Webby Wednesdays: Online Task Manager, Thumbnail Bookmarks, Disposable Email Address, Merge PDF’s and More

Welcome to Webby Wednesdays – a brief compilation of some useful web services which we found useful during the course of this week.

Todo.ly – A Simple online Task Manager to manage To do lists

Todo.ly is a simple online to-do list manager with a very easy to use interface. You can organize tasks in groups and set custom filters to prioritize tasks. Other features includes marking a due date to a task and adding it in one of your projects or task list.


You can see the entire hierarchy of tasks and projects in the online dashboard and drag and drop tasks from the sidebar into the projects column. The task manager is web based and you need not download or install anything to get started.

MyFavi.com – Add Thumbnails to Manage Bookmarks the Better Way

You have stored a lot of bookmarks in your browser and chances are that you have forgotten which bookmark leads to which site. When you visit a bookmark after a long time, you have no idea what the page is all about. MyFavi.com let’s you get out of this mess by adding thumbnails next to your browser bookmarks.


You can import a whole collection of bookmarks from an HTML file and the site supports all the popular browsers – Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera. The site looks good and can be used to open most used bookmarks when you are surfing on a public computer.

WhySpamme – Quickly Create Disposable Email Addresses

Some websites and download hubs often require you to sign up and create an account before you can download torrents, movies or start a new thread on a forum. Using your primary email address to sign up in these one time websites is obviously a bad idea. You will use the site only once and god knows how many emails or newsletters you will receive eventually.


The best way out – create one time disposable email addresses and use them to sign up on those forums, download sites etc. Whyspam.me creates a disposable email address for you in seconds. You can forward emails from the disposable email address to your real email address. If you get a lot of spam emails, just delete the disposable email address and create a new one and the primary email address is kept safe.

ILovePDF.com – Split and Merge PDF Files online

IlovePDF is a simple tool which can be used to merge and split PDF files online. The site let’s you upload up to 10 PDF documents from your computer and then merge them into a single file. You have to upload the files in the same order in which you want them to be merged. Individual files can have a maximum size of 8MB and once the processing is complete, you will be given a download link of the merged document.


Splitting the files is also quite easy. Once you have uploaded the document, select the page ranges where you want the document to split. Next, click “Split PDF” and individual files will download in your computer one by one.

On each wednesday, we will come up with a brief roundup of new web tools which provide value and add something extra to your daily technology. Stay tuned!

How to Set Your Tweets as Google Talk Status Messages

Would you like to automatically update your Google talk status messages with tweets from your profile? It might be a good idea to change Google talk status messages with your tweets as this will let your IM buddies know what you are doing.

Twitter2Gtalk helps you achieve just the same. You can connect your Google talk and Twitter accounts and cross post Tweets as Google talk status messages. The app will change the status messages every 30 minutes, so there is nothing to worry if you tweet quite often.

To get started, login to Twitter2Gtalk website with your Google account and enter the password of your Gtalk account. Next, enter your Twitter username as shown below:


That’s it. Now your Google talk buddies will see your tweets as status messages every 30 minutes. However, tweets that start with ‘@’ will not be sent to GTalk.

This app can be really useful. Say you are attending a seminar and want your friends to know how the seminar is going. You update your Twitter profile from the mobile phone and the tweet is set as the status message of your Google talk account. As for bloggers, it’s a great way to promote their posts among their Google talk friends network. Also read: how to schedule Facebook status messages.


Chatroulette Map: Mashup of Chatroulette and Google Maps

Chatroulette’s popularity has skyrocketed over the past few weeks thanks to the widespread media coverage. At the moment, you can love it, hate it, but just can’t ignore it. The basic premise of Chatroulette is simple – it connects random strangers for a two-way webcam chat. Although the officially stated purpose of the site is to simply meet and befriend random people from different corners of the world, like most things on the internet, it is used by many for cheap titillation.

Chatroulette Map is an interesting mashup of Chatroulette and Google Maps. Chatroulette utilizes a P2P (peer-to-peer) connection between to users for communication. Hence, determining the IP address of the user on the other end is not too hard. Chatroulette Map grabs the IP address and screenshot of random users and uses Geo IP database to obtain the approximate location of the user.


Techie Buzz Verdict

Chatroulette Map does not serve any real purpose, but neither does Chatroulette. It is an interesting mashup, but the morality of taking screenshots of unsuspecting users and using them publically is dubious. In fact, one of the biggest attractions of Chatroulette is anonymity. However, if services like Chatroulette Map take off then unwary users may be in for trouble. Don’t forget to let us know what you think about Chatroulette and Chatroulette Map.

Techie Buzz Rating: 1.5/5 (Average)

[ Visit Chatroulette Map ]

ShopTalk: Dead Simple Web-Based Group Chats

Instant messengers are good for individual chats but they get messy if you try to invite more people to the same chat. ShopTalk is a much better alternative if group chat is what you want to do. ShopTalk allows you to create as many group chats as you want without downloading or installing any software.

