quickly create a splash page for all your social accounts. I would love to see more services being integrated such as Ping.fm and Friendfeed.

Techie Buzz Verdict: 5/5 (Perfect).

Webby Wednesday: Build Menus Online, Watch Movie Trailers, Upside Down Text IM RSS Reader and More

Welcome to the second episode of Webby Wednesday where we introduce users to several interesting web applications and services which will help them out.

This week we have several interesting and diverse web apps which will be fun to use and come in handy to you. So let’s dive into it.

Free Online CSS Menu Builder

Online CSS Menu Creator

Want to build a CSS menu but don’t have the HTML or CSS skills? The Menu Builder site will come in handy to you, it allows you to create horizontal and vertical menus with the click of a button.

Looking for something advanced? Then take a look at some jQuery navigation menus or another online service which will help you create dropdown CSS menus or download a free desktop tool to create dropdown CSS menus.

Watch Movie Trailers Online

Watch Movie Trailers Online

Want to watch movie trailers of upcoming movies online? Trailers Movies is a aggregator site which lists out movies of the most popular and upcoming movies in a single place. It also provides users with an option to search for movie trailers.

Want to watch full movies online? Then check out 7 ways to watch full movies online legally or visit to watch Bollywood and Hollywood movies for free.

Upside Down Text

Upside Down Text

Want to have a little bit of fun with your friends? Head over to Upside Down Text to flip text upside-down and send it across to your friends.

While you are at it, you might also want to check out how to reverse text or shuffle it. Also, don’t forget to try out some of the funny pranks we have told you about in the past on your friends.

Read Feeds Through Instant Messengers

Rss.im is a handy service which will alert you about new feed items through Instant messengers. Just enter the feed you want to track and the XMPP/Jabber or Google Talk ID and hit the subscribe button. Rss.im will send you a instant message the next time an RSS feed has an update. This will also work with Chat which now supports XMPP/Jabber.

Create Your Personalized Homepage

Flavors.me is a new service which will allow you to create your personalized homepage using your personal content from sites like , , Facebook, Last.fm and more. Flavors provides users with a easy to use interface to design and pull data from external websites to your personal page.

Add your web application or software to the Techie Buzz forum so that we can feature it here next.

5GB of Free Online File Storage with CloudDrive

I have more free storage space online than I know what to do with. I have SkyDrive, Google Docs, Dropbox, Ubuntu One, Drop.io and several others. That doesn’t mean I won’t accept more if it’s offered. In 2008, when Adobe offered 5GB of free space online for files, I snapped it up. Their service is called Adobe Acrobat Document Service. All you need is an email address and a password to use it. There was one major problem with it and I have not been using it. Adobe’s service only allows you to upload one file at a time.

Since you can only upload one file at a time, it takes too long to use their service. Most of the time, I use SkyDrive Explorer to upload files when I need cloud storage. This may change since I found a free program called CloudDrive. This freebie app let’s you upload multiple files into your Adobe Acrobat Documents account. Take a look at the CloudDrive application:


CloudDrive looks almost like a regular file window and you’ll have no trouble figuring it out. It allows you to create folders, but I did notice one problem with that. You can’t move files between folders easily. As far as I can tell, you have to download a file and then re-upload it into a different folder.

Other than that, I can’t see much wrong with this application.

[via DownloadSquad]

Download CloudDrive

http://www.driveoncloud.com/ (XP, Vista, 7)

Techie Buzz Verdict:

If you are going to use Adobe’s Acrobat Document Service, you are definitely going to want CloudDrive to help you upload multiple files and folders. CloudDrive is still very new and I’m hoping they’ll add a way to move files between folders soon. CloudDrive has quite a way to go before it’s as easy to use as SkyDrive Explorer or Dropbox.

Techie Buzz Rating: 3/5 (Good)

IESurfGear: Wipe Out Clutter from Webpages in Internet Explorer for Easier Reading

Many blogs are difficult to read and navigate. Sometimes they aren’t compatible with your browser or use poor color combinations. Dark backgrounds, small fonts and catchy colors make blogs hard to read. Whenever I see a page with a black background and green fonts, I close the window.

There may be some websites that are so good, you hate to miss out on them. You want to read them but the poor design makes it difficult. If you use Internet Explorer, the IE Surfgear add-on may help you solve this problem.

The add-on can increase the font size and remove dark background colors and images from web pages. This gives you a clutter free and easy to read environment. Once the add-on is installed, you’ll see three new buttons on the toolbar after you re-start Internet Explorer.

