Understand How Things Work With AnimatedExplanations

Reading informative how-to articles help to a certain extend but sometimes you really need to see an illustration to understand the topic. AnimatedExplanations is a new web service that aims to do exactly that. It is a collection of short animations that help you understand things related to health, technology and life in general.

The collection is still pretty small but the quality of content is top notch. The animations are all well made with a clear narrative. Topics include simple things like “What is Twitter?” and “What is a Migraine” as well as complex issues like ‘What is IPv6″ and “What is Multiple Myeloma?”. Most of the animations can also be downloaded, shared through social media and email and even embedded on web pages using the provided code.

Animated Explanations

With a clean and easy to use interface, browsing through the animations is simple and fun. Organizations can create custom channels to explain their products and reach large audience through some high quality content. If you have an organization but no time to spend on creating an animation, you can also sponsor one related to your industry. Over all, AnimatedExplanations is a neat idea that will grow tremendously with the number of animations of the site given that the quality of the animations is not compromised.

Webby Wednesday: Send Handwritten Emails, Create Logos For Free, Sync Media Files Between Multiple Computers

Welcome to Webby Wednesdays – a brief compilation of some useful web services which we found useful during the course of this week.

PilotHandWriting Create a Font From your Handwriting and Send Emails

PilotHandwriting is a nice web service which lets you create own fonts from your handwriting. The idea is very simple head over to the website and download a sample template. Print the template on paper and fill out the template with all the alphabets and numbers.

Once you are done filling the template, switch on your webcam and hold the paper right in front of the camera. The site will record your handwriting, read it and save a digital copy on it’s server.

Once the site has saved your handwriting, you can edit and make minor adjustments with the mouse. Now comes the fun part type an email from the site’s interface and the email appears handwritten. Sweet!


The only drawback is that you are not allowed to download the font in your computer for future use. Never mind, at least you can use this tool to send a handwritten email to anyone.

LogoSnap: Create a Free Logo Online

Do you run an online business ? Don’t have enough budget to hire professional designers to create a logo for your website? Check out LogoSnap a very useful website which lets you create professional logos for free.

It’s a four step process pick a profession or niche, select a symbol or style for your logo, customize it and then download the logo in PNG, JPG or EPS format.

The interesting thing about the service is that relevant symbols and artworks are neatly arranged in categories, you don’t have to find a graphic from a never ending list of images.


Once you have selected a graphic, you can add text as well as customize the colors, font and the background of the logo. Finally, you can download the logo in PNG, JPG or EPS format.

The site also offers low budget paid logos so if you want a professional output, give LogoSnap a try.

Libox Access your Media Files From Any Computer

So you have a home computer, a portable laptop, an iPhone and a couple of mobile devices. The problem is: you want to access all the music and media files at one place and don’t want to copy the same set of songs or pictures in all the computers or devices.

One of the great ways to sync data between multiple computers is using a cloud computing service. Libox is a new player in this field but does a great job, when it comes to synching the media files across all your computers and other devices.

It works simple sign up for a free account and install the Libox client on all your computers and mobile devices(works for Windows as well as MAC). The site will scan your computer for all the media files (songs and images) and store it in your online Libox account.


Later, you can access all these files from any computer as long as you have an active internet connection at hand. The service is completely free and you can upload unlimited amount of data.

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Get a Customized Browser Start Page and Search Experience With Favitt

So you have got a search engine’s home page bookmarked as your browser start page. You are not alone, most of the web users have a tendency to bookmark Google, Yahoo, Bing or other search engines as their browser start pages. This is because they want one click access to an interface where they can search for anything they want.

Why not customize the search experience a little bit and take it to the next level? Why not tweak some settings, add the features you use the most, remove those whom you don’t need and create a personalized search experience ? Favitt is one of the few sites which lets you do exactly that.

Favitt lets you completely customize your search experience and gives you a personal browser start page. You can add multiple search engines, popular websites and other sources in the Favitt start page and quickly use the tabs to search a particular site.