You can participate in more than one chat at a time, and whenever you get a new message on a chat, its tab changes color to indicate activity. Invite friends to your chat and even share files with your chat partners. All chats are saved and can be revisited any time so no need to save notes. You can also send direct messages to chat participants with the easy-to-use auto-complete feature filling your participant’s name as you start typing it.

Shop Talk


  • Create and participate in group chats.
  • Share files and send direct messages.
  • Automatically saves every chat.

Visit ShopTalk @ www.shoptalkapp.com [Via WebWorkerDaily]

Stream Music, Images and Video according to your Mood with Moodstream

Given the number of hours most of us spend at the computer, it isn’t hard to assume that we go through a range of moods and emotions during that time. Also, we often have music playing in the background while we multitask at the computer. Usually, it is nothing short of a pain to come up with a music playlist that perfectly complements your mood.

Moodstream by Getty Images is a simple but great interface that effortlessly provides you with a blend of music, images and video based on your mood. All you need to do is select your present mood from the given presets of Inspire, Excite, Refresh, Intensify, Stabilize, and Simplify and be treated to a beautiful and satisfying audio-visual amalgamation!

Moreover, you can further customize your stream by altering the mood spectrum present on the Moodstream mixer. After you have changed the mood spectrum settings of happy/sad, calm/lively, nostalgic/contemporary etc. to your liking, just refresh the stream for the changes to take effect. You can even play around with the image transition type, duration of images and video or even the presence of more or less vocals in your music selection.

The best part about Moodstream is that it adds another dimension to your stream by incorporating the visual aspect. However, unlike some other mood-based services available, Moodstream does not play the entire song. Instead, it plays short 30 second segments which blend or cross-fade into each other, depending on your settings. Nevertheless, if you come across a particular image or sound spippet that you really enjoy, you can always save it to your Moodboard for future use!

Do you know of other great mood-based music services? Come forward and share!

[via Lifehacker]

Share and Annotate PDF, Word Documents and Powerpoint Slides Online with CrocDoc

You can use Google docs to create, upload and add collaborative features on your documents, spreadsheets and powerpoint presentations but what if you want to collaborate with someone who doesn’t use Google Docs at all?

In such situations, online collaboration tools like CrocDoc might help. The site lets you upload documents, presentations, PDF’s; anyone can add notes, comments and collaboration mark up.

To get started with CrocDoc, visit the site and upload your document. There are no limitations on the size and number of documents you can upload.


After the upload is complete, you will be given a unique URL of the document. Send the link to anyone whom you wish to add collaborative features and the document can be viewed from their browser.

There are some basic markup options available with CrocDoc. You can add sticky notes and highlight or strike through words in the document. If you want to add additional text, click the “Write in the margin” button. This will allow you to add texts outside the document text area.


Anyone can download the original copy of the document, provided they know the URL. CrocDoc is a great tool for editors needing to manage writers who prefer to use MS Word or don’t have much knowledge of blogging platforms and editors. The Editor of a blog can just upload the document at Crocdoc, add corrections and send back the URL to the writers.

CrocDoc also allows you to embed the document on a webpage by providing an iframe source.


The pro version of CrocDoc has some more features like – keeping a list of documents for ready reference, managing document histories, password protecting documents and more.

Techie Buzz Verdict

Overall, CrocDoc looks good, but the feature set is very basic. You can add markups but you can’t add text or modify the original document in any way. This makes the collaboration incomplete, if John can collaborate on Harry’s document using CrocDoc, at least John should get the rights to add sentences, images and other stuff.

I would like to see a free sign up option being included so that users can see the history of documents from their account.

Techie Buzz rating: 3/5 (Good).

Make YouTube Safe For Children With The Safety Mode

With thousands of videos uploaded every hour, it is easy for your kids to lose their way on the website and stumble upon some inappropriate and illicit content. Most of the browser add-ons or plugins would not work well because it is just impossible to filter millions of videos. However, YouTube has a feature in place called the safety mode that can keep your kids away from explicit content.

To turn the safety mode feature on, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on Safety mode is off. Once you click on it, YouTube will let you click the on radio button and save your settings. You can also save it and lock it for the browser so you don’t have to do it again. Once locked, the safety mode can only be turned off after you enter the password for the YouTube account. After the safety mode is turned on, inappropriate videos would not even display when searched for. In our example below, the 770,000 videos YouTube has for the keyword Porn completely disappear when the safety mode is turned on.

[Via MyDigitalLife]

Webby Wednesday: Google Buzz Counter, Free Online Image Editor, Online Radio and Self Destructing Messages

Welcome to another episode of , where we talk about new web applications and services, which are useful for our readers.

This week, we have several new and interesting services which will make your day-to-day computing life much more easier.

Google Buzz Tools

Google Buzz Counter

Last time around we told you about some interesting tools and services for Google Buzz. However, since then couple of new services have been created. The first one is Buzz Aware, which is an apps directory for and the other is Buzrr, a Google Buzz counter.

Buzzr is similar to Tweetmeme for , and counts the number of buzzes and ranks them according to the highest Buzz count. It also allows users to re-buzz a buzzed item. In addition to that, it also allows users to add a Buzrr button to their website or WordPress blog.