When you land on a page with a bad design, hit those three buttons one by one. The add-on  first removes background textures, then alters the fonts to fixed size and resets the text colors.

Following is an example of a page where I used the add-in to remove the background image:

The extension works with Internet Explorer 5 through Internet Explorer 8. A similar tool which we discussed earlier are TOC Monkey script and Clippable (browser bookmarklet).

Techie Buzz Verdict

The extension wipes out clutter from web pages but what about the other browsers? I would love to see SurfGear working on other browsers such as Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari. The add-on is fine but it feels tiring when you have to install different add-ons for different browsers, just for a small purpose.

Techie Buzz rating: 2/5 (Average).

Webby Wednesday: Learn To Cook Anything, Privacy Policy Generator, Post Music To Facebook, Fill PDF Forms Online, New Collaborative Blogging

Welcome to Webby Wednesday, a day where we will talk about web apps which you can use. We will try to cover several useful apps which we could not during the week, so that you don’t miss out on any web goodness. Want to reach out your own web application or software to the masses? Add it to the Techie Buzz Forum and we will do our best to showcase it.

How To Cook Anything: Cook Thing

Learn To Cook Anything

Want to learn how to cook Pasta or a Pizza or may be bake a cake? Cook Thing is a new web service which will allow you to search for things to cook, then choose the ingredients you want to use and display recipes on how you can cook something. Pretty decent for newbie’s, however, it has a bit of limited options, but that is definitely going to grow in future. Check out CookThing.com.

Privacy Policy Generator


Remember how we told you to generate free privacy policy for your blog or website? If not, here is another service which will allow you to generate a free privacy policy that you can use on your blog or website. Check out Privacy Policy Generator.

Post Music to Facebook: Feeder.fm

Feed Music to Facebook

Want to share your favorite music to your profile? Feeder.fm provides and easy way to do that, just connect your Facebook profile to Feeder.fm, search for song or artist and feed the song to your profile. Oh and you can also listen to the music while you Feed it. More at Feeder.fm.

New Collaborative Blogging Platform Reachby.com

ReachBy.com makes blogging simple and collaborative. With content channels that anyone can contribute to, ReachBy’s unique ReStream function separates it from being just another blog. It also plays quite nicely with all social media and even recently launched Google Buzz.

With a ReachBy Stream, teams and groups of friends can collaborate and develop a content channel on almost any topic. The Head Writer of a Stream can edit content and select what gets published. Anyone can start a Stream and become a Head Writer.

Learn more at ReachBy.com

Free PDF Editor: Fill Any PDF

Fill PDF Forms Online

Fill Any PDF provides users with an easy to use online PDF editor which can be used for free. Users can upload their PDF files and create PDF forms without having to specify fields inside the PDF files itself. Once your PDF form is created you can easily share the link with people who you want to collect information from.

No software installation is required, and it also helps is saving printer ink and paper, give it a try at FillAnyPDF.com.

Don’t forget to add your web apps and software to the Techie Buzz forum so that we can feature it in future editions of Webby Wednesday.

Daytum: An Online Counter To Count and Track the Things You Often Forget

Want a simplest counter to keep track of things which you often forget? Check out Daytum a simple yet versatile web application which lets you use an online counter to keep track of just about anything. Daytum lets you count and track numbers which you often forget, it’s not a telephone log book anyway but can be quite useful at times.

Suppose you have a goal of writing 2 blog posts every day or may be running half a kilometer every morning. In such situations Daytum can be used to count your day to day activities and at the end of the month, you can see when you had missed the daily quota.

To get started with Daytum, sign up for an account and you will have a personal logbook to maintain (see example).

Features and Possibilities of Daytum

Display: There are many display formats available which you can use. You can display a simple counter for the current day or may be a pie chart from the last week. The application also has a bar graph feature so you can see the ups and downs of a particular task within a given time period.

daytum tasks

create-task-groupsCategories and managing multiple tasks: You can create separate modules for separate tasks and group similar modules together. This is useful because you may want to track a group of tasks and see the combined output. For example: You may have three tasks for your daily exercises and 2 weekly gym schedules. In that case, apart from managing all of them separately, you can create a single module and see the combined output at one place.

Use Daytum from your Mobile or Android: You do not always need a computer to update Daytum. You can use your Iphone or Android to update your Daytum account from m.daytum.com.

Techie Buzz Verdict

Daytum is one of a kind and very simple to use. But one downside found is the lack of export feature, you cannot move out data from your Daytum account and use it elsewhere. Thus, if you have set up lots of counters and need a better option to switch over, you are stuck.

Techie Buzz rating: 4/5 (very good).