Imagine a scenario: You want to search Amazon for products, Google for blog posts, YouTube for videos, Flickr for images, Wikipedia for research and so on. You have to open all these sites in different browser tabs, type the keywords one by one and hit search. Favitt reduces this clutter and lets you search multiple search engines from one place.

When you go to the Favitt homepage, you see a search box, a list of search engines and a nice background, as shown below, you can also customize the  by uploading your own image and using it as a background.


Type the keywords and select the search engine from the list to search a specific search engine. You can add or remove sources by using the More button placed at the right of the search box.

Once you perform a search, simply click the links of different search engines from the sidebar and the search results from these sites are fetched in the same browser tab. You don’t have to open multiple tabs and type the same keywords over and over again.


If you sign up for a free account on Favitt, you get a personal browser start page for free. A personal browser start page has several advantages. First, your browser start page is accessible from any computer, you don’t have to install any extension or plugin to get started. All you have to do is type the vanity URL of your Favitt account and the start page is ready to be used.(see example)

Second, you can add a list of favorite sites in the start page and can access them with a single click. You don’t have to use an online bookmarking service like delicious or Google bookmarks.

Favitt also lets you upload images from your computer or a web URL and set them as the background of your start page. Upload a set of images and Favitt will automatically rotate these images on a daily basis. Cool!

Overall, Favitt is one of the best sites to customize your search experience, add or remove sources, spice up the page with backgrounds and more.

ViewAt: Explore/Share Panoramic Photos Online

You don’t have to be a photography expert to appreciate the beauties in panoramas. These wide angle photographs encompass the view so amazingly that it looks almost real. If you have an interest in panoramic images, ViewAt is a great website to check out.

ViewAt has a large collection of panoramic photos that can be views, shared and rated. The images with highest ratings are automatically displayed on the home page along with their creators. You can browse through the images using categories like nature,  technology, historical places e.t.c. or search for them by location. Once you click on a panorama to view, it does take a few seconds to load but the wait is worth it. You can click and move your mouse in any direction to see that side of the panorama. The image allows you to zoom in and zoom out to get a closer look.

Panoramic Images

You can view the image in regular or high resolution, post comments on it, share it with your friends or find other panoramas for nearby locations.  You can also sort the  collection  by ratings or add the ones you like to your favorites. Each listing also includes a brief description of the location/event and the type of equipment use to capture the image. You can click on the creator of the panorama to see more of their work. If you like something, share it with the world by email or by embedding it on your web page. Embedded below is an example of a panoramic photo from ViewAt:

It is a great site for photography inspiration and to share your amazing work with the world.

Create Gantt Charts Online Using Tom’s Planner

If you have ever participated in Software Development Life Cycle or Project Management, you know how helpful Gantt charts can be. They allow you to easily illustrate the project schedule and sum up different stages and timeline of a project in a single view. Software like MS Project let you create Gantt charts but can be too time consuming and complex. Tom’s Planner is a web-based alternative that lets you create Gantt charts easily without requiring much effort or resources.

Tom’s Planner not only provides you a super easy Drag and Drop interface, but also gives you helpful instructions and tips to create an  efficient  Gantt chart. Use the right click of your mouse to add more periods or symbols to your chart or double click to edit any chart details. You can save your schedules, open existing ones, print them, export them as image or even export them to MS Project. The tool also has a number of templates that you can refer to as an example, or use as a starting point for your chart.

Create Gantt Charts Online

This is all good but the best part is collaboration. You can invite other users to work on your Gantt charts or simply embed your chart on a website or blog using an iframe. The tool keep tracks of which user modified the chart last and when. Over all, it is one of the must-have tools for any project.