Picmeleo: Integrate Photo Editing On Your Site

Free Online Image Editor

Looking to create a image driven site? Picmeleo will allow you to go beyond just image uploading by offering integration of their Online image editor into your website for free.

Picmeleo offers users to crop image, remove red eyes, rotate the images, change brightness and contrast and filters such as Grayscale, Sharpen and more. Website integration is pretty easy too, all you need to do is copy a few lines of code and you have a full-fledged image editor on your site.

Want the free online image editor for your site? Head over to Picmeleo to get yours.

Community Driven Online Radio

Online Radio Spreaker

Spreaker is a new web service which allows users to create their own radio shows and host it online. Spreaker allows users to easily mix live audio input from your microphone, play songs and more. So if you are looking for a career in DJing or planning to become a radio jockey, get your hands wet with Spreaker.

Create Self-Destructing Messages

Self Destructing Messages

Quite sometime back we had told you about Privnote, a private note creator, which allowed users to create self-destruction messages. This Message Will Self Destruct, is a similar service which allows users to create password-protected self-destructing messages, which will be deleted after someone views it once. So are you the next James Bond? Try your luck here.

Hope you have fun with the web applications this week. Want to share your own? Add your web application or software to the Techie Buzz forum so that we can feature it here next.

TrendsBuzz: Compare The Hottest Trends On the Web in Real Time

There are so many tools to help you learn about the topics which are currently popular among web users. Some of the very popular services include Google Trends, Twitter search etc. Using different websites can be problematic and if you want a simpler option, check out TrendsBuzz.

TrendsBuzz aims to accumulate the top searches that are popular among the search engines, microblogging sites and News sources. If you are a blogger, you can use this tool to learn which topics are currently popular, do your research, blog about them and win traffic.

The home page contains different sections that list the popular keywords and searches on the different search engines.


Sources include: Google search, Yahoo Buzz, Twitter search, New York Times, Search.com, Alexa hot topics, Wordtracker keywords and Bing search. Do you need anything more?

The best part of TrendsBuzz is that the results are updated in real time. A good idea would be to load TrendsBuzz in the bookmarks sidebar and keep an eye on the rising searches. The site also lets you refine your searches to specific sites. For example: if you want to know the popular search terms at Google.com, just click “All Google Hot trends” and you can see the most popular searches at Google.


You can also use the search box to check whether a search term is popular in the search engines or not. The site also contains an impressive archive page, which you can use to see the searches that were popular on a past date.

Techie Buzz Verdict

TrendsBuzz requires no signups, is simple to navigate and there aren’t any advertisements. One addition would have been perfect – the ability to add custom sites in the source list. I would love to see Techmeme, Google News and a couple of other sources to be included in the source list. Overall, a nice tool which should be bookmarked and used whenever necessary.

Techie Buzz Verdict: 4/5 (Excellent).

Top 5 Sites for Printing Digital Photographs

Didn’t we all love those afternoons in which we would take a walk down memory lane, tangibly helped along by a photo album? While the online albums popular at present are a great way to stay connected with friends and family scattered across the globe, sometimes we do want to hold a cherished picture in our hands. Thus, a need often arises to have all the numerous photographs, ranging from candidly captured moments to arty snapshots, in a printed form.

To address that very need, several websites have mushroomed in the past few years, which offer users a host of printing options for their digital photographs. Many of these sites not only allow you to take photo prints but also let you create beautiful mementos and other gift items with your digital photographs.

In this post, I will list some of the best sites for printing digital photographs, which ship to India and the United States of America.

One great website for digital printing is Picsquare, which lets registered users print photographs, greeting cards, calendars, T-shirts, mugs, laptop skins and a host of other items that make great gifts filled with sentiment! Registration is free and a user can make online payments via credit card. Apart from printing uploaded pictures there are also options to print photographs from Facebook, Flickr or PicasaWeb. Users can easily create personalized orders with prices starting at as low as Rs. 2.95 for a 4″ x 6″ photo print.

Snapfish is another excellent website that offers its services in over 20 countries. The site offers users the options of ordering high quality photo prints, greeting cards, stamps and even customized stationery gift items. Pricing here also starts at Rs. 2.95 (9 ยข for US users) for a high quality 4″ x 6″ photo print, regardless of whether the finish is glossy or matte.

Another top site for digital photo printing is ZoomIn, which delivers quick shipping of the ordered prints to any place in India, the US or Canada. With free registration, unlimited storage, integration with Flickr and Picasa and a range of print formats at reasonable prices, a user is spoilt for choice.

Apart from dealing in digital cameras, G.K. Vale also offers very good digital printing services in India. Marginally more expensive than Picsquare or Snapfish, this site offers 4″ x 6″ photo prints for Rs. 3.99 along with various other photo gift options.

To round up the list, there is iTasveer, which lets registered users order a wide variety of customized photo gifts, from T-shirts to Teddy bears! iTasveer offers Flickr and Picasa integration, unlimited storage and India-wide shipping.

Hope you find these useful! Lastly, do let us know if you come across some more great sites for digital printing!