Get Detailed Website Information With WooRank

Do you need to frequently know the detailed inside information of websites? Check out WooRank a simple web tool which summarizes the inside details of a website. You get to know about the Whois information, visitor stats, on site and off site seo and so much more.

Using the tool is straight forward, just enter the address of the website whose information you want to know and click the Generate reportbutton. WooRank will generate a PDF copy of the report which you can  send to your email  or just view in the browser.

What WooRank Tells about a Website

There are a lot of tools which provide similar services but WooRank outperforms them all. This is because WooRank provides so many details that you need not use different tools or services  anymore. Following are some of the main features that WooRank provides:

1. Visitor Information: WooRank shows an average estimate of hits which a website receives during one month. You also learn about the Alexa and Compete ranks of the website and the daily traffic trends.

2. Content details and popular pages: WooRank tells you how many pages have been indexed by Google and a list of the popular pages of a website. I found that the site links are shown as popular pages but nevertheless, you can have a brief idea on what are the important sections of a website.

3. On site and off site SEO: WooRank lists the meta information of the index page so you learn about the important keywords and meta data information of a domain. Each meta data is accompanied by the length of characters  with subsequent judgements. You also  get a glimpse on the  following:

  • number of backlinks pointing to the root of the domain.
  • number of .gov and .edu backlinks.
  • the last crawl date by Google.
  • whether listed in DMOZ or Yahoo directory.

4. Social media presence: WooRank outlines a general report on the social media presence of the website. It shows how many posts are digged, how many pages bookmarked in Delicious and how many Twitter backlinks you have got. All the RSS feeds provided by the website are shown hierarchically.

Techie Buzz Verdict

WooRank shows some good reports and brings all the stuff to one place. You can send the PDF report to anyone by email. There is nothing exceptional about Woorank, but no flaws found with the service.

Techie Buzz rating: 4/5 (very good).

Cut and Split MP3 Files Online

There are many good software for cutting and splitting MP3 files, however, they don’t help when you are on a different computer or you are not allowed to install any software on the machine you are using. This is where MP3Cut comes in. It is a dead simple tool that lets you cut MP3 files without any hassle.

To start, simply go to MP3Cut.net and upload the file you want to cut. Once the file is uploaded (might take a few minutes depending on the size of the file), select the desired interval. You can do that by simple moving the sliders: the left slider should be at your desired starting point while the right slider should indicate your ending point. Once done, click on split and download, and the tool would cut your MP3 to your desired interval. You can then download the file to your computer. You can also use the tool to play the MP3 file so you know which parts to cut out.

You can use it to create melodies for your cell phone or even just grab a particular sound or line from an audio file. If you are just looking to reduce the size of your MP3 file without cutting the content, you can do so by just altering the bitrate of the file.

Techie Buzz Verdict:

MP3Cut is a great tool that saves you from installing any software on your computer. The only thing that can be improved to make the tool even better is the speed.

Rating: 3/5

Online Security Scan in Less Than Two Minutes

A little over a year ago, we wrote about Secunia’s Personal Software Inspector (PSI). It’s a freeware application that you can download and install in Windows. It’s purpose is to scan all of the installed programs on your PC and tell you which ones need to be updated.

Keeping your programs updated is important for your security. Recently, Google and several other companies were hacked by the Chinese using security holes in older software. Your PC probably has many of the same security holes.

There are several programs that can help to keep your Windows PC safe by scanning for those out of date programs. However, many of you might like to try out a free online scanner from Secunia. Secunia Online Software Inspector (OSI) runs inside of your web browser so that you won’t have to install anything. It loads a small Java applet to do it’s work. Most PCs already have Java installed, so nothing additional should be needed.

OSI offers two scan modes. The default scan is fast, and according to the site, it scans in 5 to 40 seconds. My first scan took over a minute though. A check box on the page will allow a “thorough system inspection” that can take up to 10 minutes or more.

I’ve tried out both scans, and in the quick scan, OSI found 3 programs that I needed to update. In the more thorough scan, it detected 8 programs after running for 9 minutes. Take a look at what it found.


I’ll be spending a portion of the rest of the day getting these programs updated. After all, I don’t feel like making my PC a good target for Chinese hackers.

Try out the free Secunia OSI Scan

Techie Buzz Verdict:

Secunia OSI offers you a free, quick and easy way to test your PC for out of date software. It’s main advantage is that there’s no need to install software in most cases. If you feel your PC might be at risk, you might also want to try the full version of Secunia PSI, which is also free.

Techie Buzz Rating: 4/5