TeenChatDecoder: A Guide To Chat/SMS Abbreviations

Adults may be experts when it comes to technology but nobody has mastered the art of chatting/texting like teenagers. Always short on time but having a lot to say, teenagers use a wide variety of abbreviations to get the message across. Some of these may be really straight forward like LOL or GTG, but many have developed into complex codes such as ROFLGO (Rolling On The Floor Laughing Guts Out) or PAL (Parents Are Listening).

If you have often come across terms like these but never knew what they mean, here is a tool that you’ll love. TeenChatDecoder is a huge collection of abbreviations commonly used by teens to chat or text with their friends. Just start typing an abbreviation and the auto-suggest will show you several matching terms along with their meanings. The site also offers several online safety tips for parents and links to many parental control software.

Teen Chat Decoder

Here are some of the more interesting abbreviations we found:

  • PABG – Pack a big gun
  • GJP – Good job partner
  • ROFFNAR – Rolling on the floor for no apparent reason
  • dfw – don\’t f*cking worry
  • SSDD – Same sh*t different day
  • VH – Virtual hug
  • TYCLO – Turn Your CAPS LOCK Off (You’re Shouting)
  • TYVL, YWEL – Thank you very little, you’re welcome even less

If you know some that are not listed on the site, you can contribute by adding them to the list.

TravelJournal: An Online Platform For Travel Writing

Travelling to different places is great fun, even great are the memories which you bring back. This includes photos, videos and may be notes which you have written on the way to your trip.

Documenting the notes and memories in paper is old school, you have to carry the pen and the diary everywhere just to write down something. However, you can use your mobile, iPod or a laptop to document your travel experiences using Traveljournal.com

Yes, we have social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter where you can quickly update your status and let your friends know about your trip. But there is a serious disadvantage – when you come back and want to read the entries, you are lost. Previous updates gets mixed up and your wonderful travel tidbits are lost in the clutter of ever expanding social media.

Traveljournal provides a very easy to use platform for documenting your travel experiences. After signing up, you can create a journal, add a duration and enter a small description about your trip.


After the journal is created, you can start adding entries using the “Add new Entry” link. These entries will be archived in the journal and you can enter a custom map location which is related to the current entry. This is useful, when you come back from the trip and want to know which locations you have been staying.


Every journal created in Traveljournal has a visibility level – you can create a private or public journal or share the journal with selected email address(s). The most interesting part of using Traveljournal is the active community, you will be able to know new places, real life experiences and what other tourists are saying about a particular place, city or country.

Knowing the local customs is very important if you are travelling to another country and Traveljournal is the right platform to start documenting your travel experiences.

This is a sponsored review of the website, all views in the post are unbiased and true.

Webby Wednesday: Handy Home Page, Group Google Maps, Excellent E-Books

Welcome everyone to the Techie Buzz Webby Wednesday post. I’ll tell you about some of the very best sites on the net (in my opinion). Please accept my apology for posting this late in the day. It’s already Thursday in most places.

First lets start with a great Home page service, AllMyFaves.

A friend recently wrote to tell me about her new home page at All My Faves. I have to agree if you want a good place to start surfing, this is one. The first page tab alone has links to E-mail, Video, Maps, Search, News, Weather, Community, Shopping, Travel, Bestsellers, Banks, Finance, Sports, Magazines, Cellular, Info, Courier, Compare, Car Rental, Hotels, Brokers, Insurance, Jobs, Real Estate, Translation, Photo, Movies, Ent, Music, Web, Radio, Genealogy, Astrology, Dating, Wedding,   Chat, Blog, Voip, Instant Msg, Tech, Download, Humor, Gaming, Online Games, Games, Kids, Pets, Cars, Health, Seniors, Government, and Recipes.

Considering that there are nine tabs, with tons of links on each tab, you’ll be finding new stuff every day.

Go to http://allmyfaves.com


Next, take a look at a service that let’s you share real world locations with your friends or a group. ZeeMaps is easy to use and it lets you and your members add location pins on a Google map. All you have to do is create a map and send a simple link to your group members. They won’t even have to register to add their own locations.

Go to http://www.zeemaps.com/


Lastly, I’ll tell you about one of my favorites, Free-eBooks. If you love to read, and you like free stuff, this should be one of your favorites too. Free-eBooks lets you download copies of free books to read. You will have to register an email address, and there’s also a limit on how many books you can download each month. However, it is free and I’m not complaining.

Go to http://www.free-ebooks.net


Now it’s time to end the post, but I’ll send you off with a surprise video. Have a great day (or night).

Link to video

Webby Wednesday: Listen to Tweets, Get Answers to Your Questions, Set up Personalized Radio Stations

Welcome to Webby Wednesdays – a brief compilation of some useful web services which we found useful during the course of this week.

Twejay: Listen to Tweets

Twejay is a cool website which lets you listen to Tweets directly from the browser. There is nothing to download or install, just head over to the homepage and sign in with your Twitter account.

Once you are in, turn your volume up and wait for Twejay to fetch the recent tweets of your friends. The site will automatically pronounce the tweets and you can switch to another browser tab and listen to tweets as they appear in your timeline. Sweet!

There are keyboard shortcuts available, so you can just focus on the Twejay tab, use the shortcut key and listen to a specific tweet. The service can also be used to read out tweets from Twitter search pages.

This is useful, if you have a friend who is visually impaired and he never knew about Twitter – tell him to use Twejay and “listen” to your tweets.

Peerpong – Ask Questions, Get Answers

There are a lot of Q and A sites where you can get answers to your questions and answer other people’s questions as well. Peerpong is a similar Q and A site but it’s approach is a little bit different.

The site lets you login with your Facebook or Twitter account and then judges you on the basis of your past conversations. Then you are graded as an expert in some category – this may depend upon your past tweets, Facebook status updates, links shared and so on.

Once you are graded as an expert in some topic, you can answer the questions asked in that topic. There are a lot of categories out there – computers, beauty tips, education, sports, fashion, business, travel and so on.

The basic idea of the site is to encourage the users to ask questions, then send these questions to the “experts” so that the responses are accurate and adds value.

If you are fed up with other Q and A sites, it’s worth giving Peerpong a try. Who knows, you may earn the status of a guru by answering some typical questions.

Aupeo – Get a personalized Radio Station

We have earlier seen some useful websites which lets you listen to online radio stations for free. Most of these radio stations are very cool, but if you want a personalized radio experience, try Aupeo.

Aupeo lets you search for a particular artist and then the site scans it’s database of online radio stations to match with your search. You are then shown the radio stations which is currently playing your favorite artist.

This is cool, because I don’t want to hear the songs I don’t like – let me handpick the artists whom I want to listen to. No registration or sign ups are required to use the service.

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Free Images for Use in Your Website or Blog – MorgueFile

camera-generic Despite the name of the site, MorgueFile has hundreds of free photos and they don’t have anything to do with death. According to the site:

Free images for your inspiration, reference and use in your creative work, be it commercial or not!

You are free:

Remix — to adapt the work.
Commercial — to use this work for commercial purposes.
Without Attribution — to use without attributing the original author.

This collection of photos was started in 1996 by Michael Connors, a multi-media artist in NYC. Michael, his brother Kevin, and a friend named Johannes have continued to manage the site since then. They accept photos and images from anyone who wants to contribute them. So if you have some unique photos or images you want to show off, just sign up to upload them.

The photos and images are indexed and tagged so that you can find what you are looking for. When you type in a keyword to search for specific types of images, you’ll get a nice looking page of thumbnails as shown here.


You’ll be to open any image by clicking on it. In addition, there’s also a tab showing Dreamstime images, but keep in mind that those images may not be free. If you are only interested in free images, don’t bother opening up the Dreamstime tab.

If you can’t find what you are looking for at MorgueFile, be sure to check out PicFindr,    stock photo search engines or the open clipart library.